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Middle East » Turkey » Marmara » Gallipoli July 24th 2011

Our holiday is just about over and Eceabat has been our last stop before heading back to Istanbul and the plane back to Australia. We arrived in Eceabat on Tuesday after a long bus trip from Selçuk. Our trip took a little longer than expected as there was an accident on one stretch of road that closed the road for about 30 minutes. We don’t know what happened but we could see that a Coca Cola truck had gone off the side of the road and headed down the mountain. We arrived at Çanakkale at about 9:30 pm and then caught the 10:00 pm ferry across the Dardanelles to our new home in Eceabat – the Crowded House backpackers. The ferries in this area must be the best value transport anywhere – 2TL (about $1.20) as ... read more
View from our room at Eceabat
Cemetery and view near Anzac Cove
View from Lone Pine

Middle East » Turkey » Aegean » Selçuk July 18th 2011

We’ve had another day visiting building rubble. We visited the PMD ruins, properly known as Priene, Miletus and Didyma. These were 3 large cities close to Ephesus that existed at the same time as Ephesus. However, unlike Ephesus they don’t get much tourist traffic and so it is possible to have a reasonable wander around them without tripping over other people. They haven’t been excavated to the same extent as Ephesus and I think that the amount we were quoted was something like 2%. The first stop was at Priene which lies partly up a fairly steep and craggy hill. The main features of interest at Priene are the Temple of Athena and a theatre. The Temple of Athena sits in a position on the hill with good views out over the surrounding plain. There ... read more
Pillars from the Temple of Athena lying around at Priene
One of the entrances to the theatre at Miletus
Temple of Apollo - Didyma

Middle East » Turkey » Aegean » Selçuk July 17th 2011

Well, we’ve just “done” Ephesus and so I thought that I would write up the last few days before I become too confused. Our trip from Pamakkule was uneventful to the extent that we both spent parts of it asleep. We were in a minibus and while they are air-conditioned they still seem a bit warmer than big coaches. The bus trip itself was less interesting, travelling along a major highway with little in the line of interesting scenery. On arrival we found our hotel easily, but our check-in didn’t go as smoothly as previously - the hotel owners did not have a record of our booking. Luckily, Deb was able to show them a copy on her laptop and so all turned out OK in the end. It was about lunchtime when we arrived, but ... read more
Selcuk market
Wishing wall at Meryemana
The library at Ephesus

Middle East » Turkey » Aegean » Pamukkale July 14th 2011

The idea of sending unwanted clothes back home wasn’t such a good one. After having to unpack the box that we had carefully packaged it turned out that it was going to cost us too much – certainly more than the value of the clothes in the package. Tonight’s job is to now repack our packs to accommodate this excess. At least it will make us think twice about buying new “stuff”. Our bus trip to Pamukkale was both interesting and uneventful. The first leg was by mini-bus to Marmaris where we changed to a large coach for the second leg to a large town called Denezli. Both of these legs were extremely picturesque. The first leg, along the Datça Peninsula, was along/over mountain ranges with views to small, quiet rocky coves. Occasionally there would be ... read more
View of valley near Pamukkale
Travertines at Pamukkale
Cemetery at Hierapolis

Middle East » Turkey » Aegean July 13th 2011

We left Symi a few days ago on the weekly ferry to Datça. Datça is a smallish town on the Datça Peninsula which runs westward into the Aegean Sea from Marmaris. We had initially thought that we would need to catch a ferry to Marmaris (according to Lonely Planet – loud, brash and in your face) before catching a bus out to Datça only to double back a few days later. Terry hates doubling back so in some ways it’s doubtful if we would have even come here if it wasn’t for the weekly ferry. We’d booked our ferry tickets in Rhodes a few days previously but had been advised that we needed to leave our passports at the ferry office for at least one day so that the passport police could complete their paperwork. Greek ... read more
Sunday swimming beach
Streets of Eski Datca
Lake Gol and Datca harbour and swimming beach

Europe » Greece » South Aegean » Symi July 9th 2011

Our last couple of days have been very lazy. We left Gennardi on the bus after a leisurely breakfast and farewells to our hosts, George and Barbara (both Greek). We even got hugs and kisses when we left. A couple of hours later we were back in Rhodes Town and finding our way to our overnight accommodation. Pretty much straight away we went back to the harbour so that we could book our ferry tickets to Symi and then on to Datça in Turkey. That completed, we had a bit more of a walk through the old part of Rhodes. We’d been into the old town a couple of time previously but even then we still found parts that we hadn’t seen previously. The next morning we had a relatively early start. We checked out of ... read more
"Home" on Symi
The view from the church at the top of the hill
The monastery at Pranomitsis

Europe » Greece » South Aegean » Rhodes July 4th 2011

We've had two very enjoyable days here in Gennardi. In our last blog we had only just arrived but we are happy with the choices that we made for accommodation and as a region to stay. We are staying in studio apartments originally built by a Greek-Australian who returned to Rhodes in the mid-1980s. Emmanuel is now getting old (he's currently sitting at the next table), his wife and son have died and his daughter is confined to a wheelchair so the apartments have been sold to a young couple. The vibe around here is almost one of an extended family. Quite a few locals come in for a beer at the bar and the local teenage lads are currently very busy playing pool. The bar stays open until about midnight but has not been disturbing ... read more
View of Lindos and its acropolis
Acropolis at Lindos
View from Lindos Acropolis

Europe » Greece » South Aegean » Rhodes July 2nd 2011

It’s ages since we wrote anything on this blog but Deb’s conference is over now and we are back to our “normal” life of following our own timetable. At our last entry we were still in Kaş but ready to hit the road the next morning to travel to Fethiye. We left Kaş as planned and had a pleasant 2 hour bus trip to Fethiye. At the Fethiye bus station we were met by the owner of guest house that we had booked into for the next few nights. This surprised us as we hadn’t arranged it but apparently he hangs out at the bus station all day waiting for his guests to arrive and to arrange transport to the guest house for them. The guest house was a 10 minute walk from the marina, restaurant ... read more
Fethiye fish market
View from our room at The Sheraton
Rhodes old town

Middle East » Turkey » Mediterranean » Kas June 24th 2011

There’s a festival going on outside so it’s a bit noisy just at present with lots of people milling around in the square. As we walked home from dinner we were looking at some photographic displays and Deb was intrigued by the juxtaposition of sounds. We could hear Electronika-style music (perhaps with some didgeridoo mixed in) coming from the festival stage and the sound of the muezzin calling the faithful to prayer. Yesterday we did one of the main tourist activities in Kaş - a boat tour. We were the only non-Turkish speakers on the boat. This was quite good as we had a number of people talking with us to explain what we were seeing and to also practice their English. A young high-school geometry teacher spent quite a bit of time talking with us. ... read more
Sunken City ruins
View from Simena Castle
Pilgrims walking to the waterfall

Middle East » Turkey » Mediterranean » Kas June 22nd 2011

Bloody hell, it’s hot. The weather geek in me says that because we are now at the coast it should be cooler than inland locations. Wrong. The little thermometer attached to my day pack (I did mention weather geek) told me that it was 38°C in the shade earlier today. After 4 wonderful days in Urgup, we left the town 2 days ago and travelled to the southern Mediterranean coastline by bus. This was a 10 hour bus trip but thankfully relatively interesting. After the interesting terrain around Urgup the terrain flattened out to very flat countryside. They appeared to be growing wheat and other crops but these were growing in very rocky, unappealing looking countryside. The largest city that we travelled through was Konya, which is the centre of the “Whirling Dervishes” – these are ... read more
Antalya bread seller
Old theatre - Kas

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