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Europe » Sweden » Stockholm County » Stockholm July 15th 2003

So I find myself, a budget traveller in one of the most expensive regions in the world, Scandinavia. I have been putting most purchases on my credit card and not thinking about the cost. Ok I have been thinking about the cost, £100 from Copenhagen to Stockholm!!! Yikes. I have adjusted my European travel plans now to basically loop down Eastern Europe where its cheap over to somewhere like Greece and then relax for a bit somewhere coastal. But in the meantime I'm a reluctant Scandinavian traveller. Enjoying myself immensely. Did my usual trick of arriving late and finding all the close hostels full, had to go for a cheaper one on the outskirts of the city centre. The STF Backpackers Inn is another converted school, this time the beds are placed in the classrooms, 14 ... read more
Stockholm again.
Old Street in Gamal Stan
The Vasa

Europe » Denmark » Region Sjælland » Roskilde July 10th 2003

After meeting so many people who had been to the Roskilde festival I was destined to go there. Also and more importantly my friend Lizette lived there. I met Lizette in Xela, Guatemala at the Spanish school. The month or so around the time I had spent in Guatemala had been some of the best times of my life. Lizette was one of the people that made it so good and I was really looking forward to seeing her again. There is always some trepidation when meeting a friend again - especially when it's a friend that you've only known in one set of circumstances and in this case one country. But it was great - we got on really well, which I had known we would all along. So Roskilde, from the tourist perspective. Charming ... read more
Building the Longboat
The Harbour
Inside the Cathederal

Europe » Denmark » Region Midtjylland » Struer July 6th 2003

I met Anders on the Queen Charlotte track New Zealand and we spent nearly three weeks together, mostly walking the tracks of the South Island, but also Glacier Hikes and Rock Climbing. Anders grew up in Struer Denmark and due to it being the summer before going on to University he was at home working for the summer. I managed to be around for the one weekend he took off from work for most of the summer! It was fantastic to see him again, talked endlessly about our adventures in NZ and planned another visit before I'm 35, to walk the tracks that we missed, Kepler and Milford Sound. Anders introduced me to one of his best friends from home Ole, and on the Friday that Anders had to work Ole introduced me to a new ... read more
Cheers to
Castles in the Sand

Europe » Denmark » Region Hovedstaden » Copenhagen July 2nd 2003

Being an experienced and worldly traveller is very useful. The experience I have gained means that I know now how important it is to check for local events when arriving late in a new city, and if necessary prebook accommodation. But being an idiot I don't follow my own advice and just turn up. The Roskilde festival is one of the biggest in Europe, rivalling Glastonbury. I arrived in Copenhagen the same day as most of the festival goers departed Roskilde and made their way back to various countries all over Europe. There was no where to stay. Ok that's an exaggeration, there was one hostel with beds, the "Sleep Inn" a school gymnasium that is converted into a two hundred bed hall in the summer, complete with communal showers. I was lucky to have found ... read more
Church Steeple Near Christiana
Mural Near Christiana

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Cumbria » Lake Windermere June 16th 2003

This is a blog to show off something beautiful in England. I visited Reena in Manchester and one day we went to the Lake District. We walked around for several hours and sat at the lake for a few more. Caught a train back to Manchester in the evening. One thing that Manchester definitely has over London is that there are lots of beautiful places only an hour or twos train journey away. London... takes one hour just to get to the M25. I really hope I've spelt Windamere correctly... it just looks wrong :( 15/09/2003 Note: I did spell Windermere incorrectly... updated now :)... read more
Lake Windamere 2
A pond in the Lake District
Cumbrian Cottage

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Norfolk » Hempstead May 21st 2003

The long journey home was sad - I'd really got attached to life in Brisbane - the friends, places lifestyle... but time to move. Plans change, all the time sometimes huge life wrenching changes, going home or continuing travelling in Australia and then South East Asia was for me one of those choices that would lead one way or the other. I choose to use my ticket to go home, see my family and friends and then think again. I had been working on a website over the last few weeks for a company called The Cloud. It turned out that I choose to arrive in London just a few days before the launch of the entire brand. Picked up at Heathrow in a Mercedes taken to a hotel and then made my way to work... ... read more
Cromer Pier
My Dad
The Boys can BBQ

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Brisbane May 19th 2003

This is going to be a weird one - an entry that covers three months of my life, in one go. Time behaves strangely when travelling - the moments go so quickly, the stimulation of meeting and seeing so many new people and things. The differences in cultures that you're continually exposed to, the intensity of relationships that build up in only a matter of days. Its life at it's most concentrated. Two weeks can stretch out unimaginably. In the year since I left, I write this almost to the day, I feel that I have had more experiences both good and bad than in the rest of my life combined. I don't know if it is true, but if any one were to ask me to talk about myself, most of the material I would ... read more

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Sydney January 21st 2003

I flew into Sydney - from Auckland on the 21st Jan 2003. For two days I stayed in a scummy hostel in Kings Cross, an area with a deserved reputation. I headed over to Bondi - found a superior hostel - Indy's Backpackers and hung out. Again the backpacker crowd had changed - this time lots more young English and Irish travellers - on years working visa, looking for work, and taking pretty much whatever came their way. I got on with them but didn't make any friends or meet people of a like mind. I met up with Matt, Tank and Hamish - Matt the guy I travelled most of the states with had come out to Sydney on a working visa, got a job in the city and lived in Bondi. The lifestyle he ... read more
Sydney Opera House
Harbour Bridge

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Christchurch January 13th 2003

13/01/2003 OK I'm sorry - 6 months on and I finally write about Christchurch... insert impressive excuse here ... People have written to me saying - "well since you've stopped writing you must be having a really good time" - I was having a good time but that wasn't really the reason. Mostly work - I worked on websites and got a contract in Australia - I write this on a train in the UK. Heading down to London from Norfolk for - yep - work. Well not work - lets be completely honest about it all - for money. Money does make the world go round - anyone who tells you different obviously has either too much and can fulfil every aspiration, or no aspirations. My aspirations - right now to travel again. So back ... read more
Big Tree Hugging Hippy
Mariaki Boulders 3

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Otago » Dunedin January 11th 2003

Dunedin is New Zealand's Scottish city, Christchurch was founded by English Christians and Scottish Christians founded Dunedin. Today Dunedin is one of the most important university towns in New Zealand, home of some really nice architecture, and the site of New Zealand's largest chocolate factory. We stayed in the city centre Nomad backpackers, not as nice as the little hostels out in the small towns but a good location for going out and seeing the city. Laura and I drank a bottle of wine each and went out for a really great evening at the Raa Bar. The next day we had two activities first the chocolate factory tour - Cadbury's World then the Speight's Brewery tour. Cadbury's World Dunedin was pretty interesting, lots of detail on the history of chocolate, from Central America and Mexico ... read more
Dunedin Cathederal
Me Looking Stoopid
Mr Speights

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