I shot an AK47 at the Cu Chi tunnels

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June 8th 2011
Published: June 8th 2011
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Kirsty + AK47 = fun funKirsty + AK47 = fun funKirsty + AK47 = fun fun

shooting an AK47 at Cu Chi Tunnels
my repeated confirmation of pick up this morning have fallen on deaf ears. reception call at 8.45am to say the bus is here to pick me up, yet they had told me the trip starts at 2pm? they apologised profusely. i was ready in 5 mins, but no brekkie. bussed out to Cu Chi with a good brief history on the way.

watched a wee video on how the tunnels were built - with a wicker basket and a trowel, and lots of elbow grease. its pretty amazing - 200kms of tunnel.

there were 3 stories of tunnels from as little as 3 metres to 10 m deep. the original crawl spaces were tiny, big enough only for a vietnamese and not a normal sized westerner. I have a photo of the trapdoor entrance which is tiny.

We got the opportunity to fire off a round from either an AK47, M16, Carbine or Garang M1. I chose the AK47, the one most familiar. was surprised by the lack of recoil. Some chose to shoot a machine gun, that was outrageously loud.

I was first to enter tunnel. it was hard to believe they enlargened them for tourists as they are only 1.2m high. it was rather claustrophobic, and wasnt unhappy to see daylight. i guess the vietnamese used them as a necessity, but thety must have gone men tal down there for so many years.

Had tapioca dipped in crushed peanuts, salt & pepper and pandam tea. the tapioca is a root vege like a potato or kumara, it tastes like not much at all.

the trees in the area were all replanted, but funnily theyve all been planted in straight rows - its rather strange to see a forest in perfect alignment.

the tunnels are a must see, tour guide was great.

After sweating it out in the jungle, im now typing and contemplating life with a vbowlf singapore noodles and the highland caramel cheesecake......

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