My climbing adventure.. the end of Railay... Now were in Koh Samui!

January 21st 2013
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Well I ended up just trying to forget feeling like rubbish that day as I knew I would regret not climbing at all while we were there so I joined Sean and Josh climbing for 4 hours. Had to rent climbing shoes, and a hrness as well as a rope that we split the price of so only cpst like 6pounds for 4 hours which is nothing really.

We went to a little place by where we were staying called Diamond Cave to climb.. it was really good as there were easier routes for beginners as well as tougher routes for more experienced climbers so we all got to do some exciting climbs. Im not sure how the routes are graded myself, but when I climbed at home I managed to do a grade 5 route which is apparently not bad for a first timer, and I attempted a 5+ but couldnt finish it.

Well in Railay I enjoyed it SO much more compared to an indoor wall back home! I didnt think I would really like it as I thought the height thing would scare me as well as the fact you are just attatched my a rope to bolts in a rock and you can nev er be sure how safe that really is.. but once I was up there I forgot all about being scared and was so determined to get to the top that all the fear left me.. excpet for when my arms got so incredibly tired that I couldnt even hold onto the rock for another second and knew I was going to fall. It was fine though because I knew Sean could catch me straight away before I fell too far. Anyway I ended up doing some pretty tricky routes!! I couldnt finish the hard ones purely because I just didnt have the stamina in my arms to keep gripping the rock but Sean and Josh both said I did really well and that Im a natural 😊 Never thought I would be so into it but may have found myself a new hobby for when I get home! Its SERIOUSLY good exercise aswell, two days later and my whole body is aching haha.

That night we had a meal out on the beach front which was nice. I hadnt eaten a morsel of food all day becuase I felt so rough but climbing definitely gave me my appetite back which was good. The next morning we had to get up at 7 so that we could catch the ferry to Koh Samui. We had to get a longboat from East Railay beach 20 minutes to a pier somewhere in Krabi and then wait for ages for a mini van to take us to the ferry pier.. or so we thought. A journey that should of taken about 4 hours if we had gone directly ended up taking about 10!! We had been told to get the early one specifically because it would be hard to find accomodation in Koh Samui if we arrived late but ended up getting the same coach as the people who got the 9 o clock slow boat! grr!! We were all not very happy! And then because we didnt get fooled into paying for a taxi from some place that we stopped at they were really annoyed at us so made us wait until last to get onto the coach ahaha. They were pathetic but oh well. We arrived in the end and checked into a nice little hostel, the first one with air con for a while which is nice!

We went out for a cheap meal and had a walk down the strip that is basically like a mini magaluf, full of bars and clubs and loads of holiday makers. Its quite expensive as most people come here on holiday and are able to spend more money than travellers, but were only here for 3 days and then will be heading to the next Island. We didnt end up going out last night to the bars, had quite an early one as were going to go out tonight instead.

Woke up pretty early thismorning and the place was like a ghost town! Everyone must wake up later because they are all up so late partying every night. Managed to find a little place for breakfast and then just headed to the beach for the day.

Were going to go and play pool for a bit now and then we will be off out tonight so I shall write on here again in a day or two!!


21st January 2013

You Monkey girl - he monkey boy!
OMG you have the Monkey bug too! That's so funny! Well does sound like fun but there is no way I could do it. I almost died on Kilimanjaro when I had to step over a massive fall at about 1km up! Yes I remember the strip in Koh Samui being crazy! I stayed in the Palace hotel or something at the end of the strip so it was a nice place to escape the madness. Well have fun and watch out at the full moon party. There has been a lot of stuff on the news here about that boy that was shot a couple of weeks ago - very sad. Its cold and snowy here! yesterday took some pics of us on the way back from the Hand in Hand and there were some cool snowmen people had made! I'll put them on FB. Sxx

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