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March 19th 2010
Published: March 19th 2010
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We're getting ready to make our way back to Vietnam... tomorrow! A lot of great work has been happening since our last trip. Abby and Carly have continued to do speaking engagements and fund raisers to raise money to help build this second school. The folks at Our Lady of Peace have chipped in once again to help with school supplies. And friends and family, who never fail us, have donated to our cause as well. We hope to take all of you on this trip with us. Thanks for all of your support ... we look forward to connecting with you along the way.


19th March 2010

Dear Tracy - I'm so happy to hear from you and I certainly to want to "go along" on this trip with you by receiving your blog. I pray that this trip will be as blessed and joyful as your last one was. Beki
19th March 2010

Bon Voyage
We are very excited to be able to follow your adventures. Best wishes for a great trip. We can't wait to catch up with you in Vietnam.
19th March 2010

Have fun!
Have a great trip guys! Be careful and enjoy - we look forward to hearing about all of your adventures!
19th March 2010

Safe Travels!!
Hi everyone! Enjoy your trip and keep us posted. We all love to see your adventure.
20th March 2010

Abby, Carly, and Family; You are in my thoughts and prayers. I hope you have a safe flight(s) and look forward to getting updates via this blog. ;)
20th March 2010

you will be in my thoughts and prayers and heart every day...each one of you! God bless you!! xxoo mag
20th March 2010

Have a safe trip!
We certainly do want to 'go along' with you guys, we hope your trip is safe, fun and full of learning experiences. Tim wants to know what Will usually eats on the long plane trip? Wants to know if he tries to get american food, before he gets there? We enjoy seeing Vietnam thru your blog and pictures. Be safe!
21st March 2010

Safe Trip
We hope that all went well on your flights to Viet Nam and hope that you will have a safe and exciting time there and in China.
22nd March 2010

Have a safe trip.
Hi everyone. Enjoy your trip in Vietnam and China.
22nd March 2010

Safe Journeys!
Good luck Girls! I am so proud of what you two are doing for your fellow students across the globe! I hope this trip is rewarding for you both, and that you can re-connect with the people you met back in 2008. As always, be safe, we look forward to reading your travel-log! You are both outstanding role models for all of us! -Stone
22nd March 2010

Thinking of you and hoping all is well and fantastic! Love, Nikki and family
24th March 2010

Looks like you're really enjoying the _______?? What is that, Jake? I guess it may be better than cafeteria food! Looks like you're having a great time. Jackson is going to state, so we are getting out of school at 12:40 on Friday. The kids are thrilled. What do they do for fun there? Keep in touch :) Mrs. M
25th March 2010

Hi guys
Well it was a prawn with the head still on. And no -- I didn't eat it. We played soccer today with some kids at the school - which was a lot of fun - and they were good. I've seen a lot of kids swimming in the river to too. (It's so hot here).
25th March 2010

Hey, girls i hope everything is going well!!!! i miss you:) and i can't wait to here stories!
25th March 2010

Hope you're having fun!
Hi Abby! It feels like you have been gone forever! I hope you are having a fun time and I can't wait to hear all about it when you return home! It is weird not seeing you everyday at school and i miss you! (:
27th March 2010

KATHERINE! it's so good to hear from you, i miss you all so much :( and i heard jackson's in the finals!!! that is SO awesome i bet its so fun to be there. we're having a great time here and i can't wait to see everyone. love you and miss you! -abby

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