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Asia » China » Tibet » Lhasa July 7th 2006

Well it's been a interesting couple of days! Traveling day was long! We took an early one our flight to Chengdu....then met up with this random Chinese Travel dude who gave us our next tickets and our traveling permits to enter Tibet..slid him some money....and then asked him a whole bunch of questions about China.....apparently there are is no more child labour in the factories, and baby girls are not abandoned on the streets!! (so he says!?!?) SO then we took a gorgeous 2 hour flight to Lhasa...the capital of Tibet! I got really nervous before getting off because people were telling us about how some people can't breathe and you have to aclimatize to the high altitudes and so on....but I wasn't gasping for air or anything!! It didn't hit us until a couple of ... read more

Asia » Hong Kong » Hong Kong Island July 7th 2006

It's been while since the last time I updated this blog. So my experience in the past week in a nutshell: Beaches, Bugs and Bras, Oh my! Cheung Chau Beach is a complete 180 from what is traditionally thought of Hong Kong. When people (including myself) think of Hong Kong, they think big skyscraper buildings, glass and metal, developed roads everywhere and overpopulation. That's all true to a certain extent. However, I failed to realize the natural beauty of the outlying islands, all of which are still a part of Hong Kong. Cheung Chau is one of these islands, small and quaint with narrow streets and alleys that barely have enough room for 3 European guys to walk side by side without pushing over some street vendor stalls. It's a beautiful island with one hotel, nicknamed ... read more
Picking our Dinner at Cheung Chau
Lingerie at Lady's Market
Sampan Boat Ride at Aberdeen

Asia » Japan » Kanagawa » Yokohama July 7th 2006

The past couple of weekends have been so busy - so busy in fact I'm separating our shenanigans into two blog entries. The start of June was very quiet. Quiet in the sense we didn't get up to much, but not quiet at home because we both came down with a horrible chest infection and the flu. There was nothing but coughing, sneezing and wheezing coming from our house for about 3 weeks. But we are pleased to announce that we are finally better and hope to stay that way for long time. (Note to future travellers to Japan - medication here is a LOT weaker than at home, so come prepared!) Our friend Matt from Australia has been out in Japan with his Japanese wife, Mie for the past couple of weeks. He came out ... read more
Landmark Tower at Sunset
Matt & Meg at Enoshima Station
Traditional Gate on Enoshima Is

Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Kuta July 7th 2006

So basically Kuta is the new Koh Tao; Just with a lot more people (mostly surfers and Australians). There is everything and nothing to do here on Bali. It is a fairly good sized island with lots to see, yet it is incredibly easy just to hang out on the beach, surf and swim, lounge by the pool, eat good food, and then go dancing at night and never be more than 10 minutes away from where we are staying. The people here are all really chill, fun to meet and hang out with and are always up for whatever, I mean we are all here with one aim: just to BE here in Bali. Though we do sometimes get out of Kuta with the occasional trip to Dreamland (a gorgeous beach surrounded by cliffs), and ... read more
Dreamland Surfer
Yes... I tan naked =)

Asia » Laos » West » Luang Prabang July 7th 2006

Over to Laos. The morning after my last entry the group from the bus headed to the Thai-Laos border. Everything at the border went extremely smoothly - most likely due to the very efficient lady at our guest house who had arranged our visas the night before. Although we had woken up at around 7:00, to catch the '8:30' slowboat...we were still at the boat terminal at 11:30, waiting for the engines to start. The boat was full of 'pharang' - or white people (ignorant rich people, that is). Once the boat left the border town, the views around us were amazing. What an amazing part of the world I'm seeing. The slowboat trip is a great way to get from Thailand to Laos, but the keyword is definitely SLOW. The first day we spent about ... read more

Asia » Vietnam » Northeast » Quang Ninh » Halong Bay July 7th 2006

I arrived in Hanoi early from my night train, and met up with Khay again who had booked us on a tour to Halong Bay. We went and grabbed some of the now staple Pho Bo (noodle soup) and then walked around the lake killing time before the tour pick up. Walking around the shores of Hoan Kiem I was presented with one of the most funny and surreal sights of my travels thus far. What we found was essential a massive outdoor gym. Along one section of sidewalk a 6-a-side badminton match was taking place. A few metres away a stereo played calm music to a group of geriatrics practicing thai chi. On the other side of the road upbeat disco music set the pace of the young and trendies and their booty shakin' and ... read more
Touristy Lit Caves In Halong Bay
Like picadilly circus in the rush hour
The view from the caves

Asia » China » Hebei » Chengde July 7th 2006

It was WONDERFUL to get out of the (well, the more) polluted metropolitan areas. As a group, we made our way on an eight hour bus ride to Chengde, a "small" city north-east of Beijing. It actually has about 360, 000 inhabitants, but in China that's nothing. We stayed at a pretty nice hotel in downtown Chengde, and made it to two Lama temples- Putuozongcheng Temple and Puning Temple, the Sledge Hammer rock hike, and the Imperial Summer Palace and Gardens. It was nice just to get away from busy cities, so much pollution, and see the Lama temples especially.... read more
Putuozongcheng Temple
Puning Temple
Puning Temple

Asia » Laos » South » Si Phan Don July 7th 2006

4th July We were up early for our bus. The 4 of us went and climbed aboard, along with another guy from Germany. The other 3 guys, that had told Jon and Kylie couldn't make it as the banks wouldn't accept their cards so they were stuck with no money!!! (We later found out that one of the guys had to go way back up to Vientiane for some money) Shows you all how organised we are!!! As we came to pay (it should have been 6$) the woman put us down at 10$ each. Does she think we are thick!! So 6$ it was until the others didn't show up, then it went up to 9$ each. As we headed south to the four thousand islands (this is where the Mekong river gets split up ... read more
Smile you're on camera.
Buffalo in the rice field.
View from our bungalow

Asia » Thailand » North-West Thailand » Chiang Rai July 7th 2006

7/7/06 - Took the obligatory boat ride on the Mae Kong River that skirts 3 countries. If you reach your hand out and skim various reedy river banks, you could say you’ve been to Myanmar (Burma), Laos and Thailand in a single day - Actually all 3 in about 10 minutes. Don’t expect any passport stamps or uniformed officials; even the setting foot on official Laos soil comes with a mere 20 Baht landing tax and no passport request. The 30 minutes allowed by the boat company was plenty of time in the market seeing the same same merchandise of Northern Thailand with plenty of antique looking opium pipes thrown into the mix. The only real was the Laos whiskey bottles containing various snakes and scorpions, bottled in with the whiskey. Don’t miss the opportunity for ... read more
View over 3 countries
Temple Chairs
Carved Doors of Wat Saam Mum Muang

Asia » Japan » Tokyo July 7th 2006

Tokyo...impossible to describe in one word! Exciting, bustling, bright, loud, serene, traditional...12.2 million people! It is described as city that everyone must see once in their lifetime. I agree! Those of you who know me well, generally know that I'm not a big fan of large cities. I find them intimidating and overwhelming, an assault on your senses and peace of mind. However, I had a fair idea of what I was in for before I visited Tokyo. When I first arrived in Japan last August, I spent three days in one of the busiest areas of Tokyo, Shinjuku, in a fancy hotel, attending seminars for my new job of teaching English as a Foreign Language to high school students. Really, the only glimpses of the city I saw were when I went out for dinner ... read more
From the 46th Floor of the Tokyo Government Building...
...We Saw Tokyo As Far As The Eye Could See!
Early Morning at the Tsukiji Fish Market

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