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Love travelling, writing and procrastinating. A blog satisfies all three at once. Booyah

Oceans and Seas » Southern » Scotia Sea March 17th 2012

Heyyyy guys, Just lettin ya know, I've switched over to blogspot or whatever it's called, despite the fact it involved creating a google account. But anyway! I'll be updating that a lot more frequently than this one. Probably. You can find it at happy perusing! xxxxxxxx... read more

Europe » Netherlands » North Holland » Amsterdam February 26th 2012

The day started with a restless sleep cramped up on the outer half of my mattress, a Californian girl taking up the other side. Turning off my alarm and starting to move around and get my shit together, I for the first time fully appreciated how awkward it must be waking up in some stranger’s bed after a night out. I mean, this was just a chick I had offered a bed because she was drunk and lived far away, and I’m a nice kind of person like that...It was so weird having another person in my room! In the morning! You have to like, offer them breakfast and a shower and stuff, while you stagger around feeling sorry for yourself, dehydrated and with a headache already starting. I don’t even know if it’d be more ... read more
So close...
Mmm pancakes
Teapot ceiling

Europe » Netherlands » North Brabant » Tilburg » Berkel-Enschot February 25th 2012

On Thursday night I was at Briony’s birthday shindig in Cambridgelaan (my housing block thing) and a girl turned around and introduced herself to me (Nerea, from Spain). I’d seen her once before at the Cambridgebar but we hadn’t really spoken, except to tell me how she’d only gotten her dreads that day, so they were nice and soft. Anyway, she told me that she was going with some people to a zoo the next day, although I didn’t hear the ‘day’ part, so I thought it was some crazy African moondance safari or something. As part of Carnivale/a promotion stunt, they were letting people with dreadlocks and people dressed up as ‘rastas’ into the zoo for free. Uh, free trip to the zoo?! Hell yes!! The zoo was in Tilburg, or just outside of it, ... read more
Looked so bored.

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