Day 34: Mue Ne

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April 27th 2018
Published: April 27th 2018
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Driving into Mue Ne was like driving onto the Breaking Bad set in the desert of South America. Stunning sand dunes make up the majority of the town’s landscape. Despite our desperation to go sand boarding, it was genuinely too hot to do so. The humidity in Mue Ne has been unbearable; we’ve been having constant sweat showers. It didn’t stop us from discovering Fairy Stream with Maite, our Spanish chica we met in Halong.
We trekked through the gorge and along the light waters of the stream; on one side magnificent red and orange canyon-style rocks, and on the other an array of beautiful green palm trees and jungle. The colour contrast was spectacular. Being waist deep in cloudy stream water in the jungle gave us snake paranoia every time we brushed against a fish. Mue Ne runs along a tranquil beach with a sea that’s bath temperature. It was our favourite spot for a few beers at night. The town has been almost empty while we’ve been here so it’s been difficult to meet anyone, although we’ve appreciated the peace before we hit the big city, Ho Chi Minh.

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