Day 3 siem reap

April 17th 2012
Published: April 17th 2012
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We woke up super early to catch the sunrise at Angkor wat this morning, we had booked our tuk tuk drive song the day before for a 5am pickup. When we walked out the front to meet him, he was asleep in his tuk tuk, he said his home was too far away to go home and come back for sunrise :-( felt terrible! Such a nice man, he only wanted to charge us $5 too! Of course we gave him more!

We arrived at Angkor wat in darkness and bought a torch, found our way in just as the sun was rising, with the other thousand or so people lol. We got some awesome photos bright pinks and purples with the ankornwat in frontA fetter the sun was properly up, we found song and headed back to the hotel for brekky. After brekky we asked song to take us to banteI serai, which is temple further out of town, it took about an hour to get there, we travelled thru rural villages on the way, and we're able to see rural Cambodians goinout out everyday life, pumping water, cooking on fires, tending to rice fields, children playing... The house are generally made of thatch, and it is really like stepping back in time. These people aso so poor, it remind you of just how lucky we are.

Banterei seray, was very pretty, pink sandstone and so so old. We bought a book on he temples here so we can actually know what there about rather than just ow awesome they look.

There were children chasing us here asking for candy and a dollar, luckily I had read on trip advisor not to give either, so I had packed some bugs bunny tooth brushes with cases lol they were over the moon with them :-)

After that we drove home and the drive was much more intense than the drive there, as it was much busier. Basically there are no road rules here, so you just drive and get out of everyone's way. It seems the bigger the vehicle, the more priority you get on this, being in a tuk tuk, we were not very high in priority lol. When we got back to the hotel we had a sleep for a while, then went and got a late lunch.

We headed in to the Night markets about 5 and had a quick wander they are not like what were used to in Thailand lol, ut I did buy some beautiful paintings, a set of 3 for $100, was very happy with that. We also found our way to pub street, the tourist spot and had our first cocktails, piƱa coladas!!

Come home and packed and now heading to bed for our early start again tomorrow...

We're off to phnom penh on the 630 bus!


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