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Adrienn Horváth

I'm recently living in London and I'm about to translate my Greek (2011) and Italian (2012) posts to English and I'll keep the Hungarian version as well in the same posts.
I'll have new posts about the trips to the surrounding countries like Ireland, France, Spain, etc. and about the city breaks I've done in 2013 in the UK.
I hope you'll wander back from time to time to check out the new pictures and posts 😊

A régi görög (2011) és olasz (2012) bejegyzéseim angolra lesznek fordítva, de a magyar szöveget is meghagyom.
Írni fogok új posztokat a 2013-as nagy-britanniai kirándulásokról és a környékbeli 2014-es kiruccanásokról, úgyhogy remélem, érdemesnek találjátok majd, hogy visszalátogassatok néha-néha 😊

Europe » France » Île-de-France » Paris July 6th 2014

I've been waiting desperately for the end of June because that meant that the time has finally come to spend a week in France with my parents - mainly in Paris though. I've never really been to France, and I knew little about the country and its cities. I'm not saying that now I have more clue, after a week - don't expect miracles from one week, okay?! Although Dad has successfully proven that his weather-mantras were actually proofs that the Law of Attraction which he treats so skeptically - well, that might exist and work as well. I think that's a miracle on its own. The next miracle I'm telling you about in Paris, is that a transvestite is nicer and sooner to be there to help you out than a taxi driver I just ... read more
La Défense
Rainy Paris - the suburbs
La Défense - Business Centre

Europe » Spain » Catalonia June 6th 2014

Barcelona. A name of a city which does not mean anything to you yet. Unless you've already been there - then you're probably can't wait to see the pictures. I'm not saying that this is the only place in the world where it doesn't matter what type of tourist are you; you will still find your interest, the city will satisfy your needs and it will truly amaze you. I would take anyone's breath away. How is this possible? If you have ever heard of Gaudí then I'm telling you that the man was a genius and you'd probably agree with me. If you haven't heard about him, it's not that one who painted surrealistic pictures and drew the meltin clocks. That's Dalí. The artworks of Gaudí, including here the Güell Park, the Sagrada Familia and ... read more
Facade of Casa Batlló
Small street around our hostel
Paella & Sangria

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Hampshire » Portsmouth May 17th 2014

Around March-April something got into me as I was among the first ones to reply to participate in the events organized by our Social Club at the company. This is how I ended up going to a roller skating disco in April with a confident approach: it can't be that hard to stand and just let myself roll ahead, right? It was a disaster for me. The last time I had wheels on my feet was when I was around 12 and I thought you can't forget that. Well, my brain remembered but my body did not. It was quite an argument inside my head when I had to face with the fact that I just can't stand up from my seat with the roller skates on my feet. When I had something to hold onto ... read more
The Beach

Europe » Ireland » County Dublin » Dublin » Clonskeagh May 5th 2014

After working through the Bank Holidays of April, I spent my well-deserved long weekend in Dublin. I always wanted to visit Ireland - because of the endless green lands, the crystal clear creeks and the black-legged and black-headed sheep which piss into the creeks... I've never been to Ireland but it's well-known that you can develop deep emotional bonds towards something without ever seeing it in person. The traces of the Celtic-Viking culture, the countryside and the simplified life worshiping mother-nature... they're all close to my dream world. Idealizing all this: I love that they believe in fairies, leprechauns, sacred stones, trees, grass... as a realist I would say that they cannot live without booze and fibs. It doesn't matter if it's a small, big or orbital lie. The point is to trick you and let ... read more
At Berkeley Library - Trinity College
Long room
Belltower of Trinity

Europe » United Kingdom » England August 3rd 2013

After 2 months of staying in London and spending a month working - Bath seemed like a destination I really wanted to be, so I let myself book the train and I spent an amazing day in Somerset, in the city of Bath. I was curious about the Roman Baths more than anything but the small town actually surprised me positively. I did not expect its Abbey to be this gorgeous and I didn't expect the streets to be this cute and British. I especially loved the city's geographical layout: due to the hills around there were always chances for awesome photos. I loved their bridge, the river and even the rain. I managed to choose a day when it was raining every half an hour: sometimes drizzling, the other times pouring. The Royal Crescent looked ... read more
Church near the train station
Inside the church
Old piano

Europe August 8th 2012

My fellow Hungarian, A. and me decided a few days ago that we'll both get a free morning and early afternoon so we can plan something together. This was the perfect opportunity to plan our little trip to Murano: we'll depart around 10am and from 6pm we can work. I'm waking up all cheerful on Sunday and I knocked on A.'s door when I heard a weak "Come in" from her room. I was suspicious that something is not right here, but when I opened the door I realized that she always speaks like this with everyone so it must be normal. Oh, but when I asked if she's ready to spend the day in Murano... then I got the answer no adventurer wants to hear: she was sick and vomited last night, she can't come. ... read more
Arriving to Murano
Glass statues were all over the island

Europe » Italy » Veneto » Cavallino-Treporti August 2nd 2012

During my summer time in Italy, my parents had a chance to visit me on the way back from their holiday in France. We spent an awesome day together, I put some pictures up about that time. I booked a table for us at Villa Gentile where I work and I managed to show my parents how perfect the food is here - even though that they don't serve many meat dishes - sorry Dad! Mainly in this post I would like to tell about my only time making pancakes for my colleagues at Villa Gentile. I have a really, really good recipe from my Dad, no one beats that. I decided to make pancakes as a farewell present to one of the Austrian girls who is going back to home. She only came here for ... read more

Europe » Italy » Veneto » Murano July 11th 2012

Murano, here we come! My Austrian colleague and I decide to spend our day off (and her birthday) in Murano! So, let's clarify things first. This page does not have Burano as a location option, therefore I put Murano. We wanted to go to the bigger island out of the two (Burano and Murano). The bigger one is where the glass factories are and it's called Murano. Burano is small, closer to our peninsula and has colored houses all over the island. It's said it was for sailors and merchants to find their own home coming from the port during the night or at dusk. Well, since we were not sure and didn't really plan this trip - we ended up in Burano, instead of Murano. The other Austrian girl and I wanted to surprise the ... read more

Europe » Italy » Veneto » Venice July 2nd 2012

Today is Venice day. We managed to get a day off together with A. and went straight to Venice around 10.30am and got back around 8pm. I took almost 400 pictures in Venice so I uploaded a lot. The weather was terribly hot, I got sunburned pretty well - on my face, only my nose is red due to the sunglasses I was wearing - but my back and shoulders... I have a white stripe marking the place where I wore the bag of the camera but I can live with that. I would go back to Venice any time. Seriously, for me it's a town you just can't get bored of. Some of you may say that I could have just uploaded one picture of a remote, hidden canal and that covers for the rest ... read more
I present you...

Europe » Italy » Veneto » Cavallino-Treporti June 25th 2012

On the way from Hungary to Jesolo, I've seen Lignano, Bibione and Caorle - all the artificial towns made especially for tourist - and I was deeply surprised by their look. They are very neat, the houses and flats are perfectly refurbished, there are flowers everywhere. The crossroads are highly visible - not to mentioned the roundabouts! I think they brought it to perfection - some of them are truly works of art! My favorite was the one with a bridge in the middle of it. There was no water running under it which is the point when you build a bridge but let's just skip the functional bits... As I've been told, inside the area of Cavallino-Treporti, I'm living in Cavallino which is less touristy. I wouldn't say it's a sleepy little town as people ... read more
Port of Treporti
Locals watching a football match

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