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Africa » Zambia » Livingstone November 13th 2014

Zimbabwe/Zambia here we come! This is the section of travel that has promised fun and excitement. The flight takes us from Lilongwe to Johanesberg South Africa, then onwards to Victoria Falls Airport in Zimbabwe. The flight is uneventful for Angie, but Francine is a little nervous about the smaller and much older plane with Zimbabwe Air. She practices deep breathing and clenched fists with every little sway of the plane. When we land the race is on, having to collect luggage stand in line for our double entry visa. We then have to find a cabby to take us to the Exit border of Zimbabwe to get our visa stamped, then a short distance later have to enter the border crossing to Zambia and wait in line there. All done in the hothot weather🌞. We also ... read more
Maramba lodg

Africa » Malawi » Lake Malawi November 4th 2014

On the move again, arriving at the Kilimanjaro airport our temperature was taken now for the second time. They motion us on, so far so good. No signs of Ebola. Once through all the security we discovered that our flight is delayed an hour and a half. Didn't find out why until we finally boarded. There was an incident at the connecting airport (Narobi), the airport was shut down and the air space cleared. WTF???never did find out what the incident was. Finally on board and fly to Narobi then onward to Lilongwe and was uneventful. Except for the fact our luggage did not follow us. Well it did follow us, they just didn't take it of the plane and sent it through to Lusaka. Now our bags have been to more cities than we have. ... read more
View from  Thumbi Lodge
Our personal tailor
The wood carver

Africa » Tanzania » North October 30th 2014

The long awaited Safari is about to begin😀. The EastcoSafari company came highly recommended but we began with a rocky start. The pre departure meeting never took place and they were 1 1/2 hour late picking us up. Said was our driver/guide and Lazaro was our cook. We chose a camping safari cause we wanted to experience the real Africa not one created by lodges. We are here in the shoulder season, just at the end of the dry season but the wildlife is still plentiful. We begin in the Tarangire National Park, here the first big sightings are of giraffes, zebras, and around 3000 elephants. Wildlife is plentiful during dry season because of the permanent waters of the Tarangire River. Here it is also possible to walk the boarder area of the park that belongs ... read more
Our private lodge at Tarangire Park, Tanzania
Our private dining area

Africa » Rwanda » Ville de Kigali October 29th 2014

This very disturbing but true and must be shared. It's the 20th anniversary of the genocide in Rwanda in 1994. Francine and I can remember the reporting on the television. It was suppose to be a civil war of the warring ethnic groups. However being here we learned it was 100 days of killing the minority who were also the richest and most educated, the Tutsi. This was a systematic plan that had been constructed to take place. The government In power, the Hutu was the majority of people who represented the lower class, it had nothing to do with ethic classes as Rwandan people were of one language, same heritage and one country. It was a division started by the colonization by the German's and then the Belgium's, Who perpetuated the idea of ethnic groups. ... read more
Mass graves
Wall of rememberance

Africa » Tanzania » North » Mount Kilimanjaro October 10th 2014

Kilimanjaro; our waiting is over. On route to the biggest challenge of our lives. On the road not far Arusha we pass a dead body lying in the road when we pass traffic police a few miles down our driver alerted them of the dead body. We try not to take this as an omen of things to come. Our Team Kilimanjaro guides consists of 21 members, a head guide, assistant guide, cook and the rest will carry our belongings and tent. Surprisingly they all have English names, to round out the group of climbers is 2 young men and 3 fools (Angie, Francine,Karen). We registered at Marango gate and began walking thru the rain forest and fields of crops. The walk was tiring as we started late in the day and it's dark when we ... read more

Africa » Rwanda » Ville de Kigali September 30th 2014

Welcome everyone to 2 Blondes on holiday travel this is Angie and I started out the day ahead of Francine so I traveled from Columbus to Philadelphia and then from Philadelphia I traveled to Doho, Qatar. Traveling here was very interesting because we went south of Greenland,Iceland came down between Norway and Denmark proceeded through Germany,Poland other Eastern European countries all the way to Istanbul Turkey where we turn due south traveling over some very questionable Middle Eastern countries to Doho. Then flew on to Entebbe then arrived in Kigali, Rwanda. Smooth flying all the way. Francine up at 5am for one last cycle training ride. Off to work For the day. Then depart Broome Western Australia for 10pm arrival at Perth International. ugh doesnt depart Perth until 6am. First time I have slept on ... read more
A King Kong Moment
Diane fosey's hotel and ours

Antarctica » Antarctica » South Shetland Islands December 19th 2012

Wednesday December 19, 2012 Mikkelsen Harbour and Cierva Cove We make it through the Drake Passage and are now in the South Shetland Islands. Francine is now vertical. The excitement to finally get onto land is overwhelming. We all hurry down to the zodiac boarding area to take the short ride to the island. We are going to see the penguins up close and personal. We were warned about the smell so we are somewhat prepared. The worst part was falling down through the softening snow and land in the penguin pooh! The Gentoo penguins were so much fun to watch. The best and most favored nesting sites are the ones at the top of the mountains/rock hills. It is so amazing that they climb all that way and back down again to get food and ... read more
Nice,but no one home
Gentoo, three, four or more

South America » Argentina » Tierra del Fuego » Ushuaia December 15th 2012

BEAGLE CHANNEL & DRAKE PASSAGE & WHALES ALL ABOARD THE SEA ADVENTURER - 16 DECEMBER 2012 All aboard the Sea Adventurer and join the Quark Expedition. We set sail late afternoon and head out along the Beagle Channel. On our left is Argentina and on our right is Chile. We have met several of the people on the cruise and have found them all to be very delighful and have enjoyed talking with them. The staff are so educated and so nice. Two of the female staff (Australia & New Zealand) joined Francine and I for dinner and we had such a good time and laughed so much. Just telling them of our adventures and listening to theirs as well. The staff/guides are from Australia, USA, Canada, Alaska, Scotland, they are Biologists, Marine Bio, Geologists, Historian, ... read more
Fran in Chile, Angie in Argentina
Mandatory Life Boat drill
No idea who the young man is but doesn't her look nice between us?!

South America » Argentina December 14th 2012

The lead party of one, Angie arrived in the quaint city of Ushuaia Argentina, the southern most city in the world. A great place with one main street filled with shops and resturaunts. A reconnaissance mission for Angie. She sure gets it tough. She managed to talk her way into an upgrade for the cruise from a triple share to a double share with Francine. The expedition company was very accommodating. Second half of the entourage, Francine arrived at 1.30pm and we began to explore the little shops around town and lunch. At 6.30pm we had a tour group meeting advising us of all the info we needed to get us to the boat the next afternoon. The hotel has a spa. Massage 45 mins with hot stones. We could barely make it back to the ... read more
Blooming bush or is it a tree?
Come on Down!
Breakfast before siteseeing, Frangie insisted.

South America » Argentina » Buenos Aires December 14th 2012

ANGIE ADVENTURE AND LESSONS OF A LAYOVER IN BUENOS AIRES Angie arrived after a flight from Columbus to Miami (8 hour layover) to Buenos Aries, Argentina right on time after a night flight at the early morning time of 7:45. Frustration ensued at the airport as the hotel had a free shuttle but not able to find the .50 pesos needed to make the phone call. The bank nor any business would not give coins for the phone call. There was no way of getting in contact till a taxi driver came forward and made the call his cell phone which I gratefully paid him 4 pesos for being my 1st Argentine Angel. Arrived at the hotel and promptly made arrangements to go into town, a 40 minutes drive from the airport for sightseeing Buenos Aries. ... read more
Hotel near the airport
hotel lobby

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