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30th April 2018
Prayer flags on the mountain pass

So far......
This is my favourite photo, it is exactly what I picture when I think of Tibet. It looks amazing xx
29th April 2018

Oh Lyndsey I love reading your blog it’s so amazing to hear everything you do it really is! It sounds amazing and you have done so much I’m glad your loving it xxx Miss you lots stay safe xxx Me KD
From Blog: 2 days in Lhasa
29th April 2018

Thank you :-)
I’m so glad you’re enjoying reading it - I thought everyone would be bored by now!! I’ll get the next one written as soon as. Love and hugs xxxx
From Blog: 2 days in Lhasa
24th April 2018

40% of people are your enemies is not a bad average
From Blog: Spiritual Tour
23rd October 2015
Hairy Caterpillar

Are you sure it wasn't a loo brush
24th October 2015
Hairy Caterpillar

In all honesty Pops, it could be anything!!
23rd October 2015
Start of the Canopy Walk

All that is needed is Ant and Dec and a million to cameras
10th July 2013

Excellent narrations !
I enjoyed reading your blog entries. Thank you again for visiting our country. Wish you many more exciting journeys around the world.
10th July 2013

As interesting as the tour itself ...
Reading your blog entries I find that the "mental" guy was very much a part of the whole thing and looking back you'd think you'd really enjoyed that part of the tour too.
10th July 2013

Very interesting post
Thank you for your very balanced, open comments about my country. We are thankful to people like you who visit Sri Lanka. I find your comments about this "mental" guy cute and hilarious. Your posts are very nice to read and I do think you'd make an excellent author.
20th June 2013

Loved your Blog
thanks very much Alboppo. i thoroughly enjoyed the story of your trip to Sri Lanka and as I am off there myself in a few weeks I hope to use some of the tips you have posted. Well Done.
30th June 2013

Hi Peter, I'm glad you enjoyed reading... Makes it all worthwhile :-) Have a fabulous time in Sri Lanka, let me know if you end up doing a blog too, I'd be interested to read it if you do!
3rd June 2013

I am enjoying reading your blog, but the mental guy thing is really... well, mental. Who behaves like that? And yes - why did he come?? If you didn't come to see a huge elephant right next to you, what are you doing there? At least this will give you an exciting talking point and memory for when you relive these amazing moments!
30th June 2013

Hey, Glad you enjoyed the blog. Although mental guy gave us a talking point and I really hope I never meet anyone like him in the future, he certainly isn't the thing I think of when I think of my time in Sri Lanka! He was spectacularly bonkers though!!
17th May 2013

What a great blog ! Loved reading it and much better than my diary. I do fear that so much mention of the shuffling nutter meant that his negative impact on all of us was quite significant - which I suppose it increasingly was but the rest of you were soooooo lovely that, to me, he was more than cancelled out. As for your soft-hearted display on the last morning - Jan and I loved it and felt much the same way. Silly girl ! Do you suppose we all got on so well because we are all cat and animal people ? love and hugs x
18th May 2013

Glad you liked it, I guess it's a good diary of everything we got up to. The shuffles did get a big section, but, most of my mates were finding it amusing so felt it necessary to keep updating. I know he definitely won't be the thing I think about when I look back on what an amazing time I had with you all. I've missed you so much the last 2 days and figure we did get on so well partly because of cats and other animals!! You were all truly lovely, kind and genuine people and it was nice to be looked after by you all! I'll get sorting my photos out when I get home and I'll send them on for you. I've a couple of good ones I know will be on the way. Happy travelling :-) xx
14th May 2013

Such a treat to see elephants in the wild. Oooh 9:30am start, mental guy isn't going to be happy...
12th May 2013
Mental guy and a lovely shoe/sock combo!

Got it wrong...
I was so sure that mental guy would be a socks and sandals kind of guy! :)
13th May 2013
Mental guy and a lovely shoe/sock combo!

Well, not far off! ;-) I was kind of wondering if it was the same guy you suffered in Thailand?... Wasnt called John by any chance was he?!
11th May 2013

Mental guy...
You're not on Holliday with him!
10th May 2013

Let mental man go running in fact encourage him, tell him a mile a day will do him good after 3 days he will be 3 miles away never to be seen again. Kath in USA is following your blogs and is finding them quite interesting.
10th May 2013

Mental reply...
I wish he'd run off a cliff!!
8th May 2013

Yippppeee looks amazing. Hope you are having a fantastic time. xxxx
8th May 2013

Hey! Yeah it's awesome so far. Got another blog to do from today, but it's late and I have an early start tomorrow so will do it on the road at some point :-)

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