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June 10th 2011
Published: June 10th 2011
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Poor Tris and his blanket problem. At 2:30am he went out on a blanket hunt with his cell phone as a light. He snuck into the laundry room and grabbed another blanket. From then we slept till 6:00 am and woke up to a bunch of asian tourists yapping away outside our room. I opened our door and scowled at them, where they covered their mouths to apolgize. They shut up and we fell back asleep for a couple hours.

We spent the morning on the beach with me suntanning and Tris floating in the water. I can't swim yet because of my finger but it is healing! I have taken the bandage off now.

Tristan's quote for the day, "Everyone must of dressed up in their finest pajamas for festival day" - as everyone older wears matching pants and shirts that in cotton material, ie: what we wear to bed. This one lady looked like she had on brand new white and pink flowered 'pajamas' with a picture of a cat on the chest, and some tie up thingys for decoration.

After the beach we watched the finals for that game we watched yesterday. The girls game is slower paced than the boys. The games were televised, Tris and I are on Vietnamese tv! The camera man pointed the camera right in our faces. We gave a little smile and wave.

Tris isn't feeling good. He's getting a sore throat. We relaxed after the game then went for a bite to eat. The streets are crazy with motorbikes and taxi's, even crazier than normal.

We saw floods of people walking down a road that was closed off so we decided to check it out. We stumbled upon the "The Sea Dance Festival" on the stage with floats, costumes, lights, flags and many other props. It was like the Grand Stand show (for all you Stampeders), but FREE! It was really cool.

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