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Asia » Indonesia » Java » Yogyakarta September 24th 2015

In Bandung lopen we vroeg in de ochtend naar het station om de trein van 07.20 uur te nemen naar Jogjakarta. Wederom zitten we in de Eksekutif klasse, die dit keer helemaal vol zit. Stipt op tijd vertrekken we in oostelijke richting en maakt Bandung plaats voor het platteland. Vooral de eerste paar uur zijn interessant. De trein gaat door een heuvelachtig gebied dat afgewisseld wordt door uitgestrekte dalen. Dan gaan we met veel bochten omhoog, daarna dalen we weer af een vallei in, waar voornamelijk rijst wordt verbouwd. De kegels van oude vulkanen zien we aan de horizon voorbij trekken. Op het land wordt druk gewerkt: de rijst wordt geoogst of aangeplant, andere akkers worden omgeploegd. Af en toe passeren we een dorpje waar ook een station is. Daar staat altijd een medewerker van de ... read more
Op het treinstation van Jogja
De grootste lol om hun foto's van ons

Asia » India » Uttar Pradesh » Varanasi September 24th 2015

When we woke up in Varanasi, we arranged a tour with one of the men who worked at the hotel as his cousin owned a boat. This was ideal as we had been warned of the touts in Varanasi who have the reputation as the worst in India. We set off from the hotel expecting to jump in a tuk-tuk however we ended up walking along the road which was crowded with cars, bikes, scooters, tuk-tuks and cows, even being led into the middle of a busy roundabout! Then we reached the narrow and winding roads near the Ghats. The Ghats in Varanasi are steps that lead to the River Ganges. There are 87 in total, and they are used as places for religious gatherings, bathing and cremation. The Ganges are seen to be the spiritual ... read more
Daein the washin
Daein the washin better
Burning ghats

Asia » India » Tamil Nadu » Mahabalipuram September 23rd 2015

The flight… Long but uneventful. We watched Spy (decent), Hoff My Chest (a BBC mock-umentary staring David Hasselhoff playing David Hasselhoff in an attempt to revive his career in England) and fell asleep to Mad Max. Obviously things have got civilized again in the world (?) as it was the first flight in years where we had a proper knife and fork instead of their useless plastic cousins. Arrived at 3:30am to a busy Chennai international airport. After such a long flight we were thankful that it only took about half an hour to collect bags, get through customs and immigration. My niece / wonder-friend, Dhvani had kindly organized a car to pick us up and we were thankful for that as it looked a little random if we were to get a taxi provided by ... read more

Asia » Japan » Osaka » Osaka September 23rd 2015

Dziś mieliśmy dzień snucia się po mieście. Nie bez celu. O nie. Byliśmy to tu to tam, gdzieś specjalnie zbłądzilismy, gdzieś "nie udało się" znaleźć stacji metra i poszliśmy piechota. Ot tak, zeby poznać miasto. Bo tak lubimy. Więc dziś wpis inny. 24 zdjęcia z opisami rzeczy jakie wydaja mi się szczególne w Japonii. Zapraszam do oglądania i wczuwania sie w klimat tego szczególnego kraju. Najlepiej jest jedno powiększyć i potem przesuwać w poziomie.... read more
Garaże samochodowe.
Garaże rowerowe.
Żółte metki.

Asia » Philippines » Palawan » El Nido September 23rd 2015

The Philippines is a strange country in that there are over 7000 islands that make up the Philippines as a whole. Each Island tries to boast of something different for the tourist market going from mountains, hiking, beaches, diving and yet they all seem to have that one common denominator which is that the people are poor. It is heartbreaking when you are walking down a street whichever Island that you are on and you see a young child in rags with arms stretched out asking for money. However there are some small towns that this is not affected by this and it seems to be places that the community gets together and helps each other. Anyways my next stop on the amazing world adventure was Palawan. Along the way through Philippines, many people had mentioned ... read more

Asia » China September 23rd 2015

Da wir ab Montag in unsere Schulen sollten, sind wir zu diesen gefahren und haben uns diese auch angesehen. Natürlich sind wir nicht alle auf einmal zu allen gefahren, sondern in Gruppen zu den einzelnen Schulen, welche die jeweiligen Gruppenmitglieder besuchen. Demnach müsste ich eigentlich Zuhause bleiben, aber April war so nett, mich um 8 Uhr mitzunehmen. Die Dörfer waren so zwischen 30 und 40 Minuten mit dem Auto entfernt, was eigentlich noch in Ordnung ist. In einem ganz kleinen, welches Leon zugewiesen wurde, gab es sogar frische Luft. Die restlichen "Dörfer" waren im Prinzip Kleinstädte, aber überall gab es Kinder und nachdem sie sich herangetraut haben, haben ich angefangen high fives zu verteilen und dann eskalierte die Situation immer ein bisschen. Die Kinder kamen und überrannten uns fast und wir waren nur im Lehrerzimmer sicher. ... read more
Ich und Schüler
Middle school

Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Kuta September 23rd 2015

A quick stop at Starbucks for my morning caffeine fix and a croissant for Izzy on the way to meet the bus was the perfect start to the day. With the kids safely on the bus, headed for a day at the cultural centre to learn various Indonesian arts and meet up again with the students from the local school, it was time for the parents to enjoy a leisurely breakfast at the Earth Cafe in Seminyak. It came highly recommended and didn't disappoint. I had a delicious vitamin C smoothie and a Portobello Burger - I can never resist mushrooms on a menu! While some of the parents split off to do some serious shopping, I headed to Surfer Girl with my favourite eight year old. Little Miss Gracie Mootang (Izzy's BFF's little sister) is ... read more

Asia » Thailand » South-West Thailand » Phuket September 23rd 2015

19th - 23rd We took to the beach once again, this time fully armed with suncream, a hat for the now-bald Chris, sunglasses, new flip flops for the always over-shoed Chris, and plenty of water. Watching him walk in flip flops (for the first time I might add) was like watching a duck finding its feet, and I had to guide him in proper walking technique - "try walking heel to toe rather than landing on your whole foot". Ha! The sea was more pleasant on this day, and although it was a sunny Saturday the streets and beach seemed quieter. Unfortunately, we spent the next few days in various states of pain either in bed or on the toilet - delhi belly has truly caught us with a vengeance. Chris seemed to get it worse ... read more

Asia » India » Karnataka September 23rd 2015

So even though I'm 5 months behind on my entries (I still have photos to post of Italy, France, and Spain), I'm trying to stay on of this trip. Also, my parents would probably shun me if I didn't share the pictures of all of my meals, which could end up being the whole trip anyway if tonight was any indication. We took off from Dubai this afternoon and set off for Bangalore to meet my wife's brother, who has been working here the past 5 months. The 4 hour flight was uneventful, relatively calm and no hiccups along the way, which was good since my wife had minor nightmares that we'd be thrown back on the plane. Alas, we made it and after we claimed our luggage we found my brother-in-law amongst the throng of ... read more

Asia » China » Yunnan » Kunming September 23rd 2015

I've been living in the dorm for a month now. I quite enjoy the new surroundings and still go out every week to discover new places. I visited Black Dragon pool by taking publis bus from the Carnival area, 2 blocks south from my school. And finally have tackled the mountains seen from my dorm window, the Chang Chong Shan ( Shan is Chinese for Mountain.) The weather has been absolutely fantastic this month, not too cold and not too hot, perfect autumn for hiking and venturing out,... read more
Map of the park
View from the top
Citadel at the park

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