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April 11th 2010
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Asia here we come!

The monsoon season is definately over and we are feeling the heat! So far the actual travelling part of our journey has been very easy (touch wood it continues that way!) but we have discovered that we are both lacking in a vital reading! On our first day we managed to get lost during the day and walk round in circles looking for our hostel before realising that we got the name of the street wrong (Pauls fault) then during the evening a casual stroll to China Town ended up with us nearly looping back to our hostel after over 1 hour of walking around in 36 degrees heat trying to find it (Sarahs fault after Paul was demoted from map reading duties) me, not something you want to do!

After seeing the Petronas towers today and we're ready (and very willing) to leave tomorrow to head to Tioman island...a duty free heaven with hopefully a bit of a sea breeze. No too sure what the internet connections is going to be like there but we hope to spend around a week acclimatising ourselves to the heat ( ie sunbathing and not much else!) before heading on to Singapore.

One last thing I will mention is that we went to see Foot Master Dr Fish Spa today in one of the many huge shopping malls over here and had the experience of paying for fish to eat our feet! Yeah you heard pay for 30mins to stick your feet in a tank of fish that bite the dead skin off your feet (it aparently helps boosts circulation and about a dozen other things but thats what sticks in your mind!) I have to say it sounds wierd but was very relaxing and would recomend others to try it if you get a chance!

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11th April 2010

So you went to the fish spa! awesome! sounds like it was the one we went to in the shopping mall! i didnt like the big fish though, found they hurt! did you go to the reggae bar?! :) much love
13th April 2010

Dull Guernsey
Hi Piglet and Paul I sent you a coomment on Sunday but I do not think I pressed the right button and you may not have got it. Anyway happy belated Birthday Paul, just think you are now in your 30th year! Was the foot spa Sarah's present to you. I always thought the Bristowe family were good at map reading or was it too many watering holes were needed due to the heat and the vision got confused! Just make sure you are not on a boat alone or you may end up in Burma, Indonesia or Singapore. Saw Mum and Dad on Sunday and the house is so quiet, no footie on the big screen, no Sarah to natter even the girls were subdued. The weather here has changed and is now dull and NE winds. Had the first shoot last weekend, not very good but hey it was the first shoot after the winter. Ron presence was missed, it will take a while to get used to it. Anyway have a good time on Timon Island and don't get too used to it or you will be back home next month, broke. Have fun, take care, loads of love. Poohbear Please let me know if you have received any of these messages.
13th April 2010

We discovered that foot master place in KL too...wierdest experience in the randomest of places!! Glad you're having fun, keep the blogs coming xxxx

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