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October 4th 2017
Published: October 5th 2017
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We got up and started the day wth a traditional Japanese breakfast! Not Jerry's cup of tea! Then we headed off to a volcanic cave which houses bats; being nocturnal, they were nowhere to be seen, but the cave itself was worth seeing. You could see where the lava had flowed and dug the tunnels. We had the wear helmets and crouch really low to protect our heads, good exercise!

Afterwards, we went to Saiko Iyashi no Sato, a traditional village with thatched roofs. We went in to one with a cooking area recessed into the floor. While we were there a little old lady came in and offered us ocha and sweets. We sat in seiza around the recess and she entertained us - highlight! Mt Fuji teasing everyone by hiding behind the clouds.

From there we took a nature trail leading up to excellent views of Fuji san. As we climbed the clouds and mist continued to clear and by the time we got to the top she revealed herself to us - awesome! Also before us was a sea of trees below - a massive expanse of forest! We headed back down in the dusk without breaking any limbs.

Onsen time! Scott and celine headed to Yurari onsen nearby fir a well-deserved soak, ahhhh, no more sore muscles!

We finished this already full day with dinner in a ramen shop, with edamame, gyoza, tofu and pan fried dishes, with Asahi beer of course!

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