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Asia » Cambodia March 19th 2015

-SP- Este es un pais relativamente pequeño, y pobre incluso en comparacion con Vietnam. Las carreteras son decentes, y los conductores, como en otros paises asiaticos similares, en cuanto te acostumbres a ellos adivinaras sus intenciones y salvaras tus dientes. He tenido un par de problemas, sobre todo por el robo de mi bici y por 2 posibles emboscadas en el espacio de dos semanas largas. No me atrevo a acampar en el borde de la carretera, porque temo un ataque nocturno, por parte de criminales o si te descuidas polis de paisano. Esto no es Vietnam, aqui se juntan dos factores interesantes, muchas armas en circulacion y pobreza (salario medio 60 dolares al mes). Corrupcion y estafa: El sitio de honor lo tiene la policia, la primera estafa en Camboya ocurre cuando todavia no estas ... read more

Havelock, one of the Andaman islands. We searched long time for the internet access and even longer for the postcards. If you knew how slow the connection here is, you'd understand why this post is so short... oh and the laptop broke down too. EDIT: I'm writing this from Bangkok, since there was no chance to fix it at Havelock. The laptop continues to be on strike, so thank God for Internet Cafes and Gaming Centers. But back to Havelock island. There are some lovely restaurants all over Havelock called "Barefoot"B3 Restaurant and Brasseries, which are somehow connected to the Hotel Resorts (same name) and Scuba Diving centre. They have an internet cafe too, right next to the fish market/big market downtown. Just keep in mind you should ask for the price first, since the internet ... read more

Asia » Japan » Wakayama » Koyasan March 19th 2015

Die letzte Nacht im Hostel war furchtbar, eine schrecklich laute und rücksichtslose Chinesin hat bis 03.00 Uhr rumgekramt und das Licht an gehabt und dann ab 06.30 Uhr schon wieder so einen Lärm gemacht, dass keiner mehr schlafen konnte. Da waren mir die höflichen wenn auch stummen Japanerinnen deutlich lieber. Meine kleine Rezeptionistin macht aber alles wieder gut, als sie mir zum Abschied einen handgeschriebenen Brief mit einem englischen, japanischen und deutschen Dankeschön überreicht. So süß! Dank der doofen Chinesin bin ich wenigstens schon gegen halb 10 am Bahnhof in Kyoto. Ich muss nun vier mal umsteigen, bis ich an meinem heutigen Tagesziel Koyasan ankomme und trotz der immer pünktlichen und sehr regelmäßig verkehrenden Zugverbindungen dauert der ganze Spaß 4 Stunden. Es sind alles local trains, also solche, die an jedem Baum halten, ständig muss ich ... read more
Blick aus dem Fenster
Okunoin Cemetery
Okunoin Cemetery

Asia » India » Tamil Nadu » Ooty March 19th 2015

We travelled hrs by car from Kodaikanal to Mettupalayum, the starting point for the "toy train". This was only an overnight stop, as there is nothing there. Had an early night as we had to be up at 3:30 AM to line up for tickets for the train. We had tried to make reservations two weeks before, but all reserved seats were sold, so we had to line up for two of the 25 standby seats. We were lucky we got there when we did, because some of the people that came behind us didn't get on. It was a very pleasant 5 hour journey up hill all the way to Ooty. The toy train is a small gauge train that was built by the British in the early 1900's to transport people out of the ... read more

Asia » India » Karnataka » Bangalore March 19th 2015

I recently re-discovered a childhood craze of mine. As a kid, I would literally beg anyone I could find with a cycle to lend it to me for a few minutes. Those were not the days of speciality kids cycles (or at least we could not afford one), so a lot of us would 'half pedal' on adult cycles - yes, the big black heavy ones. Since we did not have one in our house, any guest or neighbour who had one fell victim to my persistent pleading. Well, 30 years later, I can afford a much better cycle, and don't need to plead anyone any more. I makes me wonder why I did not re-start cycling earlier. Anyway - I got myself a Schnell Jaguar 2.0 MTB about a month ago, and after a couple ... read more
Almost there.. that's my friend Tatha
That's me.. almost at the top
On the top... Conquered Nandi Betta

Asia » Cambodia March 19th 2015

-SP- A las 6 y pico arriba, ponerse al dia con el internet, ir empacando todo, desayunar, etc. He hecho check out y con el dinero del deposito que me han devuelto he ido al mercado a regatear, no hay ni un turista, asi que las condiciones son buenas, puedes marearles mucho rato sin que venga un gringo con la cartera llena de billetes a reventarte el negocio. Despues poner todo sobre la bici, charlar un rato con gente en el hostal, hinchar la rueda trasera que habia perdido algo de aire, y a la oficina postal. Echar el correo y casi a la 1 del mediodoa en marcha, muy tarde. Y mucho calor. Voy con 11 dolares en el bolsillo, y ese es mi presupuesto hasta la frontera Tailandesa. Asi que he parado a comprar ... read more
Fried snakes
Frog and half
Chicken different size

Asia » Thailand March 19th 2015

-SP- Levantarme a las 6 y pico y lo primero despues del desayuno ha sido cambiar un radio roto de la rueda trasera, por suerte los de repuesto de la bici vieja sirven justo justo, son un pelin cortos nada mas. Despues en marcha, he parado en una gasolinera para conseguir una direccion en Tailandia que poder declarar, y luego carretera bajo el sol hacia el oeste. Hoy hay mucho movimiento, parece que es fiesta nacional o asi, he visto un par de comboyes de todoterrenos del gobierno y un grupo de 4 vehiculos blindados de guerra, a saber que andan tramando. A 10 km de Poipet hay un centro turistico, donde he parado al mediodia para evitar el calor, antes de eso he ido comiendo y bebiendo en los puestos que he enontrado en los ... read more
Spirit house
Cutting ice

Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Seminyak March 19th 2015

Not feeling hugely motivated to rush out of bed I didn't and had a lay in. After enjoying the ( included in the price ) breakfast I spent the next couple of hours researching flights out from Bali, as my visa is expiring in 10 days time. After chatting to the staff and working out that there is no public transport on the huge island, and so obvious difficulties for getting around I headed out first to get my haircut! Having had a few issues with my feet this last week - first small sores that became infected - dirty, dusty roads and pavements with hot sweaty feet in cheap sandals. After being treated and purchasing some more sandals these also decided they were going to rub against my feet but a different area! Plasters not ... read more

Asia » Cambodia » South » Sihanoukville March 19th 2015

As the days spent journeying to the next place have increased and the relaxing days doing very little have decreased, I have found myself with precious little time to update this blog (poor excuse but it's the one I'm going with). This said, I have decided to write about Cambodia as one big post as we only went to 4 main places in the 2 week period. We arrived in Phnom Penh in the early evening from HCMC, so our first night was spent at a hostel recommended to us by a friend in Vietnam. The Mad Monkey hostel was a great way to kick start our Cambodia tour with great, albeit pricey, cambodian Khmer food. There was a bar with reasonably priced drinks so the evening was spent eating, drinking and meeting people. The next ... read more

Asia » China » Dongbei March 19th 2015

After four weeks of bouncing around I've "ban geeeeee ahhhh" i.e. moved into my own apt for the next two months. Its so nice. Its so safe. The neighbors in the high rise are precious people as are the 24/7 doormen and all the rest. I feel so blessed to be here. I AM so blessed to be here. Really. Total God thing. Better than I could imagine. HE does that. YES!!! The doors and locks here are fierce, more than I'm used to. There's no door knob and the lock is complicated to deter robbers. Great. So the other night, actually my second night here, I could NOT get the door to open. And I was inside. AND after I plugged in the laptop, total blackout and I'm locked in. Tried and tried again and ... read more
Hardwood, glassed balcony, GOOD!

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