Abby H


Abby H

Hi my name is Abby. I haven't use this blog in 3 years... But since I have decided to go to Chiang Mai, Thailand this year and travel the world a little more I thought this might be a good thing to pick up. My Thailand trip is going to be me learning how to travel as a vegan for the first time and how to make the most out of this experience so I don't miss my dog as much as I know I will.


North America » United States June 4th 2015

While trying to find things to do in Italy. I came across the Expo in Milan, and it does not give as specific information as I would like. It seems like it is not a thing a tourist would do. But since there is so much about it online and it looks pretty neat from what I see. I was wondering if anybody has ever gone, or knows somebody who did. Is it worth going to, or is it all hyped up to be better than it actually is?... read more

North America » United States May 28th 2015

With less than 2 weeks left, I realized I have no idea if it is a better idea to get money exchanged before or after I land in Italy or if I should just suck it up, use my Visa and deal with the fees that come with it. I don't want to carry around a lot of things, let alone, a wad of cash!... read more

North America » United States May 1st 2015

Passport came in the mail. Bought my ticket.And less than 40 days until the journey begins!!! It can not come soon enough!! Now to pack and travel smart!... read more

Europe April 4th 2015

I am vegan except for when it comes to cheese pizza. Traveling to different countries I am unsure how this will all work out. It is hard enough being vegan in the US let alone surrounded by friends and family who eat meat 24/7. I am worried about the food choices I will get in Italy and in surrounding countries. I would rather not have to search high and low for food I can eat nor would I like to succumb to having a lot of dairy in my diet because of where I am .... read more

North America » United States April 4th 2015

It is official! I am going to Italy for about a week this summer! I have confirmed that I can work around all of the events in June to go on this trip. It will be a lot of work the day before and day after I leave, but I couldn't be more excited!!!! It is going to an unforgettable experience! It will be scary,nerve racking,but exciting too. It will be my first time out of the country, and I will be exploring the culture and history of Italy in solitude for a few days. I found out which city in Italy my family lives in; so now I know what cities I can visit within reasonable distances before my mother joins me. Which made me think if I get an earlier flight then I ... read more

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