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6th December 2021
South Sway Farm House

South Sway Farmhouse
Dear Debbie I don't think I ever replied to your reply and not sure I saw it for a long time. That's really interesting about your ancestors. We have a copy of the 1881 census with George's name on it. Married to Jane who was slightly older than him, with four boys (but you will know this all from the census document). We don't have a waterwheel on the premises but there is one at The Old Mill hotel and restaurant on Silver Street, which is served by the river Avon which travels along the valley downhill from our property, and there was one further up stream (but I don't know if it still exists) at Flexford Mill. I don't know which one he would have been miller for. Will you ever be coming to this neck of the woods (as they say) again? You can always DM me at rowenakirton@outlook.com if you'd rather because I tend not to look at this very often, as you can see! R
From Blog: Salisbury
28th September 2018

Love your blog
An amazing area, beautifully described and great photos
From Blog: La Conner
22nd September 2018

A great start!
What a beautiful part of the world and your photos are lovely Deb! Good start to your holiday.
From Blog: La Conner
25th July 2016

Enjoyed the blog
Deb, I have really enjoyed your travel blog and hope you have a good trip home. The time has gone so fast!!
25th July 2016

Yep, not long now. I'm currently sitting in a Heathrow hotel, drinking beer and feeling relieved that we made it this far without incident. We arrive back in Brisbane on the 28th then travel back to Mum's for a few weeks before venturing back to Melb. I'll give you a call as it would be great to try and get to see you but that will depend on your work shifts. On the way home we have an 18 hr stopover in Bangkok so we've booked a room and will venture in to the area near the Grand Palace and have a look around until the heat wears us out. Deb
17th July 2016

I can see you had some grey days in Wales but I think that is par for the course in Wales isn't it? Nice to see the blue skies at Powis Castle. Enjoy the next part of your trip & I look forward to reading all about it.
30th June 2016

Dartmoor ponies
I certainly remember the Dartmoor ponies. One of the girls I was travelling with decided to pat one and it actually bit her! We were very careful of them after that!!
30th June 2016

Great Britain
Hi Guys, it looks like you are having a great time. Deb you should be a travel writer, your blog is fantastic. Keep enjoying!!
27th June 2016

Interesting part of UK
An amazing account and photos of your trip so far.
23rd June 2016

Beautiful coastline!
It looks lovely and I am envious of you both as you explore this part of the U.K. Enjoy yourselves!!!
30th April 2015

What a view!
I loved the view from your Dubrovnik apartment. The coastline looks very scenic. Enjoy the last part of your holiday.
13th April 2015
Easter feast.

Easter in Bucharest
Your Easter feast sounds magnificent! You would need a fair walk to work off that lunch!! Your photos of Bucharest surprised me as it looks a lovelier city than I imagined. I think the appearance of some greenery and bluer skies makes a difference too. Happy travelling in the Skoda. Karen
From Blog: Bucharest
7th April 2015

Great commentary on Budapest Deb. So looking forward to going there!
From Blog: Budapest
3rd April 2015

Guys it looks like you are having a fabulous time. Glad everything is going well. Was a bit concerned that you might have seen a bit of the cyclone. Your photos are wonderful, what great old buildings and lovely scenery. Checking out the wineries, good on you!
From Blog: Valtice
28th March 2015

Holidaying with you
Well, I made myself a cuppa , sat out on my verandah and read your latest blog! I feel like I'm there with you your commentary is so good Deb and photos superb. Pleased Terry's doctors did a good job and he is travelling so well. I noticed that there don't seem to be that many tourists around. Are there many in summer? Interesting about the Asian tourists and Vietnamese people living there. I would never have supposed they would have made new lives over there- very adaptable people. My cup of tea has finished so I should too. Keep enjoying yourselves. Karen
27th March 2015

Lovely pictures guys. Glad you are having a good time. Any need for the thermals Terry?
From Blog: Prague
27th March 2015

It's cold but not too bad. We've worn a silly hat twice.
From Blog: Prague
26th March 2015

Wow! Your blog is amazing and incredibly comprehensive. We are extremely jealous. You will be pleased to know that your garden is wet, wet, wet. Love F & H X
From Blog: Prague
26th March 2015

Beautiful city
Prague looks to be a beautiful city although that cold weather would be a shock to the system. Our stopover in Dubai was similar. We were in line for ages and then sat in the old part of the airport before our flight. Good luck with the car. I can feel your pain! Sounds like Karen and Cathy in Sicily. Keep enjoying yourselves. Happy travels! Karen
From Blog: Prague
12th June 2013
South Sway Farm House

South Sway Farmhouse
Dear Deb and Terry How amazing that you have a picture of our house! Do you want to know any more about it? Its history is pretty patchy though. That wisteria on the outside flowered last weekend. Cheers Rowena
From Blog: Salisbury
15th March 2015
South Sway Farm House

Dear Rowena, It's ages ago that you sent your message and even longer since I logged in. However, we're about to go on a trip at the end of this week and so I've logged back in just to make sure that I can remember my password. As I mentioned in my blog we went to Sway in search of my maternal G-G Grandfather's residence. My GG-Grandfather was George Crittall and his son George came to Australia as a young man. Family tales have George Jnr arriving in Maryborough, Queensland dressed in a rather dapper manner, carrying a cane etc and coming from an affluent family. The 1881 census indicates that George Snr was a Farmer and Miller on 227 acres employing 6 Men & 2 Boys and was resident at South Sway Farm. Anyway, we eventually found your house and I ventured in but unfortunately nobody was home and renovations appeared to be underway. I took the photo for my Mum who has very fond memories of her Grandfather, George Jnr. If I had had the opportunity to meet with you I would have asked about the location of the mill as I had heard that there was a water wheel on the property. I don't know if your house is the former house of my ancestors but I would be interested in knowing. If it is I'm happy to provide you with info related to the Cristal family. Regards, Debbie
From Blog: Salisbury
21st September 2012

Can't believe that your holiday is almost over. I have really enjoyed your travels. Talk when you get home.
From Blog: 6 days in London
20th September 2012

London Property
BTW, there really is no way to see everything you've listed or wanted in 6 days without running yourself to the ground; or simply just overdosed (no pun intended) on art museums and galleries.
From Blog: 6 days in London
12th September 2012

Looks a bit cold at Lands End Terry!!!!
5th September 2012

Food Worse than College food??
Gosh, Deb what was this hideous meal? I can't believe it was worse than "Trifle Awful" or Fish Pie!!! Honestly I am enjoying reading about your travels as it takes me back to my time over there. Cheers Karen

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