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21st September 2016

Great post
Hi Shell & Mia, Such fun to be featured in your blog! You captured your short visit with us perfectly and it was awesome having you to stay. Looking forward to reading the about the rest of your visit and picking up a few tips. xxx
9th November 2014

Hi guys
It's so good to be able to follow your travels again! Looks fascinating. If you get bored in Singapore you should pop over to visit us in KL - we would be happy to show you around. Safe travels. Love, Janet
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8th November 2014

Hello - what great fun!
Hi Guys, It has been such a long time since Turkey! I cant believe how big Mia is now. She is now a young lady! how nice that you can all travel together and have such great adventures. I am now living in Vienna Austria with my husband and 2 little kids. Let me know if you are ever in the area :) Have fun!
10th April 2013

Oh dear! Sounds disappointing all around. Thai cooking classes have always been something high on our "travel to-do" list; looks like I'll be making a mental note to avoid this one! I hope the rest of your Thailand travels fare better.
10th April 2013

Worst cooking school
Hi there. Chef Leez cooking class was great. Also we did a private lesson with Angsana at Thai Private Home Cooking which was awesome (blog to come soon). We loved it so much that we are doing another one with her on the 19th. Cheers!
6th April 2013

Looks like you are going to come home with some great cookin skills. Look forward to taste testing when you get home. Did you find any utensils ?
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6th April 2013

Not the ones you wanted - believe me, I have been looking and asking everywhere! No one uses them here in Thailand! I did find some silver cutlery I want to buy myself. When I am back there (18th) I'll SMS you a photo to see if you like them. About $4 a piece and really nice (forks and spoons). They also have matching water jugs, bowls etc... And yes, we'll cook you some yummy food when back home!
From Blog: Hello Bangkok!
6th April 2013

Not the ones you wanted - believe me, I have been looking and asking everywhere! No one uses them here in Thailand! I did find some silver cutlery I want to buy myself. When I am back there (18th) I'll SMS you a photo to see if you like them. About $4 a piece and really nice (forks and spoons). They also have matching water jugs, bowls etc... And yes, we'll cook you some yummy food when back home!
From Blog: Hello Bangkok!
16th May 2010

Who is the very handsome, slightly receding bloke?
16th May 2010

Will wonders never cease!
Fab pics guys. You must pretty much own Thailand now. Anywhere there you haven't been to yet?! Were there any nice rocks for me to crawl out from under?! Keep in touch.
25th June 2008

Hi, I am impress w/ the pics you took of my home town, Vientiane. I was born there in 1970 then came to America in 1980. The pics softened me, almost shed tears. I miss home and I wish I could go back again. I still have a lot of relatives living in the heart of Vientiane. I know the counttry doesn't have much but the simple life is so captivating and very hard at the same time. I hope you all learned a lot about Lao (Now) before was Laos. Any more pictures is much appreciated to see. Thanks,
21st May 2007

Hello from Bess
Hi Mia, I hope you still having a good holiday, I'm looking forward to you coming back from your holiday. I'm missing you Mia! I've been swimming this morning and I only swim on a Monday. I go to Kinder on 3 days, I've got lots of friends at Kinder. My friends are called Rachel, Laura, Isabelle, Zoe and Lucy. Love Bess X O X O X O
21st May 2007

WOW, I am soooo Jealous. My mum (Glenda) sent me the link to your website and I have finally had a chance to sit down and read parts of it. I struggle to comprehend how you manage to travel for so long.. but then again I have only travelled to North America and Europe.. One day Christine and I will get to Thailand etc.. I guess it may be a while until you venture out again but I'd love to travel with you guys (with Christine of course).. just to see how others travel. Christine is currently in England for 10 days. She found a return flight from Toronto for $350CAD return so she couldn't turn it down... unfortunately I can not leave the country while my work permit application is being processed. Hopefully it will go through within 4-5 months so that I can return home in Feb. 08 for Kate's Wedding. How long do you have left of your journey? I can't imagine what Mia has thought of all this!!! I am definitely jealous... Talk to you soon.. Drop us a line if time allows. bryceandoliver@yahoo.com
19th May 2007

If you got time
Hey guys, great to read your travels in Laos and that you had a fun time. If you have a few days to spare try Hua Hin. It's about 300km south of Bangkok and is a great sea side place to hang out with lots to do and plenty of good accomodation. Otherwise have a ball wherever you are look forward to the next chapter. Love Brad
16th May 2007

good to hear you are all ok from your tsunami experience, you sure it wasnt just gav jumping in the pool(that is what happens after too much beer). Looking forward to your asian meals you will be cooking for us when you get home
15th May 2007

Halong Bay Vietnam Nature
wonderful places on earth, thanks You can see also many photos and details information of Halong Bay at http://www.halongbay-vietnam.com Cheers John Collin
10th May 2007

Hi still really loving your blogs.fantastic food!looking forward to hearing lots more on your return.Take care k
9th May 2007

One of the best secrets in asia
Hey guys, glad to hear your in Laos. I think it's one of the best places in Asia and your quite right about the pace, it's pretty relaxed. If you get the chance in Vang Vieng go down the river on inner tubes, its huge fun. Your doing a good job at making us all envious and getting out the passports. Hope you have a great time in Laos and don't forget your seat cushions for the slow boat ride up the Mekong. I chickened out and got a cheapy flight to Chang Mai. Ha Ha. Your photos are great. Tell Gav his bum looks big in those shorts, only joking I still love him. Have fun Brad G
9th May 2007

Hi Mia, I hope you're having a great time. I like the pictures that you've taken. Is there lots of things to see where you're staying, and is there a swimming pool there? What have you been doing there? I think I want to visit the places you've been too - it looks like fun! And, I hope you're having so much fun. love, RACHEL
9th May 2007

Hi guys, your time at the resort looks great. Sensible option to miss the night on the boat and Cat Ba Island - very over rated. You will love Vientianne. Try to hire bikes and go for a ride along the waterfront - great fun as you just keep following this muddy road but there are all these "bars" built out over the river and they open for sundowner drinks. You will really enjoy Laos after "the full on ness" of Vietnam. If you can try and go to Vang Vien as you can do this great rubber tubing down the river and there are all these bars along the bank and they pull your rubber tube in so you can have a drink!!! Vang vien is also very beautiful and we had a guest house over looking the river for about $15usd a night which had a fantastic balcony(one per room) that looked out over the mountains - sometimes it was just like a picture. I can't remember the name but it was right near the edge of the town - when you are facing the river keep walking to your right down a small slope and then about 50 metres further on. Don't be put off by all the rubble around. It is quite new and very clean. The only other directions I can give you is that it is next to a wooden "bridge" going over to a small island that is in the middle of the river. By the way when you arrive there are heaps of touts at the bus station. The centre of town is about 500 mtrs walk!! Shelly - in Vientaine make sure you get a massage!! They are fantastic and cheap and also get yours and Mia's hair washed. Great fun. love nat and brad
8th May 2007

Hi Guys - Have enjoyed reading your blog and the photo's are amazing. The food sounds especially great and I am looking forward to visiting Vietnam one day, however this won't be until we return home. Enjoy the rest of your holiday. Kelly.
8th May 2007

Gotta Love Vietnam
How is the contrast from Saigon to Hanoi, huge wide boulevards down south and old colonial charm up north. Looks like they have tamed the lighting down on the "suprising cave", looks like they have removed half the coloured flouros, good thing to. Did you go and say hello to Uncle Ho? Best air con in Vietnam, where uncle Ho lives.
3rd May 2007

25 cent beer!
I am so there for a lager frenzy.
30th April 2007

Dig In
Sounds like you are loving the food. Have a great time in Hanoi. Make sure you spend a couple of hours at the Chop Shops
28th April 2007

Just wanting to tell you guys that I am enjoying reading all your blogs. It sometime feels I am there with you. I even get relaxed, frustrated and angry with you. Sounds like you guys are having a ball. I just cannot believe you can do all this and find the time to write about it. Anyway, I will organise the kids 5th Birthday for when you guys come back. Keep up the blogs, they are a lot of fun.
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