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October 28th 2013
Published: October 28th 2013
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Sorry haven't been on for a while guys! We got to Hanoi after a long journey that didn't really go to plan. It was an early morning flight from Bangkok to Vietnam on Thursday morning so we stayed in Bangkok for the night on Wednesday after leaving krabi. We wanted to stay in a hotel as close to the airport as possible as our flight was at 6.45 am so stayed in a little place called B8 Rooms, we thought it was going to be a hotel but was more of a room above someone's house. The room was basic but absolutely fine for the night, we were hungry though so thought we'd try and find somewhere for dinner,that didn't go too well! Like I said we wanted to be close to the airport so we weren't in main Bangkok it was like down town Bangkok, me and brad were the only 2 white people seen for miles,me were definitely the odd 2 out!! There was loads of little street caf├ęs and people cooking up their food on little BBQs but it definitely didn't seem clean, it was the first time I think we felt out of our comfort zone. I don't think you'll be surprised to hear we skipped dinner and went straight back to our room!! Brad crashed out but I found it really hard to sleep, I don't know why but I just got scared and paranoid,ridiculous really!!

The next morning we were up at 4.45 to get to the airport, we had sorted out bits out the night before to be organised (we didn't want a repetition of the credit card saga!!!) we had a taxi waiting for us and got to the airport in time. Once we got there we went to check in, they asked to see out visas, that was ok as we had applied for em and been granted them, however we had the confirmation on email and they wanted it printed out so Brad had to go behind the check in desk to use their computer and printer. All was fine, we got through and got to passport control. By this time we were meant to be boarding our plane so were starting to panic and next thing some old Chinese woman tried to barge past me and get to her husband!!! As a lot of you can imagine this didn't go down too well with me, especially after the fiasco we had just had on top of being very sleepy I was quite cranky. I most definitely didn't let her get in front of me and told her what I thought too (mum and Julie I can see you laughing at this right now scary Katie at play haha) We finally got through and just about made it, thank god!! So we are on the plane sitting down with all our bits and Brad goes 'where's my iPad?!' Yup that's right he had left the iPad at the check in desk when printing the visas!!! My heart sank for him, we told the air steward and they did what they could calling back to check in but it was too late. They told us to inform the lost and stolen desk though at Hanoi which we did but Brad definitely thought it was a goner. Now, in situations like this and when he is hungry or tired, I've learnt it's best to keep quiet so I did and instead I just had a chat to my Grandad asking him to pull one out the bag for us and get the iPad back!!! It worked because after a lot of phone calls they had it!!! And were sending it on the flight the next day from Bangkok to Hanoi!!! We were so so lucky and I most definitely think grandad is watching over us and joining in on this trip with us, so thanks Grandad!!!
Love B&K xxxxx


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