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February 4th 2013
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Good Morning Vietnam!

Let's start off by saying...IT IS HOT AND HUMID HERE! As soon as I stepped out of the airport, I started sweating instantly!

After landing in HCM, I was greeted with flowers, a nice touch that caught me be surprise. After meandering through the busy confusing streats of HCM, we made out way to the outskits of HCM for a nice lunch at a family restaurant. My first Vietnamese cuisine and it did not disappoint even though I didn't eat much. Not sure why, but I think it was either I was tried from my flights and or from the heat! After that, we headed to my brother in laws place to unpack and unwind but that had its challenges, we my luggage was locked in the car along with the keys! After a few hours, we managed to it it open. During that time, I has a nice chat with my sister in law's aunt.

That night, I was graciously invited to a wedding dinner. If you think its a sit down quiet dinner think again. There were lots of drinking, eating and chatting and even throw in some karaoke. Overall it was a fun night. When we got home, it was lights out for me as I had not had a good night sleep for 48 hours!

So here I am on my first full day in Vietnam. Chilling in my air conditioned room afer having a nice refreshing iced coffee and pho for breakfast contemplating about stepping into the hot scorching sun and jumping on the public transit to the heart of Ho Chi Minh City. Why public transit? Cause it will cost me 25cents compared to maybe $30 maybe for a taxi.

Alright, time to step into the heat and explore...till next time

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4th February 2013

Awesome job so far! Really enjoy your writing so keep it coming! :)
18th February 2013

A Familiar Reality
Hey Vincent - your descriptions are so familiar that they bring back memories of my trips to the east!! - Pakistan to be precise - also hot, humid and full of surprises...keep those updates rollin'......

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