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5th April 2012

Reflections of a decade
Ali, you started this journey on your own and the world has followed. Though Travelblog is now an enormous family of travellers, explorers, adventurers, photographers and writers from different backgrounds, we all share a passion for travel and every glorious moment that it brings. You should be immensely satisfied that you have created a site that has inspired and enriched the lives of so many people.
5th April 2012

Happy Birthday Travelblog!
Fantastic story, fantastic site and really fantastic memories! Here’s to 10 more years!
5th April 2012

Congratulations on ten years of "The World's Friendliest Travel Site"
Thanks for documenting your story. And thanks for not selling us bloggers out. I came to this site as I is run by and for travelers, and not for some big business, although I hope you are able to make some money, somehow, for all your effort. Your Forums help us connect and get to know each other, some well. Anyway, have a nice long vacation and make sure to blog! Just keep the site running.
5th April 2012

Happy 10th anniversary
You've done an awesome job, Ali. I only discovered Travelblog a couple of months ago, and ever since I've been racing against time to try and catch up on four years worth of travel adventures, before I set off on my next trip in one month's time! I can't imagine a better way for people to share their travel experiences. You should be proud - 300,000 'followers' and you're just a regular guy. Keep up the good work mate.
5th April 2012

Congratulations Ali!
Thanks for sharing the story and evolution of Travel Blog. I didn't have all those details and it is nice to hear what put you on your path. Travel blog means a lot to us and we appreciate all the hard work you have put into this company so it is easy for us to communicate to our friends and family. We love the connections and friends we have made in the travel blog community. These are genuinely nice people and they share our interest to experience life to its fullest. Hopefully, your future and the future of Travel blog will continue to be bright. Again, thank you for creating this wonderful community and allowing us to join.
5th April 2012

Happy Birthday and well done
Hi Ali, I've been a member of travel blog for some years now and have always admired your travelling/founding presence in it. I really admire what you do and what you help all of us who are members to do...and be inspired to do. thank you! a big cyber hug and smiles.....
5th April 2012

Long live TravelBlog :)
Personally, and I think I speak for everyone here; we all owe you a huge debt of gratitude and thanks for making this all possible. Without your unflinching commitment and hard work, this site would have been a shadow of its current self. I'd also like to thank Affandy, Jo, Mell and Shane for helping to keep things on an even keel too. I wish you all the best in the U.S Ali and hope that one day our paths will eventually cross :)
5th April 2012

Wow Ali! You want to make us cry! Well done, great entry! Thanks a lot for all the fun you have brought to hundreds of us over the last few years...being here 6 months, 5 years or 10....Ali, blogger number 1, never counted the hours....and for those who want to know, yes I had the pleasure to meet Ali twice already. Can't wait for this Sunday in KL...guess the first page of TB is going to be a great one on Monday!
30th March 2012

The sweet smell of sulphur...this blog drew me to Ijen...mmmm.
19th March 2012
Whale Shark!

12th March 2012
Fungi II

i love fungi because i need it for a school project. I think these pictures might get me a good grade. love them
19th February 2012
Dawn on Long Beach

Magnificent colours
A truly beautiful photograph.
27th January 2012

Brazil!!!! What a country!!!! Amazing people, the best beaches in the world, caipirinhas and feijoada, wow, great!!!!!
21st December 2011

'' should spot this response ;) ''
I never payed much attention to my news feed until very recently. It was actully this new feature(which I accidentally noticed) that made me interested in it. Now, I look at the news feed everyday, to see who responded to my comments. I hope, I haven't missed too many from before I started checking them. :)
10th December 2011
Candy Crab (Dendronephthya Crab)

Underwater Amazing!
Wow Ali! That is such an amazing picture. You must have quite the camera for underwater pictures like these. Thanks for posting them, they always catch my attention.
16th December 2011
Candy Crab (Dendronephthya Crab)

Thanks Andrea.
No - just a good point and shoot :) - this one was taken with Canon G9 standard housing, I'm using a Canon S90 now... hope to upgrade to an micro 4/3rds camera soon.
5th December 2011
Pink Anenome

This photo is gorgeous! I just got my Bachelor's degree in Marine Biology, and have only just begun to dive- though I'd love to make it my job. Your picture was lovely to see on the home page of travelblog! I only just briefly glanced at your blog- your life looks amazing. Any tips on how I can live similarly?!?! Ha ha no but seriously... Anyways, love the photo, along with all your others Cheers Kristin
5th December 2011
Pink Anenome

Thanks Kristin!
I still remember taking that shot - the anemone was just glowing, refracting the light, and the little clownfish was hiding shyly away. As for tips - just make it happen! - something you are passionate about and as adventurous as possible, you won't regret it :)
4th November 2011

Oh, my!!!!!!!!!!!!
That is one of the best pictures I have ever seen. Love from Argentina. Graciela.
27th October 2011

I was in Chiangmai last month. At my first sight on the main walking street of Chaingmai city is Muay Thai gym sign. It has a photo of champion who belong to the gym. I walked entry the hotal gate and saw the nice Muay Thai gym in the center city. All people here look nice with warm welcome. The students in different class are all friend. I had an experience training here. you can look at their gym site here the master name is Burklerk Pinsinchai, he is Muaythai champion at Lumpini stadium. He came over 20 years around the world. After he got the Muaythai ambassador award , he made judment to opened his second gym here in Chaingmai cause he supposted to provide his Muay Thai knowledge to the people who want to learn with him. I loved his teaching and the intelligent method to every classed of students. we enjoyed and touchable how high experience of the trainer team. They are all champion. look their profile in the website
5th October 2011
Anaconda and Wild Pig Dinner

AMAZING shot Ali!!
3rd October 2011
Gruta do Lago Azul

What a beautiful blue
Ali, this is a fantastic photo, mum
28th September 2011

Like you...I have been very unlucky with whale shark sightings! What month of the year were you in mayalsia? Your photos are amazing!
19th September 2011

Thanxx Ali ! tons of memories from our trip came alive...we did 12 days of Cambodia, visiting aroung 40+ ruins....amazzing and awesome experience! As the stone talks to u ...more stories of the epic era come alive...not sure if u had a guide to help you. Each of the Bas-Reliefs on the walls of Bayon and Angkor is a historic-story by itself. We (as indian) could relate to all Hindu Mythological Stories of Kings/Gods and had even greater fun ! checkout my blog ! (by the name Anu - Aadivasi) :) bye

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