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May 2nd 2010
Published: May 2nd 2010
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Biiiiiig beer!

Day four and five

Chris's Section

The last day in Beijing was an arduous one. It was 30c and the May Day holiday - one of the few national hols in China. I've never seen so many people. Every single street was jam packed. It took an age to get anywhere. As it was our last day, we went off to the Forbidden City (£6 to get in) as we hadn't seen it yet. Worst day of the year to do this. It was like being in a football crowd. The Forbidden City is spectacular, but it was spoiled for us by the sheer number of people. We should have gone on another day. Oh well. Still worth it though. Had to be done.

We set off for Xi'an today. We flew as we couldn't get a train (booked up for a week!). Only cost £62 each. Not bad really. Plus we saved a days travelling. The heat hit us as we got off the plane - almost 35c! Xi'an is lovely. Very upmarket, which I didn't expect. The hostel is great too (Shuyuan hostel). Very funky and great rooms (£16 a night). Highly recommended. Did a quick
Forbidden CityForbidden CityForbidden City

Lots and lots of people!
budget check and I seem to be keeping to my £20 a day. Not including the flights though - they were an unexpected extra.

We're off to see the Terracotta Warriors tomorrow. Really looking forward to it.

Louise's Section

Spent the last day in Beijing going to the Forbidden City on May day weekend, I have never seen so many people in one place, mayhem!! Didn't see much of the inside galleries as so packed but was absolutely enormous.

Stayed at the Emperor Guesthouse that night as Happy Dragon was now full, 2 cats and 4 2 month old kittens, nuff said I was in heaven.

Left for Xi'an today, our new hostel has 2 dogs, and 2 kittens of about 2 months old, I want to live here! Although not very adventurous, I had meatballs and spaghetti tonight and it was amazing. The cafe here at Shuyuan Guest House is excellent in every way. 1 free beer each and coffee each day and huge bar, rooms like a hotel and kittens, oh I mentioned that. Off to the terracotta warriors tomorrow and hopefully to purchase some sun tan lotion, I am a little brown from Beijing but in Xi'an it is already 34 degrees!!! arrghh burn central ahead. Oh and Gill the cafe here does hummus and pitta bread, I nearly weed my pants with happiness!!

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2nd May 2010

Bank hol
Hi. Me again. Must stop reading your updates as it's turning me green. Kitten and humous no wonder u r in heaven. But please don't go dunking the kittens in the humous! Mind u that might actually be a local delicousy (is that the right word?). The highlight of my bank hol wkend was that I found the crystal maze pub game and made Jo and her friends play, much fun was had whacking the screen. xxx x
2nd May 2010

Beijing & Xi'an
Hi guys! so happy to see you have finally arrived and your adventure now underway at last after the delayed start. Volcanos erupting when your due to start the trip of a lifetime!! (how rude!!!!!!) it could only happen to you Lou. Keep the updates coming please cos I'm hooked and by the way, the pics are great. Who's the fab photographer? Enjoy and take care XXX
3rd May 2010

Sooooo Jealous!!!
Wow that beer looks amazing...... loving the blog you two- please don't get bored of doing it and give up because then I wouldn't have anything to look forward to! I had a top night out with Gill and a uni mate on friday and yes we were made to play the crystal maze game ( we only let her play it once though as it was appalling- we didn't complete a single challenge!) Xi-an looks stunning so lots more photo's please.
6th May 2010

I am so glad to hear you guys are having a good time. I agree with Gill, I am also starting to get very envious. I am going to Kendal in June, dad wants me to go camping!

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