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Europe » France » Île-de-France » Paris October 1st 1997

Hello my fellow travellers! This is the first part of an old language learning trip I did back in 1997, it was the first time I travelled on my own. After a long and dreary bus ride I arrived in Paris together with both nice and awful people who was to become my classmates for the coming three weeks. Before I arrived here I had an image of Paris as the capital of love, a place of grand and impeccable splendour and a shining beacon of light in the world. I guess I had kind of put it on a pedestal in my naive youth. What I found was quite different from what I had expected. I found a Paris overrun by aggressive street vendors and a feeling of darkness closing in around me. Don't get ... read more
Notre-Dame de Paris
Captain Hook's Ship
Three of my Classmates

Europe » Greece » Crete » Knossos August 22nd 1997

Hello my fellow travellers! This is an old trip that I did with my parents, my uncle Anders and my grandmother Evy in 1995. During our stay on Crete we lived in a beautiful apartment in the picturesque little village of Platanias. It's a quiet little hamlet with only a few thousand inhabitants but despite it's small stature though there is no shortage of pleasurable ways to spend your time here. There's a plethora of wonderful restaurants with really good Greek cuisine. For our first few days we took it easy, spending much on the beach near our apartment. One evening our hotel arranged a very nice show with both local dancers, performing traditional dances, as well as our own travel guides performing some funny and lighthearted dancing and singing. While watching the show we were ... read more
My Mother at the Minoan Palace
Sculpture of the Cretan Goat
Horse Carriage

Middle East » Turkey » Aegean » Pamukkale November 1st 1995

Hello my fellow travellers! This is an old trip I did with my parents and my uncle, Anders in 1995. One of my fondest memories from this trip, which was my first time in the Middle East, is from when we were vising the Roman Forum that date from when Side was the capital of the Roman province Pamphylia. Not only did I get to witness the magnificence of the Roman Empire for the first time but right next to the ruins was two camels with their handlers. I was absolutely ecstatic and rushed over there only get thrown on top of a camel before the count of one. The rest of my family was far more reserved and started haggling about prices and eventually a deal was struck and all of us soon found ourselves ... read more
My Parents at the Roman Forum
Fakir Show
My Parents and Me

Europe » Spain » Canary Islands » Tenerife November 1st 1994

Hello my fellow travellers! This is an old trip I did with my parents in 1994. Much of my time on Tenerife was spent walking, laying or just plain sleeping on the beach. The hotel we stayed at, Chipeque, was located in Los Cristianos, however, we also spent a fair amount of time in Playa de Las Américas. The two cities are now pretty much a single one as they've grown together over the years as tourism has increased to Tenerife. There is a beautiful beach walk that merge the two together seamlessly and we often walked along it, stopping to haggle about prices with the local businessmen. Aside from the beach we also hung out by the pool in our hotel, the water here was freezing cold though so we weren't to keen on entering ... read more
Entering the Icy Waters
A Young Explorer
On the Boardwalk

Europe » Finland » Uusimaa » Helsinki October 1st 1994

Hello my fellow travellers! This is an old trip from 1994, I travelled to Helsinki in Finland together with my parents and my uncle Roland and his wife Marie. It was the first time I stepped on a plane and even if it was only a domestic flight of less than an hour between Bromölla to Stockholm I was still very excited. When we arrived in Stockholm we boarded the cruise ship M/S Cinderella, belonging to the Viking Line. It was a grand ship and an interesting experience, I remember buying a lego version of it and assembling it when I returned home. I also recall seeing the slot machines as well as all the drunk people that usually take this ship. As we arrived in Helsinki we took a tour out to the Suomenlinna Sea ... read more
Vesikko Submarine
Group Photo
Awaiting My First Flight

Hello my fellow travellers! This is an old trip of mine that I did back in 1992 together with my mother Clary, my father Sven-Erik, my uncle Roland and his wife Marie, my aunt Marianne, her husband Sven and their daughter Jenny. Despite travelling through five countries I only have two locations from which I have identifiable photos. The first of these is Schönwald im Schwarzwald which is a small town located in the south of Germany. There isn't much of note in this town as far as I can remember, except for the general plethora of delicious steakhouses of course. It is however the birthplace of the cuckoo clock which was invented in 1730 by Franz Ketterer (1676–1749). I have very few memories of this place, mainly I remember eating some impressive schnitzelpfanne which is ... read more
Beautiful Floral Sculpture
Group Photo
Beautiful View

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