My most interesting border crossing to date...

April 19th 2010
Published: May 7th 2010EDIT THIS ENTRY

Everything I had read about getting into Cambodia from Thailand made it sound pretty hard work and everything I read was correct!

The bus journey, the travel agent assured me, would only be 6 hours and the road was REALLY good. And the Cambodian visa available at the border was REALLY straight forward. Of course.

The journey was actually about 14 hours and involved all sorts of different HIGHLY neccessary stops, including an hour to wash the bus at the roadside. Our driver insisted that we couldn't get visas on the border and would need to pay him 2000 Thai Baht (about $50) to sort them out. I refused and said I would take the risk of not being able to get one at the border... I didn't mind doing that myself but a couple of others copied me so I was feeling pretty responsible! Fortunately when we got to the border the visas were (of course) available... although the guards were asking for 1400 Baht instead of the 800 Baht it should have cost. I argued with them and got it down to the correct price, so our little group in the end saved about $30 US, not bad for a days work!

Eventually we arrived at Siem Reap, our destination in Cambodia. It was 10pm - fortunately I managed to get somewhere pretty decent to stay quite quickly.


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