Great Lakes Loop - to Toronto, Ontario, Canada

a trip by LisaLisa
From: August 10th 2017
Until: August 10th 2017

Joe and I spend the day with Joe's son and daughter-in-law driving to and on the ground in Toronto. Traffic and weather are very agreeable, Our accommodations are not so much. Our Super 8 Toronto hotel is a maze of rooms in puzzling corridors and corners. Confusing. Finally in our rooms, we get our bearings. It's my first visit to Toronto. Time to explore.

The hotel is perched at the edge of Toronto's Chinatown. We walk many, many, many blocks seeking an authentic Chinese restaurant for supper. Every market sign is in a foreign language. People speak a language I do not understand. I've have not been to China; but I feel like I'm beamed there now. We find a small Chinese restaurant and wait a minute or two for a table. While we wait, I notice diners savoring steaming bowls of noodles with ladles. The menu is full of foods I have never eaten together; all involve huge soup bowls of noodles. So, I eat like I am in Beijing - or what I imagine Beijing to be like. I eat spicy duck tongue and a bowl of soup consisting of noodles and ten separate raw ingredients. Joe, Alan, and Kris have soup too. The waitress directs me to put the raw ingredients into the boiling water with my noodles. I dump all ten exotic sides into the crock of steaming water. I remember adding a quail egg, black fungus (mushroom?), and seaweed to the bowl. I'm all in, I try to use my chopsticks to pick up the food, but I am clumsy and resort to a fork and my big, black ladle to eat. My review is three stars for food; 5 stars for authenticity. Where else than Toronto can I have such a culinary adventure!

Blue Jays baseball at Rodgers Stadium tonight.
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