Saigon was where my trip started. It was time for me to head home from here.

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April 20th 2012
Published: May 13th 2012
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Friday, 20th April 2012

After 6 days in Saigon and Vientiane, it was time for me to call it a day and head back to Singapore. My brand new work week would convene from 23rd April 2012. Effectively, I had only 2 days over the weekend to recuperate and prepare myself for the new challenges ahead. I'm thankful for this week-long holiday since it was considered "extravagant" at my previous job given the unreasonable demands at work.

Anyway, on my final day in Vientiane, I finished breakfast by 9am where I had enough time to hang around in my room before being transfered to the airport for my 11.45am flight back to Saigon. There was nothing much for me to pack since I had purchased practically nothing during the trip. After discarding a couple of my used tops and toiletries, my backpack was in fact lighter at the end of my 6-day vacation.

My 11.45am VN 921 flight did not take off until 12.30pm. This was not a concern since I had a couple of hours until nightfall before my 9.35pm connecting Jetstar flight back to Singapore. Anyway, the delayed flight finally landed at Saigon slightly after 4pm giving me plenty of time to laze around.

After clearing the customs, I headed straight to the same Saigon CT Plaza to while my time away. Sitting by the window with my delicious Hue Beef Noodles and Highlands Coffee, I was treated with a nice view of the Saigon Airport.

As I waited for the sun to set on 20th April 2012, I knew that my vacation would come to an end as well. At the same time, I was glad to have spent some quality "me time" alone in Indochina while charting out future travel wishlists.

With 18 countries under my belt and counting, nothing seemed quite impossible on my travel agenda from now on, I believed.


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