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Asia » China » Jiangsu » Nanjing June 29th 2017

Yes. One week until the packers arrive. By this time next week I will be elbows deep in boxes, tape and bubble wrap. When you are in the right frame of mind, it becomes easy to decide what you want to keep. Then there are other things that are too good to throw away so you give them to someone who will treasure it and appreciate it. Then there are things for the Ayi and the rest goes in the bin. Saying that....... It is usually then after the item has left your house that you say where is that thing I have been keeping all this time and now I actually need it? Now I have several lists around the house. Things to sell. Once they have sold who has brought them and when they ... read more

Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Jimbaran June 29th 2017

Today grab and myself crossed the toll road, connecting the South tip of the island to Kuta and airport area green and blue sea was on both sides, toll is 1100 IDR I went like Moses !. and learned some useful bahasa along the way..; Bali sangat indah ! Bali very beautiful !... read more

Asia » China June 29th 2017

Chengdu hat mit Umland 14 bis 16 Mio Einwohner, die Angaben schwanken. Chengdu ist auch der Ort, an dem das Stück Der gute Mensch von Sezuan von Bertolt Brecht spielt. Allerdings wird der Name nie erwähnt, sondern der Ort immer als „Die Hauptstadt von Sezuan“ bezeichnet. Aber von Brecht ist hier praktisch gar nichts zu spüren. Die anderen waren heute bei den Pandas,aber ich fand letztes mal die Viecher langweilig und bin nicht mit. Außerdem haben wir ja jetzt unere eigenen Pandas in Berlin. Für schlappe 1 Mio Euro im Jahr geliehen, auf fünf Jahre. Die 1 Mio ist natürlich nur die Leihgebühr. Dazu kommen wahrscheinlich Kosten für chinesische Wärter und Tierärzte, denn die Chinesen lassen diese Tiere sicher nicht ohne Kontrolle bei uns. Und dann das Ernährungsproblem, sie fressen Bambus, hauptsächlich. Nun ist die Fläche ... read more

Asia » Pakistan » Punjab » Bhurban June 29th 2017

It's currently ten thirty at night here, or so says a battered old clock that I picked up from the floor and tried to re-hang on the wall to it's base or whatever the underside of a clock is called, on a balcony overlooking Mall Road (or some other road) currently experiencing a traffic jam with almost all the drivers honking their horns and the occasional "Jazbaati Kocha" blaring a cassette of "Hits from the Himalayas" from his van filled with people like sardines in a tin. Okay, enough mood setting. So, at 4 A.M. this morning (29 June 2017), I woke up in Islamabad and after a quick breakfast of a slice of bread slapped with Jam at my grandparents' residence, we embarked on our expedition. At 6 A.M. we were at the Islamabad - ... read more

Asia » China » Henan » Song Shan June 29th 2017

To see Shaolin and Songshan I stayed in a small hotel located in the grounds. Shaolin is quite overrated but certainly if you walk around you can see many boys training martial arts. I spend the first day hiking up Songshan mountain. I opted to not take the gondola up. The entire way up was stone stairs, in hot muggy weather. After a few hours I reached the "top" where the gondola arrives. From there the path traversed across the sheer cliff side for some ways going to a temple on the mountain before winding it's way back down to another pathway. The pictures will show how gorgeous the area is although they don't show you the annoying shouts that the locals are constantly doing. Beautiful it is, peaceful and quiet it is not. On the ... read more
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Asia » China » Beijing June 29th 2017

On Tuesday, 27 June, we spent the first half of the day at the Beijing Ceramic Art Museum. We learnt a bit about the history behind it all and observed what was different about the ceramics made in the past and the ceramics made nowadays. You can definitely tell they experiment with their designs a lot more now than they used to. Some of the designs are absolutely gorgeous and some are created with so many beautiful colours! I didn’t mind this guided tour, but I have to admit I got a little bored and tired… There were small parts of it I really enjoyed though, like experimenting with the clay on the spinning wheels - that was pretty cool! We also had a quick introduction to the ocarina, a small ceramic instrument that sounds like ... read more

Asia » China » Beijing » Forbidden City June 29th 2017

Before my class and I went to the Forbidden City, we journeyed to a small, dirty alleyway. I wasn’t too sure where we were going, but I’ve learnt by now to just go with the flow. After a couple of minutes of walking through the street we reached a building with large glass windows and a carved wooden door. It was called the Beijing Shichahai Shadow Art Performance Hotel. It looked totally out of place in the dingy street. At the reception desk was a bowl full of lollies with awesome multi-coloured wrappers. Some people used several wrappers and stuck them behind their translucent phone cases. There was also a small desk with orange juice, a coffee machine and an assortment of teas (the poor serving ladies must have gotten so sick of us). ... read more

Asia » India » Gujarat June 29th 2017

So to start with, the trip to Dwarka with my Family was not something I always had in my mind. But to me, it was like a calling last year which I could not ignore. So I sat and read all about it on the web. Found out everything there was to it. But to be there was a different story altogether. I recall asking some people who were actually from Gujarat to give me some tips and ideas as to how I should plan my trip so that I wouldn't miss anything. I started checking the train schedules and was planning my itinerary. A thought popped in my head as to how easy things have become due to web and travel sites for travels nowadays. For the most part, I wasn't willing to make this ... read more

Asia » India » National Capital Territory » New Delhi June 28th 2017

A last catch up with family by phone at the boarding gate and I climbed on board the Emirates A380 airbus. This was quite a revelation. My seat was a window seat in the 4th row back next to the stairs up to the cocktail lounge and upper level. The plane was very light and airy with lots of presumably fake walnut finish around. Hostesses were all beautifully dressed and immaculately turned out. The plane was very smooth and quiet and we were very regularly fed and watered. A first for me was the onboard WiFi which I must admit I was quite sceptical about until I tried it. It was fast and reliable and the ability to send texts and WhatsApp messages with photos from 40,000 feet was amazing. Stop over in Dubai was unremarkable ... read more

Asia » China » Beijing June 28th 2017

It was early morning when we started our trip to the Great Wall. We took a bus for 2 to 3 hours till we finally arrived in a small village. The whole class and I walked through the village then went into the bush on a trail that went up the mountain. After many steep steps we arose above all the trees onto a path that led across the mountain ridge. It was beautiful, and the air was fresh and cooling, even though it was boiling hot with no trees for shade. The path led onto the Great Wall, but not the wall as you see it in pictures and movies that has been renewed and remade, but the original Great Wall, that has been untouched. It was rocky, rugged and the steps and buildings had ... read more

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