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Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London » Notting Hill September 20th 2012

We’ve been in London for about 4 days now and have almost another 2 days left. We aren’t going to get to do everything that we had hoped we’d do despite the fact that we’ve been busy tourists the whole time that we’ve been here. We arrived in London late on Friday afternoon after driving to Gatwick from our accommodation in the New Forest. We had a couple of hours to fill in if we didn’t want to sit in a park in London, before arriving at our London apartment, so we decided to doing some sight-seeing on the way. We purchased a National Trust membership early in our travels and so we visited one of the Gardens-Historic Homes that they own. The property that we chose was called Hinton-Ampner. This was a historic house that ... read more
Antiques end of the street
St James Park
Tower Bridge from the Tower of London

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Hampshire » New Forest September 13th 2012

We arrived at our New Forest location after driving across to the Salisbury region via North Cornwall, North Devon, Exmoor and a region called the Quantock Hills. Our first stop was a spur of the moment decision. We were driving past a place called Westward Ho! (complete with exclamation mark) and decided we had to visit just to see what it was like. Well it was a lot bigger than I expected, based by the dot on the map. It was a seaside town with a relatively long strip of sandy beach, a couple of large hotels facing the beach, fun parlours and an "adult games" establishment. We had a walk down to the beach to witness the school kids shivering their way back from their surfing lesson, had morning tea in a cafe and determined ... read more
View from Lynton across to Exmoor and the Bristol Channel
Lynton Post Office
Views from Dunster castle

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Cornwall » Boscastle September 10th 2012

My last epistle was written with us visiting Bath on our way down to Cornwall. I didn't write any more as it was getting a touch late at night and Terry was asleep and starting to snore. We broke our trip to the south west by stopping in Bath and visiting the main tourist site of the Roman Baths. We spent a couple of hours there and quite enjoyed ourselves. I've added a few photos that are no doubt pretty similar to those taken by most other tourists that visit Bath. Bath is known for its architecture, mostly Georgian, and so I dragged Terry for a walk through the city and up the main pedestrianised street. Unfortunately his arthritic knee started to hurt and so he decided to loiter on a street corner while I walked ... read more
Busker in Bath
Bath Abbey
Redivallen Farm

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Gloucestershire » Chipping Campden September 9th 2012

The weather has been great and we've both managed to get sunburnt. We had 3 nights in the Cotswolds, so just 2 full days to get a taste of the region - we could have easily done with more. Our first day was spent travelling through a couple of villages in the North Cotswolds, visiting some lovely gardens and trying to avoid getting lost along the twisting roads. The main village that we visited was Chipping Campden which was just down the road from "our" village of Ebrington. Chipping Campden is a small market town and known for its High Street which dates from the 14th to 17th century; this is lined with buildings constructed from the very attractive Cotswold Stone. We picked up a map from the local information centre and walked the streets following ... read more
Another Chipping Campden thatched house
Chipping Campden High Street
Church in Chipping Campden

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Gloucestershire » Chipping Campden September 4th 2012

We left Holcombe Brook this morning and travelled to The Cotswolds via Warwick. 'Tis a touch different here to the villages around Bury - more of that later. Our last few days in the Bury area were quite relaxed. Terry is almost over his cold, the weather improved and we're just about in the swing of being on holidays. On Saturday we spent the day riding the rails on the East Lancashire Railway. This is a tourist railway that runs a couple of steam trains backwards and forwards between the towns of Rawtenstall and Heywood, passing through Bury, Ramsbottom and a couple of smaller villages. We bought tickets that allowed us to get on and off at will so it was a pleasant way to see a couple of other villages and the countryside between. Rawtenstall ... read more
View along the ELR line
Lord Leycester Hospital, Warwick
Lord Leycester Hospital, Warwick

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Lancashire » Ramsbottom August 31st 2012

Here it is, the end of another working week and we've just arrived home from dinner at the local pub. We are currently in Holcombe Brook which is just near Ramsbottom and part of Bury Council. It's also where Terry was born and lived for his first five years, although he spent the next ten years about 3 miles down the road in Bury. The way that I think of this area is that Manchester is the equivalent of Melbourne, Bury is a bit like Frankston and Ramsbottom/Holcombe Brook is sort of like Mornington and Mount Martha. We quite like it here and so we are using it as an opportunity for Terry to get over his cold. We are also waiting for a package of tickets to arrive but so far no luck - hopefully ... read more
"Greengrass" and heather
Terry on the road to Manchester
A quiet seat

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Lancashire August 27th 2012

Are we there yet? Eventually we were - we arrived at our accommodation 35 hours after leaving Mum's place. Our trip was broken by a 3 hour stopover in Singapore and 1 hour in Munich but unfortunately we had to stay on the plane in Munich - so much for our plans to buy some duty free in Munich. We'd booked our accommodation in Manchester through an online website called AirBnB and we were to stay with a couple in their apartment close to the centre of the city. We'd been in contact with them a couple of times leading up to our stay and so we were able to let ourselves into their apartment when we arrived. A brief sleep later and we were on our way to the University of Manchester. This wasn't a ... read more
Manchester Police float in Mardi Gras
Manchester Police float in Mardi Gras
Mardi Gras entrant

Asia » East Timor » Baucau September 18th 2011

We arrived back at the hotel earlier today after 2 long days driving to and from the eastern end of East Timor. It certainly was interesting. We left Dili at 8:00 a.m. and had lunch at East Timor’s 2nd largest town Baucau which is just 123 km away. I’ve been on worse roads in China but these were still pretty bad – huge potholes, missing bridges, missing tarmac etc. If we weren’t slowing down because of road conditions we were slowing down so that we didn’t hit a cow, goat, pig, dog, chook or human. Still, we travelled in relative comfort in a 4WD. The locals travel either by small motorbike, microlet, bus or truck. A microlet is a tiny minibus which is packed to the gunnels with people, often with people hanging on but travelling ... read more
Water Buffalo
Osolata beach near Baucau
Timorese house near Baucau

Asia » East Timor » Dili September 17th 2011

It’s early Saturday morning and I’ve been in Dili (East Timor) since late on Monday. Once again I’m travelling with a group from work to train some local people in the use of some software that has been developed at work and to also run a workshop on climate and climate change for a larger group of people. We had to travel from Melbourne last Monday because we could not arrange flights from Darwin to Dili for the weekend. We initially thought that this was because a lot of Army personnel use those flights but I think that it was because of a bike race. For the last few years East Timor has been running the Tour de Timor. This is a bit like the Tour de France but for mountain bikes. I also imagine that ... read more
Rush hour, Dili
Esplanade - Dili
Coconuts for sale - Dili

Oceania August 19th 2011

I've been lucky enough to spend the last week in Paradise a.k.a. Niue and it's been for work. Most people's reaction to being told that I was going to Niue is "Where on Earth is that?". Well, it's in the Pacific Ocean, north, northeast of New Zealand, east of Tonga and just on the other side of the dateline. Niue is a single, raised coral atoll and so doesn't have much in the line of beaches. Instead most of the coastline is comprised of 20 m or so cliffs dotted with caves at water level. There are plenty of paths down to the water's edge and once you get there the swimming is perfect. More about that later. There is only one plane into and out of Niue per week. We left Melbourne last Friday morning ... read more
View south from Matavai resort
View north from Matavai resort
Palaha Cave

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