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December 5th 2008
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Something you donSomething you donSomething you don

Well honey, I've got to go walk the elephant before it gets too dark.
Ah, it's great to be back in Thailand. Such happy people with pearly white smiles. (And me with my busted up trailer teeth!) It's nice to return to a place we've been before. I forgot that sometimes they serve beer with ice which I find funny. The food here is so tasty with zesty lemon grass, Thai basil and hot pepper flavors and scents. I took a short cooking class so I can make a few things when I get home.

We first went to the island of Phuket where we rode around the island on a motor bike. We visited a gibbon rehab center. Thailand made it illegal to buy or own gibbons in the 90s. This rehab center takes in those that people turn in. Quite sad stories with their parents being shot so the babies can be sold as pets. But they aren't good as pets when they get older and were usually kept in cages for years or worse. Will spare you the details. They are blond like the one pictured or black with blond around the face. Quite cute and they make the funniest whooping sounds. It's like half a siren only going from low
Can you believe...Can you believe...Can you believe...

that I'm the only one in this picture who was born without a winkie? Yep, they're lady boys.
to high. They get each other going until it's like a bunch of tea kettles going off at the same time.

We also went diving in the Similan Islands in the Andaman Sea. We saw some cool stuff we haven't seen before, especially a big purple jelly fish that moved through the water like a dancer.

We met some great people on the dive boat. Really we have been so lucky to meet great people everywhere we go from all over the world. We occasionally are up until the wee hours chatting with peeps from Spain, Germany, England, Holland, etc. And it usually seems to happen when we have to catch an early bus or ferry the next morning. We end up kicking ourselves for our lack of sleep but it's always worth it. 😊

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View point over three baysView point over three bays
View point over three bays

Nice view despite the fact that we had mostly overcast weather when we were on the island of Phuket.
"Giant Buddah of Phuket""Giant Buddah of Phuket"
"Giant Buddah of Phuket"

It's 42 meters high. Pretty giant.
$7 bathroom$7 bathroom
$7 bathroom

One of the cheapest rooms we've paid for yet. Thought you might like to see how the other half lives. ;-) The room next to ours was used in the filming of "The Beach" with Leo DiCaprio. I'll have to see it again to recognize this place.
$12 waterfall$12 waterfall
$12 waterfall

Can you believe that we paid $7 for a hotel room and then $12 to see this ho-hum waterfall?!
Gibbon in rehabGibbon in rehab
Gibbon in rehab

Maybe she'll make friends with Amy Winehouse while she's there. ;-)
Phuket mansionPhuket mansion
Phuket mansion

Ah, what stories this old mansion could probably tell.
Thalang Guest HouseThalang Guest House
Thalang Guest House

Phuket Town is full of old buildings like this one where we stayed for just $9 which included a private bath with hot water and soap. No towels or TP though. Amenities are always a surprise at budget digs.
Leila the love pupLeila the love pup
Leila the love pup

We went to this great blues bar in Phuket town. The owner is from Singapore and this is his golden retriever, Leila, obvously a Clapton fan. She's super sweet and lets you hug and pet her all you want.
Similan IslandsSimilan Islands
Similan Islands

Strange rounded rock formations around these islands.
Lion fish with blue dotsLion fish with blue dots
Lion fish with blue dots

I know, we've posted enough of the various lion fish to make you puke. Toby thought this one with the blue dots was worth posting anyway.
Leopard sharkLeopard shark
Leopard shark

Don't know if you can see it in the picture but it has these ridges that run across it's back. From a pure top down view it looks like a plane on a runway with long wings.
Napoleon wrasseNapoleon wrasse
Napoleon wrasse

These are usually green. This guy is about 2' long.
Bat fishBat fish
Bat fish

The Robin fish is hanging out in the bat cave. ;-) Yeah, pretty lame. Couldn't help it.
Eel at the dentistEel at the dentist
Eel at the dentist

Must be nice to have a dentist who doesn't use a drill. My day in the chair is coming. :(
Purple jelly fishPurple jelly fish
Purple jelly fish

This jelly fish was mesmerizing to watch. It softly squeezed it's mantle up and down to propel itself forward. It almost ran into Toby while he was taking this picture. There were little fish swimming around its tentacles, apparently immune to its sting.
White & black nudie with yellow spotsWhite & black nudie with yellow spots
White & black nudie with yellow spots

Hm, probably tastes like vanilla ice cream in chocolate sauce with yellow juju bees on top.
Black & white nudie with orange spotsBlack & white nudie with orange spots
Black & white nudie with orange spots

Chocolate ice cream with marshmallow sauce and orange juju bees on top.

This octopus was at least 3 feet long to the ends of its legs. We watched it swim and it sat and looked at us tentatively from the top of this rock.
Darth Vader of the coral reefsDarth Vader of the coral reefs
Darth Vader of the coral reefs

Crown of Thorns star fish like this one are beautiful but they eat the coral. Their natural predator comes in a huge and beautiful shell which is poached for the tourist trade. Sad for the coral reefs of the ocean. :(
Sea turtleSea turtle
Sea turtle

Okay, I know I've posted enough turtles. But this one seemed to just want to hang out with us around the boat. We jumped in with all our scuba gear and he came over to investigate. Our dive master accidentally kicked him in the head but he just kept swimming around us. What a buddy.

6th December 2008

Guest house
The architecture of that house must be somewhat ubiquitous to southeast Asia. We saw a lot of the same architecture in Vietnam. Narrow, like a shoebox, but tall. One of our guides said that the tall buildings with small footprints are due to the high cost of property. We love reading your entries and looking at your pics. Keep 'em comin'!
7th December 2008

Boys will be boys?
I was going to say "boys will be boys" but......always wondered what the true level of surprise is if one doesn't know, but never wanted to know badly enough to find out. Girls should n ot have winkies. That is my final position on the matter.
8th December 2008

Hey Guys!!
Hey Lisa and Toby!! It's amazing you can do all these blogs while traveling! Brendt and I will write soon when we are out of Thailand. We are back in Phuket as our flight from Bangkok was suspended last week. Have a blast!!!!

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