Victoria to Bangkok

November 30th 2007
Published: November 30th 2007EDIT THIS ENTRY

Hello all, welcome to my Thailand blog for my trip 😊 anywoooo, enjoy. I will be posting pictures, but just got here so cut me some slack.


right now im sitting tpying away on some crappy ass old computer, but i could realy care less cause everything around me is new and fresh and smells good and warm and beautiful. chicken on a stick is now slowly takling its time running its way through my digestive system and i have a thousand dollar bill in my pocket, only its Bat, so more like carrying a thousand divided by 45 or something like that. considering beer is 45 Bat...let me calculate that out....aww, alot of beer, and chicken on a stick for that matter.

i would say that it feels nice to sit after a long trip, but my ass is so sore from spending 24 hours of travel time in constant limbo. ferry to vancouver this morning, then a PCL bus out to the VanCity airport where i sat around for a good 6 hours waiting for the plane. if youve ever sat in an airport youd know that it isnt the funnest place to be. eating, and poshed out luzury goods stores for the gold card middle age. business class, not me.

the flight was a red eye one, leaving at 1:45 in the morning. screaming babies and seats that made me wish i was about a foot shorter on every side made the trip a, ahhh, neccesary one would be the nicest way to put it. i can never sleep on these things. knowing that a warm tropical paradise awaited me made the whole thing a hell of a lot easier. realy, it wasnt that terrible.

12 hours later im in hong kong, being shuffled off to another waiting room (word of wisom, they all look and feel the same). 2 hours of killing time, and we're off again on a short 2 hour flight to Bangkok, our final destination.

and so im here. my parents have tapped me on the back. we're off to get full body thai massages. id love to write more but that ache in my shoulder needs a little working 😉

more to come in the near future. internet here is slow, but at 1 Bat a minute (ie 45 minutes for a buck canadian) who cares?

love you all,


ps, sarah youd love it here
pps, the hockey pool seems of little mattter over here. watch over my team.
ppps, not missing work! hang in there.
pppps, chilton water my plants


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