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Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Gosford September 8th 2011

Tuesday, 16 August 2011 Wow what a feeling to be back in Australia. Home for Francine and now since Angie is an honorary Aussie, a home away from home. At least here we can walk safely in the street and enjoy our freedom that the Austrailian ( & Allied Forces) fought so hard in New Guinea and elsewhere to perserve. We will always carry with us, a better understanding of what it took to have those rights. A day of recovery at home and a visit from Fran's daughter in law Sarah and grandaughter Amelia. Just a lazy day after so many challenging days on the trail. Sarah also shared some of the wedding plans and the fun theme that will make this a really fun and special wedding for her and Jaymes. The washing machine ... read more
Our Recovery Session
Sydney Harbour Bridge
On top of the world

Oceania » Papua New Guinea » Oro » Kokoda August 20th 2011

Day 9 August 13, 2011 Ioribaiwa to Goldie River - 8 hours There are some celebrations in the camp. Today is the last full day of trekking. The end is finally near and we are all so ready for this to be completed. Although sad to be finishing at the same time. It has been such a journey in so many ways. We hike today from the Ioribaiwa village to the Goldie River an 8 hour hike. We have a really difficult descent down with a little plateau in the middle. The path is muddy and we have to wear our gaiters and Bushman's Insect Repellant Cream is a must today, even though we all use it everyday. The trail is difficult to describe as it varies so much. At times it is nothing but gnarled ... read more
Day 9 Ioribaiwa to Goldie River
Track Closed
Trying to Make a Statement

Oceania » Papua New Guinea » Oro » Kokoda August 19th 2011

Day 6 August 10, 2011 Efogi to Menari. We depart Efogi and the morning is misty over the valleys. Today's walk involves up and down a little hill and a big hike uphill passing over Brigade Hill and The Saddle and crossing the Vabuiagi River. Today we hike 5 hours and it is very very steep. We walked up and across to Brigade Hill, the mist was closing, creating an errie sombre atmosphere. There were 76 stakes in the ground noting the graves of soldiers killed in battle. Their bodies were later removed to the Bamana War Cemetery in Port Moresby. The Japanese had waited and waited to attack. The Australians wait at the top of Brigade Hill. After a few days nothing happened. At 2am the Japanese attacked. They had made long ladders and lay ... read more
The airfield at Efogi
A little bit of flat walking
not for long-down again

Oceania » Papua New Guinea » Oro » Kokoda August 18th 2011

DAY 2 August 6, 2011 Denaki to Alola - 8.5 hour trek Denaki was the campsite last night and today we trek to Alola. Up at 5 am in the dark, stumble down to the loo in the dark. Angie was not aware that there was always a porter escort anytime we got up in the night and she just took a few paces to the side of the tent and went to the bathroom. I am sure the porters were shocked but Angie was oblivious to their watching. A new meaning to a full moon. We all packed up and had breakfast, weetbix, nutragrain and warm milk. Coffee and we are off for an 8.5 hour trek through the mountain jungle. The climb is steep with creek crossings, through the many choko fields on the ... read more
Isurava Memorial

Oceania » Papua New Guinea August 5th 2011

2, 3 ,4 August 2011 – PRE TRIP Monday. The beginning of our journey began with a very rocky start. A call from the owner of the travel company the day before we leave Sydney warned us that some of the land owners had banded together to block part of the Kokoda Track. The trip was in jeopardy. Tuesday. We talk to the tour company and it is decided we have to fly to PNG with the expectation of all proceeding. We (Francine) continue packing and ticking off our lists of required items. There is so much to take. Although only 16kg allowed. We succeeded to get it all in. But why do we need 10 cotton balls. (We never used them the entire trip). One of the many mysteries of our Trek. Tuesday at 5pm, ... read more
Frangie's packed and ready
Coastline of Papua New Guinea
We're Here!!

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Sydney July 31st 2011

July 31, 2011 It's a beautiful Spring day in Sydney getting up to 70 f (21 c). After running a few errands Francine and Angie take the train to Sydney Harbor area. There is an Aroma Festival going on and the street are filled with caffine addicts. It's elbow to elbow. But the sites we really want to see are easy access. Just look up! The Sydney Opera House is everything that every picture of it has shown. A magnificant building sitting right on the edge of the water. Directly opposite of the Opera House is the other famous site in the Sydney skyline and that is the Harbor Bridge. WOW! Great waterfront area full of boats, ferries, eateries and people. The plan was to visit the old Sydney part of town but the festival has ... read more
Sidney Downtown
Our destination this evening
Diggeridoo Too!

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Gosford July 29th 2011

July 29th Angie is chilling out at Francine's while Francine is at work. ( Poor girl!) Angie is packing and repacking, checking list after list and making new lists. Trying to get everything together for the trip to Papua New Guinea. This evening after work we will be training together for the first time. Francine, Karen Ross (friend of Francine's) and I. It will be dark so the challenge is not only to tackle the steps and the hills but without seeing where I am going. I'll see how well I measure up to the Aussie trained hiker?? I can only keep my fingers crossed cause I have to keep my toes undone to keep up. This American girl had not met Wilson Rd. Hill, a very long and steep hill in the Terrigal area and ... read more

Europe » Iceland » South » Vík August 24th 2009

DAY 133 I am so excited today because the first thing that I get to do is go horseback riding. I have seen the icelandic horses in the fields and they have to be the happiest horses in the world. I see them chasing each other rearing up on one another and they just look like they are a bunch of kids in the school yard. When I arrive at the horse farm, we are given equipment to use for the ride, helmets and warm clothing if needed. I take a pair of gloves as I have none. The saddles are English so this will be my first time on one of those. My horse is Sibby and I think they paired her with me because we have the same hair style. The Icelandic horse is ... read more

Europe » Iceland » Southwest » Reykjavík August 20th 2009

DAY 131 I left Charles De Gaulle airport really early in the morning. My flight was only 3 hours and what an airline (Icelandic Air). I had a tiny screen right in front of me and I could choose the movies I wanted to watch. I did have to buy my sandwich for 3 euros but the Pepsi was free. A really smooth flight. I landed in the Keflavik airport to find that I had gained 2 hours. Fabulous!! The drive to Reykjavik took about 35 minutes and then only to the bus station where I took a taxi to my hotel. I AM IN ICELAND!!! I can hardly believe it! My first impressions is that it is an island of mystery with dark looming clouds hanging over the mountain and the city itself. A cool ... read more

Europe » France » Île-de-France » Paris August 19th 2009

DAY 129 Leaving Belgium this morning and taking the train for a 3 hour trip to Paris. Well at least I enter the Paris East Train Station and quickly walk to the Paris North Station and take a train that will take me close to the Charles DeGaulle Airport. I will be staying here for the 2 night that I will be in France. It is a small little village called Roissy-en-France, it's so small (2600 pop.) that there restaurant are not always open as was the case my first night. So I went to the grocery store and bought a frozen meal for dinner along with some fruit and yogurt for breakfast. The hotel is called, The Suites Hotel and it is very new and very modern, as in modular. But it very nicely done. ... read more

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