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Asia » Singapore August 12th 2006

Today is the NUS Rag Day 2006. Rag Day is a tradition in NUS (National University of Singapore) and it is an annual event where each of the different faculties and halls of residence builds a carnival-style float, integrates the float with a musical dance, and creates a spectacular show. This year (2006) is the first year where I participated in Rag as a spectator. In 2003 I joined Science Rag as a freshman, in 2004 I joined the Science Rag committee, and in 2005 I missed the Rag Day because I was doing my attachment in Vancouver, Canada. This year, due to heavy workload in school and other commitments, I didn't join the Science Rag team. Instead of building the float and entertaining my friends (like what I did in 2003 and 2004), this time ... read more
Bizad's float
Engin's float
Medicine's float

Asia » China » Anhui August 12th 2006

it was tuesday the 8th of august that mr. dei (however you may write his name) brought me to the railway station in nanjing. excitement came over me when i got out of the car and the first thing i did was smoking a cigarette to calm down. of course that didn't help. i went to the soft seat (kind of 1st class) waiting room where the girl at the entrance made clear that i had no soft sleeper ticket and thus was supposed to wait in the hard seat waiting room. eventually i got kind of nervous at this point because i was not sure about the procedure for people with hard seat tickets. it was much easier than i thought. there were signs enough with the train numbers and departure times so that i ... read more
huang shan landscape
chinese tourist crowds

Asia August 12th 2006

Soooooo.... we are no longer hiking up Fuji. We are now taking a flight to Singapore on Monday. The showtime is 0300, which means I will not be getting any sleep at all tomorrow. The flight is an 8.5 hour flight and nothing but storms in the forecast! Oh well, shit happens. Take care guys and love always, ~KRIS~... read more

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Bangkok August 12th 2006

Walk through the very narrow alleys and be amazed by all he things you can buy here for almost nothing.Enjoy all sorts of food street vendors sell all over the place! It is also nice to just walk in the more quiet streets to breath the atmosphere. Directions: To view typical China Town scences straight ahead to Ratchawongsi Road until the intersection of Yaowarat Road. ... read more
Chinatown (2)

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Bangkok August 12th 2006

Wat Sampanthawong One of the many beautiful temples in Bangkok.This one you will find when you are wandering around in Chinatown. In the backyard you will find rows of golden bhuddas! ... read more
Wat Sampanthawong (2)
Wat Sampanthawong (3)

Asia » Thailand August 12th 2006

Yes...but another shitty bus ride...and this one is the worst one yet. The other passengers are the rudest i have met yet...they lay their seats all the way back boxing u in..and when u go to put your seat back..the person behing u gets mad...really feeling like i could punch someone out...where's Tina when I need Becca has a much better trip this time..last bus she spent it sitting by the toilet...on the bus...can u imagine...barffing and crapping. This time she got a good seat with a very cute hippie boy from Australia....At least the person next to me was a quiet quiet that i'm sure she must have taken a handful of sleeping pills cause she was knocked right out the whole trip. Works for me. So back to Bangkok...unfortunately we couldn't get ... read more

Asia » Thailand » North-West Thailand » Chiang Mai August 12th 2006

So....a bus to Puket...why clue other than it sounded ok. Oh's a 12 hr bus ride turns into a 20 hr ride. At first it was not too bad...a/c..t.v. but then the other tourist become very annoyingly rude. They bother me the most about this whole trip...even pad thai isn't as bad. So after that bus ride...we transfer to a rest area that we think is where we catch the boat to Puket...only to sadly discover we are getting on a minivan to Puket. Fine...i sit in the back..not by choice..and my claustrophobia kicks in...not good. I have to will myself not to freak can do this...and i do. Then something breaks on the van...something that holds the wheels in place!!!!!!!!! only in Thailand...good thing we didn't know what was going on. No ... read more

Asia » Thailand August 12th 2006

Finally..i get this travel blog thing figured out and before i know it ....i'm leaving in 2 days. certainly has been the adventure of a lifetime...and now i'm hooked on this place. Really..i didn't know what to expect before coming here...forget about reading all those travel reviews that put the fear of the great Buddah in you. You just don't know till you go see for yourself. Arriving in Bangkok was really not as bad as i'd least not for the first few minutes. Oh..the heat...the noise...the smells. I'll never say that our pulp mill stinks again!! So we take a taxi to our first nite in a luxurious hotel...the Holiday Inn. Not too shabby. But we decided...after a nice hot shower and some food..that really ..this is not necessary and rather extravagant so ... read more

Asia » China » Guangxi » Yangshuo August 11th 2006

Bangkok - Macau - (Zhu Hai) - Guangzhou - Yangshuo - Guangzhou Ni Hao - as a quick into I should point out that this was written a few weeks ago (around 23rd July). It's taken until now to find a place to add a few photos. Hence it predates the previous entry that I posted a few days ago. Ni Hao from Yangshuo. We are stuck in Yangshuo, which is a good place to be stuck. It may be the 'very hot & very wet' season, but it's also the Chinese summer holidays. Hence there are literally millions of Chinese on the move - meaning that busses, trains & planes are all full. We were trying to buy a train ticket out of here for almost a week with no success. As former travel advisers ... read more
East vs West
Free Strollers
Beautiful Guangzhou

Asia » China » Beijing August 11th 2006

Today's class consisted of a cultural differences discussion. It started out with our teacher asking us why we chose to come to China. I sometimes do not think the Chinese realize how important their country is to the rest of the world. But I am sure a lot of Americans do not realize how important China is to our country either. Our discussion then led to more differences between the Chinese and American cultures. Our teacher proceeded to tell us about Chinese women and how Chinese men are the happiest in the world because Chinese women do everything they want. Apparently plastic surgery is becoming very popular here, I have even seen advertisements for it on the bus! They want to have more pronounced noses and eye lids and narrower faces. I have noticed that even ... read more

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