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25th May 2011

Just to let you know
We really enjoy your blogging and are glad you made it to the front page. Have you thought of nominating others for blogger of the week? We need help finding those special bloggers! Keep it in mind if you have time.
15th May 2011

..just happy..
love you.. it hurts, no I take that back.. it feels good, proud of you.. tell dad hi for me.. love to the family.. love, Aunt, Rachelle
2nd May 2011

I say ol' chap,
Thanks for the tour. Always nice to see and read about parts of London that I haven't explored. Carlos Sr. and I are heading to London next week. Carlos' office is just across Tower Bridge by the "works"(which raises the bridge when necessary), at the end away from the Tower of London. I love the restaurants along the Thames there. We once spotted a fox which lives under one of the patios! Good for rat control. Enjoyed your blogs...world travelers.
2nd May 2011

Note e-mail change
Can't wait to see your blog on France, Uncle Alan
25th April 2011

Great Dress ....
Hope the happy couple are doing well!
25th April 2011

So great to hear that the adventure continues! And many, many congratulations to your dad, Laura!
24th April 2011

Love you!
Sounds amazing guys! So happy for you and all your adventures! Sending you so much love, Mia can't wait to meet you guys! Besos. K
7th March 2011

Welcome back home. It is always great to travel back to India, and there is withdrawal for a week or two but then you adjust quickly to life as we know it now. You have had an amazing journey - thank you for sharing it with us. Love Vijay
From Blog: Back in the USA
5th March 2011

Safe Arrival Home
You've arrived safely home....the most important item! You've had a wonderful journey and one you will never forget. (We've been in Europe and the mid East over a dozen times over our 57 years of marriage and we reflect on those trips quite often.) Aunt Dollie and I appreciate your "letting us into your life." We pray for your health and happiness. UT
From Blog: Back in the USA
15th February 2011
Our last day in Asia

Great Photo!
Hey you two! I've enjoyed reading your travel blog and living vicariously through your adventures in Asia, Indonesia, Bali, etc... I hope you learned a lot about yourselves and the cultures of the places you visited. All good things must come to an end, but you have many exciting times ahead of you as a married couple. Congrats and good luck on the next phase.
14th February 2011

Sounds like fun (and tasty, too)!
30th January 2011

Haha, brilliant.
28th January 2011
Angkor Wat

Wow- this is just incredible. So peaceful :)
28th January 2011
Sunset on the Bay

So gorgeous!
28th January 2011

Very well written, we look forward to the next episode!Mister Munkey...
26th January 2011

You guys had a great trip! Beautiful pictures! We're so glad you guys got to visit Koh Samui. It is one of our favorite destinations. Krabi as well. Really enjoyed reading the thoughtful write-up. Look forward to seeing you guys again next week!! -R & N.
25th January 2011

Laura and Aaron, Thanks for sharing such vivid descriptions of your exciting adventures! The zip line looks and sounds SO cool! How thrilling to see a gibbon! Loved the photos too. Truly a trip of a lifetime. Love, Aunt Karen
25th January 2011

I have really enjoyed all your escapades vicariously! What a great idea for a launch of a beautiful relationship for the pair of Jacks and the world. Love, Uncle Alan
23rd January 2011

Still enjoying!
Dear Laura and Aaron, You guys do so well in writing, we all enjoy every story and picture of it. Wonderful. And still not to an end?! See you in a few weeks, Willem and Marijke
23rd January 2011

Hoa Lo Prison-Hanoi Hilton?
Wasn't Hoa Lo Prison also called the Hanoi Hilton by the US troops?
18th January 2011
Our guesthouse

Home for the night.
16th January 2011

Once again you have created an amazing experience. Thank you for sharing
16th January 2011

What? No crowds?
I can't believe there were no crowds when you went to Ta Phrom. Lucky you!
16th January 2011

Still admiring your writing and your photos
The spontaneity of an unplanned weekend elsewhere adds to the adventure, I guess. Your writing speaks of how much you are enjoying your Asian swing --- from Korea to Thailand, then Cambodia? I'm off to your next blog. ;-)
16th January 2011

Welcome to TravelBlog!
These are great photos. Nice start for your honeymoon! I am enjoying your blogs. Good to read about other people's perspectives on different places they have visited......and on their honeymoon (wink wink). Enjoy your travels.

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