AM in India

AM in India

AM in India

Two Americans bumbling around various parts of the world providing nonfactual observations and commentary.

Europe » Germany » Bavaria » Munich October 3rd 2011

WS: We met up with Paul (my brother), Heather (Paul’s girlfriend), Richard (my dad), and Susan (Ali’s Indian friend from Scotland) to celebrate Oktoberfest in Munich. Below are a couple excerpts from them describing the trip as I have run out of things to say. AM: I love hanging out with Will 24/7 but it was GREAT meeting up with Susan, Richard, and Paul and Heather to celebrate Oktoberfest. There is no better group to drink a ton of beer with! Richard is a beer beginner who downs an entire liter in 2 minutes flat and then disappears to go ride roller coasters. Paul and Heather are pros (like me). Susan and Will stuck with Radlers (a mix of beer and lemonade for lightweights). When we weren’t drinking beer, we went on a tour of a ... read more

Europe » Switzerland September 26th 2011

We left big city life for the natural beauty of the Swiss Alps. Here, our tent came in handy, but we quickly realized that it was not water proof. On a couple occasions, we had to get up in the middle of the night after the rain had slowed to take all of our luggage, sleeping bags, pillows, and gifts out of the tent. Next, we had to squeegee the sleeping bags and pillows out and dump the water out of our tent. On the nights it didn’t rain, we slept well despite the fact that we could see glaciers when we peaked out of the tent and didn’t really have any winter clothes. At least I didn’t have any winter clothes because Ali had dressed in all of hers and then used mine as extra ... read more
Swiss Alps
"Will" base jumping
Will flying thru the air in a bat suit

Europe » Hungary » Central Hungary » Budapest September 23rd 2011

We arrived in Budapest at midnight with no plans other than to follow two UK girls that we met on the train to their hostel to see if we could stay there (it wasn't as creepy as it sounds, they invited us to follow them). When we got there, people were hanging out in this cozy common area drinking, talking and having a great time, so of course this awesome place was completely booked and back on the street we were. We had just about resigned ourselves to becoming shivering sidewalk bums when we discovered another hostel that was still open and equally great. We ate Goulash almost every day, hung out with interesting people from all over the world, went to the Opera for $15, took a refresher course on the Cold War and Communism, ... read more
Opera House
Opera House

Europe » Croatia September 5th 2011

We left Sofia and started what seemed to be a week long train/bus/car/ferry ride. After all was said and done I really think the time from Sofia, Bulgaria to our campsite in Dubrovnik, Croatia took around 37 hours. Our route consisted of the following: an 8 hour train ride from Sofia Bulgaria to Nis Serbia, followed by a 7 hour layover, and then a 16 hour overnight bus ride to Montenegro, followed by a 4 hour layover, and then a 2 hour car ride into Dubrovnik Croatia, followed by a 30 minute bus ride to our camp site. The travel was gruesome, but we did save some money by not having to book a hotel one night because we had to sleep on the bus. The bus portion of our trip was so long, that our ... read more
Hotel Pool next to Campsite
Dubrovnik Campsite Beach

Europe » Bulgaria » Sofia City August 17th 2011

Days 8 to 14 One week in exotic Istanbul and off we were on the midnight express to Bulgaria hopped up on fizzy bubbly and as always, the excitement of going somewhere new. I was sad to leave Istanbul and happily could have stayed there another week but with the world to see, we had to move on. The overnight train was comfortable enough; basically, I didn’t see a single large insect and due to thoughtful planning managed to avoid the infamous bathrooms for the entire ride (I ended up being dehydrated and sick the entire next day but it was worth it). The train was old as dirt and maybe made it up to 15mph when it really got going. Every 30 minutes stern-faced officials came around barking orders in Turkish or Bulgarian to check ... read more
Outside of Train
Random Train Stop
Beautiful Countryside

Middle East » Turkey August 17th 2011

Days 5 to 7 The days are starting to blur together and, surprisingly, we don’t have much time to update our blog between all the shopping and traveling, so we’re going update a couple days at a time from here out. We made our way to the Blue Moss where the women had to cover themselves and the men had to wear pants in the 90 degree heat. The Blue Moss was quite a specimen and I said a couple prayers for loved ones and made some wishes. I’m not sure whether wisher or prayers held more weight here in the Blue Moss. Now I have to give it some time to see if my wishes and prayers come true. We also visited the Underground Cistern, where Indiana Jones was once filmed. AM: Actually known as ... read more
Grand Bazaar Entrance
Entrance to Grand Bazaar
Grand Bazaar Entrance

Middle East » Turkey August 8th 2011

Day 1 - We left at noon on August 4th and got to Istanbul at 10am on August 5th. We were exhausted from the trip and the fact that we had been up for more than 24 straight hours. Ali took some drugs to knock her out, but I was wide awake watching all the movies Ali would never typically let me watch. Our check in time was 2pm at our hostel, so we walked around the Old Country until we could check in and then finally got to rest. AM: The plane rocked and rolled so badly that the flight attendants were made to sit down and strap in. My medicine must have worn off by then because I was definitely awake for that fun segment of the trip. The "Old Country" is actually known ... read more
Sultans Palace
Sultans Palace
Sultans Palace

Asia » India » Goa October 17th 2010

It keeps surprising me how different parts of India can be so tropical and so vastly different from other parts. Whenever someone spoke to me of India I never pictured thousands of palm trees scaling up hillsides, or rolling waves crashing into golden colored sandy beaches. Goa was untamed and wild and I loved it. Nature is fighting back in Goa, obviously winning the war and overtaking most of the old colonial homes with its vines and mildew. Not that nature doesn't appear to be fighting back everywhere in India but here it appeared to be winning rather than dying a slow and agonizing death. Little too melodramatic? Sorry. We took the hour flight from Bangalore to Goa on another Kingfisher prop plane and thankfully for once did not have to contend with monsoon style wind ... read more
The Girls
Ahh Rainy Days
View from Hotel

Asia » India » Rajasthan » Jaipur October 14th 2010

Jaipur is dusty, dirty, Indian awesomeness. I would equate life here to an Indian version of a Wilbur Smith novel or an Indiana Jones film; it’s like stepping into another era. The roads are congested with bicycle pull carts, donkey pull carts, men pulling carts, motorcycles, rickshaws, a scattering of camels and elephants, amber colored archways, colorful markets and even more colorful people. It’s also a very hot place to be. We were smudged and slick with sweat the minute we walked out the door (India is not the place to be fabulous). Even with the heat, we were in the mood to walk and see what would happen that wouldn’t happen if we ran from hotel door to car door to destination door. On the down side, one of our happenings included being inappropriately groped ... read more
Cobra Charmers
Pearl Palace Hotel in Jaipur
Favorite Mode of Transport

Asia » India » Uttar Pradesh » Agra September 25th 2010

After work on Friday we jumped on a plane and headed out to see the Taj Mahal and the surrounding area known as The Golden Triangle (Delhi - Agra - Jaipur). We got into Delhi around 1am due to bad weather and a delayed flight, took a car obviously stolen from a nearby junkyard from the airport to the hotel and argued with the hotel desk clerk for about half an hour over our reservations and payment for the airport pickup (the hotel had a bar attached called ‘Thugs’ and still managed to charge an exorbitant amount of money). We started to walk out the door and find somewhere else to stay (like the floor of the train station at this point) when management finally backed off and gave us the keys to our room. Similar ... read more
Taj Mahal
Taj Mahal
Gate into Taj Mahal

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