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February 9th 2010
Published: February 19th 2010
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We were looking forward to going back to Bangkok as it is one of our favorite citites, certainly our favourite in Asia anyway. It has everything you could want in a city.. fabulous shopping, cheap & tasty food, good and cheap (sometimes free!) public transport and loads to see and do. As is now typical of our time here Sophie had organised for us to come here for one thing and one thing only.. to ... Read Full Entry

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19th February 2010

Hi Sophie and Dale Well, what can I say, from your blogs it looks like you have had the most amazing time away. Am definately going to miss reading the latest instalments, and will definately be looking back on your blogs for advice on all the places I will be visiting! Its pretty cold and miserable here in England, as youve probably noticed :-) Am sure you will take a while to aclimatise, thanks for keeping my occupied at work all this time! Vicki
19th February 2010

Welcome back!
Been traveling vicariously through your blogs for a while now, shame it has had to end! Good luck on the saving for your next trip and I look forward to the "best of" blog to follow. If you do end up visiting India on your next trip I'm sure, even after all the places you've seen, that you'll be totally blown away. Welcome back to cold England, enjoy it as a tourist! Scott
19th February 2010

I've enjoyed your blog and pics for some time now over the winter months here in Blighty. It gave me fond memmories of my trip a couple of years back. like you said coming home is like another stop on the ittinery, its just that you'll have to stop over a little longer untill the next destination this time. Welcome home and Cheers!
19th February 2010

My lnspiration
I second Phil Vicki's comments. I have looked forward to each and every update for the last year. A silent "yes!" feeling when I receive a notifiation in my hotmail that you have posted a blog. A truly inspiring journey hence the reason why myself and partner are currently saving; to travel next year and plan to visit a fair few of your recomendations. I would just like to say thanks for all the tips and look forward to your updates next year :-) Natalie
20th February 2010

So long, farewell....
Ah guys, nice last blog. I can't believe your journey has come to an end. We have loved every blog and every photo and even look back now and again for advice. For all the time Dee and I have been away, you guys have just been over in another we are out here all on our own!! Loving the UK Lonely Planet idea......we have spoken about the fact we never explore our home country loads , good plan. Good luck finding jobs, cars etc. Lots of Love Holly and Dee - who miss you loads!!! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
20th February 2010

What a pitty
I will miss your blog. It was a pleasure to follow your trip. walter
22nd February 2010

Wow! What a trip!
I enjoyed reading your blogs and am sorry to see them end for awhile. I went to school in Dalat and the Cameron Highlands, so appreciated your impressions. I tend to take shorter trips to various regions (e.g. you can read my travelblogs of my trip last summer where I took three weeks for China (where I took my Mom to west China where she lived in 1949), Thailand (including Railay Beach), and Vietnam (including back to my old school at Dalat). My next priorities are South America and Australia and New Zealand. However, I have dreamed of taking round the world trip following much the same itinerary as yours...South America, New Zealand, Australia, Southeast Asia, but then to Africa (I hated India), before returning to the U.S. My question is: Could you have done your trip in half the time (or less) by taking direct routes (e.g., stopping in Indonesia on the way to Singapore and not backtracking so much), and eliminating duplication (e.g., just going to where the best beaches are, or going to see the orangutans in Borneo instead of also Sumatra). And by doing so and having the funds saved, would you have preferred to have spent a bit more money for transportation or lodging in certain places (e.g., renting a jeep in Bali to get around, or flying from Bangkok to Krabi on Air Asia for peanuts rather than taking all night busses), or spent time in India as you originally planned. If you were to do the trip again, or recomend a route for someone like me, what would you do differently? And what would you budget? Hopefully you can cover this in your end of trip blog.
22nd February 2010

welcome back!
Guys!, I was nearly in tears reading this last blog! I know how you feel, it was weird and exciting at the same time when our trip finished and it took a while to get used to the "western society" again, specially because we live in England, but our families live in Spain and Germany, so we were on our own :o( I'm going to miss your blogs!!!!
25th February 2010

''It doesn't have much culture left as it's has all been swallowed up in the quest to live in a 'please everyone' environment'' Better than the bad old days, of pleasing only the small percentage who were the aristrocacy. If you could get your wish, and preserve English culture at any period in history you want, which would you choose. If you choose 2000 years ago, then Hail Ceasar, crusifixations on the left, and probably on the right too. ;)
16th June 2010

A good time !
I would say a good time was had. Welcome back!

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