Mui Ne

January 3rd 2013
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Maui Ne is only just over 10km from where are are now so we jump on a local bus to our resort for the next 3 days.

The resort is called Sunrise village resort, looks very new, the room has flat screen TV on the wall (ooh) and everywhere is lovely and fresh looking. Were placed just 20m's from the sea front although I don't think I'll be taking a dip in the sea.....The season at the moment is very windy, and Mui Ne has turned into surfers paradise.

Mui Ne is a 10km stretch of beach, restaurants, hotels and bars so to get anywhere easily you need wheels.... So wee both jump on ONE moped plus the driver, so 3 grown adults on this thing flying down the road, oh god I must be mental!! Anyway wed asked him to drop us at somewhere for lunch as we hadnt sussed out the place yet. He drops us if front of a make shift seafood restaurant on the waters front, called Bo Ke. Ive read about this place, its recommended in the guide books....or is it, apparently one started up years ago and as it was doing so well everyone copied, even the name! Sure enough I look down the road and there must be at least 10 with the same name! Mental.

The front of the restaurant has a row of tanks containing lobsters, crabs, snails, fish and even eels.

The food was delicious , I had a plate of oven naked scollops and Richard had King prawns in a clay pot, can't beat fresh sea food.

Walking down the strip we see that there are all sorts of strange things on the menus, including turtle?? I mean would you! Crocodile and one place had Pithon!!!

Both feeling about under the weather we spend most of the rest of the day chilling before heading out for yet more sea food.

Richard takes on a local Lobster at a very odd restaurant that seems to been run by children, my meal was about of a disaster but we won't go there....suffice to say I ended up getting a corn on the cob from a street stand for my dinner as we walked back! Yummy!

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