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Asia » China » Gansu » Zhangye July 21st 2015

Since leaving Hong Kong we've felt a bit rushed for quite a lot of the time. Booking trains and hotels in the high season takes more advanced planning than we're used to, especially in and between Shanghai, Beijing and Xi'an. We then had a couple of one night stays after longish journeys. So we're now going to have at least a couple of stops that are a day or two longer than they need to be for the things we're going to see. The first of these is Zhangye. We were happy to see the back of Lanzhou and leaving from the massive, new, almost empty West Station (more platforms (25) than daily departures (13)) was a pleasure. We had no idea that the journey over and through the Qilian Mountains was going to be so ... read more
Danxia Geo Park
Danxia Geo Park
Danxia Geo Park

Asia » Vietnam » Red River Delta » Hanoi July 21st 2015

Day 1 This is my first time travelling and my first travel blog, so bare with me. Currently writing this from Munich airport which is an unexpected stop but well received as we could stretch our legs and get a caffeine fix. The 4am start from home was an early one. Especially as I couldn't sleep because I was so excited. We had a false start; after 10 miles, Lesley had forgotten her glasses so we had to go back. That's not like her at all!! We boarded in Manchester at 9am and stopped at Munich at 12pm. Flight out of Munich is 1.30pm to Singapore flight time 11 hours. Stop at Singapore for 2 hours then a further 6 hours to Hanoi. Arriving at 12 noon tomorrow. The trip sounds gruelling but I'm enjoying myself ... read more

Asia » Vietnam » Red River Delta » Hanoi July 21st 2015

Day 2 - Hanoi Up at 6am to join the locals in the park near the lake doing exercise. They were very welcoming and showed us the moves. We both joined in with dancing and light aerobics. Back for breakfast bread and cheese. Booked our Halong Bay trip yesterday. We booked economy. The poor woman was distraught and said we looked like people who should book the luxury! I asked why she said because we were well dresses and had our nails polished! Note to self: don't go back packing with nail varnish on .... it's melting off! Talked to some of the students in the hotel most on gap years, some thinking of teaching out here. A guy we were talking to yesterday told us he had been teaching out here for 4 years and ... read more

Asia » Cambodia » North » Battambang July 21st 2015

We caught a mini van 12 seater "V.I.P" to Battambang. It was a nice drive.. if you like the driving style on off on off on off the accelerator so much it makes you sea sick. There was lots of straight roads which gives the driver plenty of opportunities to overtake. We like to call it playing chicken. It's almost like a video game where you take risks because you know you're not actually going to die for real. The front two rows of seats had seatbelts, because these people had a direct line to the windscreen. The rest of us had our fingernails, or in my case my legs tucked under the seat so I could hold the two sleeping babies! After a lunch break our driver settled down, perhaps he was hangry? Or we ... read more
Road quality dropped over the border
Rice fields

Asia » Nepal » Kathmandu July 21st 2015

Népal, un genou à terre, mais prêt à se relever. Voyage d'Aide humanitaire pour ce peuple tellement accueillant. Comment les aider? J’appelle mon ami Lakpa le Sherpa qui demeure à Katmandu. Lakpa vient d'un village à 260km de Katmandu dans les montagnes et me dit que son village a été gravement affecté. On part donc avec une dizaine de personnes en sardine en 4x4 pour le village. Après 30 minutes de routes serpentantes, je vomis mon déjeuner... Pas question d'arrêter car le voyage durera 12 heures et on veut arriver avant la noirceur! Une fois arrivé, un conseil de village improvisé décide que le mieux est de donner des vivres pour les habitants qui en ont besoin. Du riz, des lentilles, de l'huile, etc. Le lendemain, on part à pied dans les sentiers à 1 heure ... read more
Tremblement de terre
transport 4x4

Asia » India July 21st 2015

A las 6 arriba. Ya todo el mundo despierto, hoy es domingo y han venido unos cuantos Sikh a hacer te por la la mannana. El resto de la fauna tambien esta en pie, el padre superior,los hindues locos, y como no, mi tonto esta aqui para "ayudarme" mientras cualquiera podria estar haciendo un butron el el cajero. Bueno, a las 7 lluvia torrencial, el tontome queria llevar a desayunar, pero me he resitido para poder empezar en cuando pare la lluvia, asi que me ha traido el desayuno, dos chapatis, un poco de sopa y un taco de mantequilla. Me he zampado la mitad de la mantequilla conlos chapatis y luego el tio se empennaba en que me comiese el restop de la mantequilla a palo seco. Le he dicho que si ahgo algo asi ... read more

Asia » India July 21st 2015

-SP- A las 5 arriba, mas visita al sennor roca que la diarrea continua. Hacer algo de gasto en la tienda local y desmontar campamento. A las 6 y pico en marcha. El camino a Bilaspur no ha sido tan terrible, un par de cuestas nada mas. De todas maneras he parado a picar un par de veces porque con la cena de ayer no voy a ningun lado. De Bilaspur en adelante otra vez montanna, y calor. Bajar al siguiente valle, comer, internet cafe 30min (hasta que se ha ido la luz) y continuar. Otra vez otro paso de montanna, otra vez practicamente todo el tramo cuesta arriba en construccion y chapapote del bueno. A las 3 estaba enel punto mas alto, en Sondernagar, de aqui es ligeramente cuesta abajo y asfaltado hacia Mandi. Con ... read more

Asia July 20th 2015

Hello! It’s been a crazy couple of weeks with the kids, but more relaxed weekends these last two weeks. Two weekends ago I went ziplining in Odawara which was a lot of fun! There were 8 different courses you had to go on and it wasn’t just a zipline that you go down, but you have to climb up a ladder and then go across different obstacle like things. There were lots of different ones like swinging planks, a tunnel, tarzan rope, and just a tight rope. Some of them were really hard and kind of scary but it was really fun and we had a good time. It took about two hours on Saturday and then there is a castle in Odawara that we went to but when we got there it was closed for ... read more
Had to climb up ladders
Lovely net and rings we had to climb

Asia » Singapore July 20th 2015

Our last day and we are worn out. The Singapore heat and humidy is taxing which adds to our tiredness. We grab a cab to have a look around Sentosa Island. If we were at the start of our journey, there would be plenty to do on Sentosa,but we have run out of enthusiasm so end up just strolling the island to discover Universal studios, Zip,line, Sand castle art, Indoor flying, Sea world and a wave pool. We do however catch the cable car as it's pretty easy sitting and enjoying the view. On the taxi ride home we discover many blocked roads as the buses have brought hundreds of people in for a full dress rehersal of the 9th August 50th celebration of their national day. Blocked from our hotel,we opt to walk along the ... read more
Merrion at Sentosa
Stating the flyover
F18's make a great sight in formation

Asia » South Korea » Gyeongsangbuk-do » Andong July 20th 2015

After one week, it was time to leave the capital to check out the other parts of the country, and I took the 2.5h bus ride south to the smallish city of Andong in the Gyeongsangbuk province. Andong boasts in its vicinity the Unesco site of Hahoe Village, with its two thousand year history of traditional Korean culture and village life, and I would spend a couple of days here en route to my other intended destinations further south. Arriving at Andong was a bit of a surprise, and I was immediately struck by how quiet the place seemed, despite it being a well-known stop on the tourist trail, and a population size of several hundred thousand. It was also a stark contrast to the hyper modern and busy capital, with sleepy shops with nary a ... read more
Traditional Masks of Hahoe
Digital Contents Museum

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