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July 9th 2015
Published: July 10th 2015
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HCMC AirportHCMC AirportHCMC Airport

Waiting for plane to Da Nang
Only up at 4.45am today due to our 7am flight to Danang. The great thing about 5 star hotels is that you pay someone to fix your problems. Problem one. Breakfast is included in the price of our room but restaurant opens at 6am and we have to be gone by 5.15am. Problem two. I have two hungry teenage boys. 5 star hotel says 'no problem' we'll pack you each a breakfast box. Sadly, once the boxes had gone through the xray machine and we had some down time, I found no croissants in there. No fuss flight with Vietnam Airlines taking a little over an hour to get to Danang. We found a taxi right outside the airport, which was metered thus helping to alleviate my fears of being ripped off, to take us about 45 minutes south to Hoi An.

Our hotel is about a minus 1 star in comparison to last night but the anniversary is officially over and now everyone is whining about it. We spent several hours just resting in our room before we had the energy to hit the road again. The hotel is closer than most to the UNESCO listed historic town, but still about a 10 minute walk and a stinking hot one at that. It wasn't long before our energy levels began the fade again as well as the hungry teens begging for food yet again. We found a lovely place to top and sat close to the pavement which was a great place to people watch. I managed to get some great shots but can't wifi them to my tablet either as they are all in RAW format. Whilst sitting there, the weather cooled off heaps and more and more tourists and locals were converging on the area with stacks more shops just starting to open at around four. We walked around some more but were just too dog tired to stay until dusk to see all the pretty lanterns lit up and reflections on the river. Hopefully, we'll see it tommorrow night. The day after that, I told Brendan we are going on a self guided bicycle tour through the rice paddy fields. He tells me he's not going so all bets are on over who will win this one.


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