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Alex Stotland

Sophomore at Elmhurst College. Studying Spanish and business with minors in psychology and communications. My future is uncertian, but I am more than excited to learn what is in store for me.

This has been a weekend full of adventures! On the downside, it has also been a weekend of burns, bugbites, and bruises. Friday we had class outside, which was really nice, except for the huge bugs we saw. There was a rhinocerous beetle, and a walking stick, which were both pretty cool. But I also saw HUGE spiders and cocroaches. I also have about 20 chiggers living in my legs right now, which is driving me absolutely nuts. On the bright side, my host mom gave me some zepol, which seems like a mixture of icy-hot and vapor rub. It is supposed to be for colds, chest congestion, bruises and cuts. But it is kind of a home remedy that helps relieve the itch. Also, If you put a ring around your ankle before going to ... read more

This entire post is dedicated to the food that I have eaten so far. The names will probably be a little off, so sorry in advance. First at the house. Lotty does not really like to cook, and when she does, its usually less traditional costa rican food. I know I talked a little about having pizza and pasta, but she has also made me chicken noodle soup and mac and cheese. For breakfast the first few days, she prepared a bowl of cereal, yogurt, fruit, and crackers, along with a glass of juice. I told her I really didn´t need that much for breakfast. But the cereal was also really nasty. So now she gives me fruit, yogurt, and juice. The fruits have been papaya, grapes, cantelope, and apples. For dinner, she has also made ... read more

I have been SUPER busy these past few days, and I was already behind to begin with, so after my food post, I will write a short summary of my past week in Costa Rica. On monday, classes started. The bus picks students up at la parada, or bus stop, at 730, 745, and 8. Classes start at 830, but a lot of students go earlier to use the wifi, call home, or work on homework. Obviously, I don´t go anywhere early, and this is no different. Our schedule looks like this Monday through Friday– 830 to 930 Clase ‹Class› 930 to 940 Descanso ‹Break› 940 to 1040 Clase 1040 to 11 Marienda ‹Snack› 11 to 12 Clase 12 to 1210 Descanso 1210 to 110 Clase 110 Almuerzo ‹Lunch› The actual class is not that bad. ... read more

Central America Caribbean » Costa Rica January 10th 2012

Seriously! There are sooo many mountains here- its soo beautiful. Saturday we hiked up the mountain the Conversa sits on. The walk is only about three miles, but also inclines about 1800 feet. Not only that, but I had no idea that we were doing this, so I wore leather sandals. I had the worst blisters on the bottoms of my feet by the end. The majority of the walk was winding up a dirt road. But the last third, that could hardly be considered a path, took us through the jungle. There was a part that split two different paths, and the one that we took was the wrong one. We were literally lost in the Costa Rican Jungle! It was crazy, but we finally found our way back to the other path after about ... read more

Here are some more pictures. I am having difficulty publishing them on my phone... read more

Here are some pictures from the first day... read more

Hola! So, I´ve tried to write this blog numerous times, but travelblog does not really get along with my iphone. So I am using Sofias computer to write about the past three days here. The rest of the trip down here was not too bad. The plane had a flat tire, so we had to sit for over and hour on the plane before it took off. When I arrived in San Jose, it was already dark, so I couldn´t really see much. Going through customs was very different and surprisingly easy. It took less than 15 minutes from getting off the plane to leaving the airport. Compared to the two hours that it took to leave O´hare when coming home from mexico, it was a pleasant surprise. Once everyone had their luggage and was ready ... read more

North America » United States » Florida » Miami January 5th 2012

I accidently wrote that I missed my flight, when I meant to say almost****... read more

North America » United States » Florida » Miami January 5th 2012

Leave it to me to find a mall wherever I go. :D But on a more serious and formal note, I am currently sitting in Miami international airport. Even though we met at ohare at 6, we somehow managed to miss the flight. It tooke nearly two hours to get theough secirity. One girl forgot her passport, so she has to go home to get it and fly by herself tomorrow. The first flight wasnt so bad, but the lady next to me was really rude and was leaning over and into my seat. She kept pushing me off the arm rest. We landed here 11:30 Miami time and the flight to san Jose takes off at 345. So I'm sitting here at terminal D-15 for the next hour. But on the bright side, negotiate to ... read more

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