Sakura & Studio Ghibli

April 6th 2012
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Studio Ghibli 6.4.2012
Today we woke up extra early so we could squeeze in the park that we missed the day before. We arrived at 9am and waited for the gate to open precisely on 9am. We payed our ¥200 yen entry fee, received our map and set off. The park was larger than I thought, with many different walking tracks. The cherry blossom areas were marked on the map and we set off the the top left corner that appeared to have the most blossoms. We passed so many blossoms on the way and beautiful ponds. Even a few Japanese maples had began to bloom. I took so many pictures of the cherry blossoms but it does no justice to the beauty of large trees in full bloom. It was a perfect day to view them! It was so relaxing walking through the park and we found an early bloomer that’s petals had already began to fall. It was so pretty. We found a nice place to sit and ate breakfast of custard buns and ham and cheese twists. By 9.30 we headed back to meet for our studio Ghibli tour. We were picked up by bus and dropped at a bus station to meet the rest of the group. There were an American mother and daughter, a group of 4 Norwegians, a family with 2 young kids and a Pom our age named Olivia who we became friendly with as she was traveling alone. The Museum was amazing! It was so quirky there were murals on the roofs and themed stain glass windows. The first room explained the use of flickering light on moving objects to give the illusion of animation. It was extremely interesting to watch. Slowly moving through the museum we went on a journey of how anime is produced, the technical side an then the personal drawings and artworks of Hayao Miyazaki! it was super exciting 😊 We also got I see recreations of scenes such as the market scene of spirited away. So cool! After we finished, we headed out to the roof top garden and had photos with the giant metal robot from Laputa in the sky. Included in the entry fee was a ticket to an exclusive short film only played at the museum. It was about a spider who lived under water and a water strider. It was a beautiful story, the cute but shy and lonely spider fell inlove with the water strider who zoomed by the surface of his home. One day she is almost eaten by a crayfish and after he saves her life they become friends. The music and animation were beautiful. After the museum, along with Olivia we headed to the Pokemon centre and did some shopping. I bought a charm bracelet and some candy. Olivia decided to come back to shinjuku to have dinner with us, A big hot bowl of yummy ramen! It really warmed is up as it was FREEZING outside! As we were walking Olivia back to the subway we noticed snow beginning to fall!! It was only brief but still so rare at this time of year! being from Australia this was the first time id seen it snow! >_<

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