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November 19th 2011
Published: November 19th 2011
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YES I DID GO OUT AND YES I DID GET SMASHED. WE STARTED OFF PLAYING JENGA IN THE HOSTAL BAR AND DRINKING GIN THEN MOVED ON TO ANOTHER PARTY ONE OF THE GIRLS WAS SO SMASHED SHE JOINED IN A GAME OF 'SMASHIES' WHICH IS BASICALLY DRUNK PEOPLE TRYING TO SMASH FULL CANS OF BEER ON THEIR FOREHEADS, WHICH JUST DOESNT MAKE ANY SENSE TO ME WHAT SO EVER. ANYWAY SHE ENDED UP BLEEDING PROFUSELY AND FALLING OUT WITH HER BOYFRIEND, oh dear! we then all went to a club and partied untill the police came and literally threw us out. disregarding my own safety completely i got on the back of some irish mans bike and we went to a random house party. stayed up drinking all night then remembered i had a tour booked so in the middle of rush hour i was back on the bike in the clothes from the night before hair all over makeup all over through the middle of the city and back to the hostal, a quick facewash and clothes change and i was on the bus to go to tam coc where we went on a rowing boat and saw some temples and rock formations. it was really really beautiful. ON THE BUS ON THE WAY BACK ALL I COULD THINK ABOUT WAS GOING TO BED BUT I GOT OF THE BUS AND SAW ONE OF THE GUYS FROM THE NIGHT BEFORE AND BEFORE I KNEW IT I HAD HAD A SHOWER GOT CHANGED AND WAS DRINKING 2 4 1 VODKA AND COKES AT AN ALARMING RATE. WE PLANNED TO JOIN THE PUB CRAWL BUT ENDED UP IN A BAR NEAR THE HOSTAL INSTEAD WE WERE CHATTING WITH RANDOM PEOPLE ALL NIGHT AND HAD SOOM ACCUMALATED OUR OWN PUB CRAWL GROUP. I NOMINATED A GUY FROM DENMARK AS TEAM LEADER BASICALLY BECAUSE MY MAP READING IS SHITE AND EVERYONE ELSE WAS TOO SMASHED. AND BLESS HIM HE DID A GOOD JOB AND GOT US TO A CLUB, UNFORTUNATELY SAID CLUB WAS EMPTY BUT AS THERE WAS LOADS OF US WE PARTIED IT UP ANYWAY. AGAIN JUST AS THE NIGHT BEFORE THE POLICE TURNED UP AND THREW US ALL OUT ON TO THE STREET, AND NO WHERE ELSE WAS OPEN. WE ASKED AROUND AND BEFORE WE KNEW IT WE WERE HEADED TO A PLACE CALLED FUCK TOWN... ACTUALLY SPELT PHUC. AND ALL OF US WERE ON THE BACK OF MOTORBIKES PISSED UP WITH NO HELMETS.... SAFE AS HOUSES IT WAS ME AND AN AUSTRALIAN GIRL ON THE BACK OF OURS AND WE THOUGHT IT WAS BLOODY GOOD FUN TILL WE STOPPED AND REALISED WE COULD HAVE DIED! anyway, somehow we all ended up in the club and had a really good night, we all regrouped and walked home together getting in about 4.30 am me and the australian girl were in the same dorm so we were staggering upstairs going sshhhhhh then some bloke walked past and told us to be quiet so we were untill she opened the door a bit too hard and it smashed against the wall, well that was in we were both having uncontrolable fits of giggles. the next morning i was booked on a tour to the perfume pagoda i delt rough. luckily two ozzie guys felt sorry for me and took me under their wings, again it was a brilliant tour and had a good day. unfortunately it wasnt going to be an early night again because julie came over from england so we went out for food then got on the sambucas at the pub crawl. we went to a club and had an ok night but when we got kicked out of there no one was going anywhere so we wallked home with a swedish guy. we all decided we were starving and hooked up with another guy who lives here and he took us to the only late night food place open in hanoi. food was awesome. got to bed at a reasonable time 3ish and slept waking up about 10 and lazing around for a bit. we then headed out and went to the hanoi hilton. the american pow camp in hanoi. it was really one of the creepiest places i have ever been literally had had goosebumps all the way around. we then went to see a vietnamise water puppet show which was good fun. we are booked to go to ha long bay tomorrow so will probably not be drinking tonight... probably bit i aint ruling it out of the equation. ciao


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