August 30th 2016
Published: August 30th 2016
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BOJNARD to BUSH CAMP. 29 August, 2016. Stage 85.

Distance: 115.22 Kms SubT. Kms 1283.27 kms Road Condition: good

Weather: cool morning 33c day blue sky.

Time in Saddle: 5:16:33 Av Speed: av. 21.8 kph. Av Cadence. 70 Rpm

Elevation: 1400 m up; 1200 m down

Calories burned : >5500

Today we departed at 6.15am to avoid the heat. Semi interesting ride. Still desert scenery, but very hilly. My biggest climbing day so far. Two big ascents, 700 metres over 8 kms; 700 metres over 5 kms. Both ok, riding mostly on good shoulder. The traffic was much heavier, the road dual carriage way with 40% BIG trucks. Most toot to let you know they are about to pass, enabling the cyclist to move to the shoulder extremity.

We (3) were stopped by the police mid morning, because I think they were bored, taken to the police station behind barb wire and a massive gate. There they checked out the passports and letters issued to each of us by the Immigration. After 30 minutes, lots of hand shaking, and smiles we were on our way. Many drink stops, a 250 ml coke is the equivalent of .25c. Most snacks are cheap. Bottled Water sold by the litre is .20c.

Arrived at camp, another hot dusty spot. There was a hose with cold water, so was able to wash, very refreshing. Bare skin is deeply frowned on here, so it was tricky!! Shortly afterwards the park rangers showed up. Very friendly. Showed me photos of Asian cheetah captured in the local reserve. Big animals, who knew??

Now just sitting in shade seeking to avoid the sun.

BUSH CAMP to GONBAD. 30 August, 2016. Stage 86

Distance: 116.02 Kms SubT. Kms 1399.29 kms Road Condition: good

Weather: cool morning 33c day blue sky. Humid

Time in Saddle: 3:52:50 Av Speed: av. 29.9 kph. Av Cadence. 74 Rpm

Elevation: 100 m up; 1250 m down

Calories burned : >5500

Camp last night was managed by the Park Service. Had at the camp, a museum of the animals seen in the park. Cheetah, elk, bear, boar, gazelle. The park borders 3 deserts. Also has large birds of prey.

The ride today was through diverse scenery. We left the desert behind and cycled through park woodland, rocky gorges, open plain, farm land and numerous sun flower plantings.

The traffic is heavy and in the towns the drivers are erratic and just go where they wish regardless of what other traffic is doing. Think ant nest! There is a need to be constantly vigilant. I have found most days my neck and shoulders ache from being tense. Stretches are necessary. A good sleep would also help. Most camps are close to the highway. The volume of night traffic is constant, and on clear nights the tyre whine is loud.

Now waiting to check into hotel, shower and investigate the town. It is only 34 metres above sea level. A big climb out beckons on 1.9.16!!


31st August 2016

Iran v Bradford
Hi Roger , just catching up with your blogs and wow what another amazing adventure you are having. I am working in Bradford for a few days this week , a city near Leeds which is probably 40% Muslim and where lots of the women wear the hijab . I thought would I prefer to be here in a stuffy Court room or actually in Iran seeing such interesting places . I would be interested to see how life for Muslims is in the country's you are visiting compared to those living in a bleak northern industrial town in the UK . Despite not liking camping and enjoying my home comforts I think you have won this one (again) . Well done too on the cycling and the trip so far . Peter
31st August 2016

Muslim reply
Hi Peter, You may well think that, I couldn't possibly say!! Cheers Roger. Very restrictive wifi here in the stans/ iran. Hard to load photos. I send blog by sms to my wife who posts from Oz!!

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