koh phi phi

July 28th 2009
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left krabi yesterday. spent breakfast speaking with toosie, our new friend from the hotel. we really enjoyed meeting him!

took a boat to koh phi phi. super fun, passing lots of islands along the way.

koh phi phi....

i do not have the words.

so spectacular, it is difficult to describe. huge, towering limestone cliffs, clear, tourquoise water, boats, in lush fauna, in every direction. this is what one thinks of when one considers paradise!

we ate our first meal here, massman curry, which may be the best meal we have had in thailand.

then we went to book a day tour for the following day (today), the tour coordinator said that a boat was leaving in 15 minutes, so we decided to go right then and there (yesterday).

us and around 40 other people took a boat to various places around the island, all equally stunning. the first stop was a monkey beach, where we canoed to the beach, fed some monkeys and rowed back to the boat.

then we went to a spot where we first canoed through lots of limestone cliffs and structures, rowed back and then snorkeled through huge schools of (angel i think) fish.

our boat stopped at various caves and peaks for photos, and then we got to a spot where we had to jump off of the (high) boat and swim to the beach (turns out i am a terrible swimmer!! haha). we then used a rope to cross over a little rock cave, and through the jungle to where the leo dicapprio movie, the beach, was filmed. we got to swim for an hour, in what is probably the most beautiful place i have ever seen.

then we had to swim back to the boat (dorota took a canoe). i spastically paddled until i finally made it, and then got doused from behind with ice cold water, by one of the funny guides.

we then went to watch the sunset from the boat, with a scene of spectacular clouds, huge rock structures, fishing boats, and pink skies. absolutely breathtaking!!!

then dinner on the boat with everyone being extremely happy and pumped up, and back to the pier.

we are staying in a great little bungalo just off of the beach, where we actually got our first rooster-free sleep in quite some time.

today is for hiking and beach, and tomorrow we catch a boat to railay for more of the same...haha.

anyway, we were remarking how much we wish we could bring you all here to see this!


a & d


28th July 2009

take me to the beach
sounds SO WONDERFUL! maybe one day we could ALL GO! you're not missing anything here ... except me missing u guys! i'm getting tickets to go see ANI DIFRANCO in october. SO FUCKING EXCITED. much love~c
28th July 2009

Pink skies, cliffs, ahhh-colorful like my paintings.Bring pics-I'll try a few. Listening to Van Morrison, after painting a sunset in Alaska, from my sketchbook. seeing Keith's show, tomorrow. Lookin' foward to visiting with you two, soon. so happy that you're having such momentous times.Love ya

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