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November 25th 2008
Published: November 25th 2008EDIT THIS ENTRY

There are many loose ends dangling before me in Phnom Penh. Some of them I will get to in the two days left to me and others will have to be secured by others, or more likely, not at all.

I had hoped this would be a day of rest after the dashing about yesterday visiting Lawyers and banks., trying to sell the dirt bike, printing photographs for medical record and criminal evidence on behalf of beaten Banlung woman.

Already I miss our young drivers whose good humour helped us deal with the fatigue of the cross country trip. Hey, we paid them well and I've had photos printed for them to remember us by (as if they can ever forget)! Details of the Ratanakiri -Mondulkirir bike ride will take a while to sort and relate, but for me it was the company that made it special. Yes it was physically demanding but life long friendships have been made. Parting from Jennifer and Aaron was difficult, but I had to endure the return trip north and dreaded the abuse to my body all over again. I just wanted it to be over and kept my thoughts on where we would be in 10 hours time. Cold beer all round!

Around 5pm this evening, my beaten friend will arrive in PP by taxi, accompanied by her 5 month daughter and 11 year old son. Sophat andI checked out two possible hospitals and only the second (Thai owned) looked acceptable to me. Posh even. I will meet Darline there and finish the registration process, request an orthopaedic consult to asess other areas with possible fractures and hope that the bones are aligned well enough to allow immobilization with casting, obtain necessary antibiotics against infection and send her back with something more effective than paracetamol for pain control!

Sophat is now fast asleep after a night on the town with Mr Bird and Mr Bell ...celebrating the fact that the seller wants to buy back my bike, but just doesn't have $3000 in cash right now. Sophat thinks this means that its his to use in my absence, while I'm trying to work out a payment plan that will work for me! I could use the money for the $1000 deposit needed to open the 'Corporate' bank account, pay the pending hospital bill or even go Christmas shopping if I could get enthusiastic about such an activity.

Air conditioned luxury tomorrow, for sure, and nothing will detract me from destination "Le Royal"!


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