Day 1 in Singapore!

April 24th 2014
Published: April 24th 2014
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After 23 hours of flying I have finally arrived, by way of Austin to Las Vegas to San Francisco to Hong Kong, and finally to Singapore!!

I have learned that Asians (I'm clumping them together because I don't know for sure what nationalities some of them were) 1. Don't have any respect for personal space, 2. Don't think lines apply to them, and 3. Don't say "thank you" when someone lets them go ahead even though I was definitely there first.

The in-flight entertainment on Cathay Pacific was pretty good. I watched Saving Mr. Banks (and cried during the last scene of course!), The Desolation of Smaug, The Great Gatsby, The Little Mermaid, and got half-way through Mary Poppins before we landed….yea I didn't sleep much. Right now its 3:50 am in Austin…and 4:50 pm in Singapore, and I can't wait until its a 'decent' hour for me to call it a night!

So I took some pics during the flight, managing to sneak one of the Las Vegas Strip during take-off, and the amaaaazing view from my window this morning. Its a bit too hot for me to go sightseeing at the moment, but hopefully I'll have some pics of Singapore to share with y'all mañana!!

Additional photos below
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