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November 5th 2013
Published: March 18th 2014
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Rainy & PollutedRainy & PollutedRainy & Polluted

The view from my room, a little rainy, a little polluted.
We were on our own the next day, and after an early morning walk around the area, through the parks and some shops, I was happy to lounge by the pool at the hotel. The city air is quite polluted and when out in it for too long, my asthma kicked up. I got a wonderful manicure and pedicure in the hotel spa, which lasted 4 weeks at home, with delicious teas first cold, then hot. I I went out again after dark to see the city as the families and young people came out. The mopeds and bikes were everywhere, three, four to a bike. People carrying everything on them, from fruits to flowers. The young seemed happy and care free. The men picking up the women working in the shops that closed at 10:00pm, Burberry, Luis Vuitton, Coach, Rolex, the stores around our hotel. Many times I had men ask if I wanted a moped tour, "no thanks" I would say (are you out of you freaking mind? was what I was thinking). I ordered room service, there in 25 minutes, piping hot, delicious, just what I needed, and crashed for my early wake up call. The airport was
Out the windowOut the windowOut the window

Famous building with helipad, owner is in bankruptcy.
beginning to get frantic, as Typhoon Hainan was churning in the Pacific and the path was still uncertain. Thank God my flight was out days before, but people we trying to reschedule to get out ahead of the storm. What a path of destruction she left in the Philippines! Our guide said good-bye to us, and we tipped him royally for all his hard work throughout the trip. He had put together an e-mail list of all of the fellow travelers so we could exchange photos after we returned home. That was a blessing, since we had made some great friends along the way.

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Creature comfortsCreature comforts
Creature comforts

Giant soaking tub with city view at the Sheraton Saigon. Bathroom as big as the whole cabin on the ship.
All the creature comfortsAll the creature comforts
All the creature comforts

Everything you could want in a deluxe hotel in Saigon, did I mention bottled water replenished daily.
The MekongThe Mekong
The Mekong

Gotta respect this working river. Glad I got to experience the beauty of the rest of the river before being thrust into this world.
Neon & GlassNeon & Glass
Neon & Glass

Saigon by night is high energy and futuristic. Some people love that. Me not so much.
Alan's AngelsAlan's Angels
Alan's Angels

What a great group of people I met on our trip. I hope we'll cross paths again someday.
Central MarketCentral Market
Central Market

Shop the outside. Know where to meet your friends. Look outside for monuments to where you are. :)

Everything on a motorbike.

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