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Asia » Vietnam » Southeast » Ba Ria - Vung Tau » Vung Tau September 11th 2015

I feel like I phoned it in a bit with my last post so I will try to make this one a good one. I woke up early and very well rested to completely crashing out the day before and sleeping for like 12 hours. I booked a ticket on a Hydrofoil out to the beach to of Vung Tau. 250.000 Dong and hour and half seemed like a small investment to escape the unmitigated chaos that is Ho Chi Minh. The boat left around 10 and boy, does that thing haul-ass. I was caught of guard by a few things on the trip; the Viet man sprawled out snoring to beat the band, 5 giant shirtless Czech men that all the locals seemed pretty wary of but the weirdest was the fact that on the ... read more

Asia » Vietnam » Southeast » Ba Ria - Vung Tau » Vung Tau May 21st 2013

18 May 2013 was my 100th day in southern Vietnam. It was also a very special day as I got a tourist visa to Australia. Now I can come to Australia anytime within a year and stay there up to 3 months on a single visit. It took me a couple of weeks since I applied for the visa until I got it. While waiting for the visa result, I went to Vũng Tàu city for 6 days (from 8 to 13 May). Vũng Tàu city a favorite destination for the southern Vietnamese. It is located 120km south east of Sài Gòn and has 10km coastline. The city is also famous for the oil exploitation industry and there are many offshore oil rigs. This was my third visit to Vũng Tàu beach city. I just visited ... read more
Vũng Tàu city at night
A painting from Papua New Guinea
Pan cakes sold at a bus stop

Asia » Vietnam » Southeast » Ba Ria - Vung Tau » Vung Tau April 15th 2012

Ellen, Alex and I made our way back to Saigon especially because we have been invited to be guests of Loc to celebrate a milestone associated with the passing of Loc’s father the previous year. Normally the milestone is the first anniversary of the death and signifies the formal end of the mourning period. However in a perfect show of just how flexible Buddhism is, the family elects to slate the anniversary at 100 days because anything else would come up too close to the Viet New Year celebration of Tet. The celebration is to take place in the family’s home town of Vung Tau, a favourite weekend getaway for Saigonese looking for some beach time. As proceedings are getting underway at 9am, we arrange to meet Loc and his fiancé Truc at 6.30am sharp at ... read more
Ellen and Alex - Vung Tau
Loc and Ellen
Pete and Loc

Asia » Vietnam » Southeast » Ba Ria - Vung Tau » Vung Tau March 25th 2012

We needed some sun! Living out in the sticks is fine but there's nowhere we can really go to enjoy the sun when it shines without attracting rather more attention than we want!! The solution - Vung Tau. This is the nearest beach resort town to Saigon and accessible by a hydrofoil in an hour and a half. Sadly they don't run late enough in the day for us to go straight from work so we took the bus instead. From Mien Dong bus station we headed out of town in a minibus at breakneck speed swerving in and out of the traffic all the way. It was breathtaking, nay, frightening, and our knuckles were certainly white for a lot of the time. We got there in two and a half hours but I would have ... read more
Tran Quoc Tuan
Floral gateway
Trish finds some new friends

Asia » Vietnam » Southeast » Ba Ria - Vung Tau » Vung Tau March 8th 2012

It was another really hot day on Monday 5th March and so we planned to get the Hovercraft Ferry or Hydrofoil down to Vung Tau, which is about 50 miles away on the River/Sea route. Vung Tau is a coastal town that is being touted as the next big place in Vietnam. The reason for that is that it's location is better than Saigon as a Port and it is of course a Sea Side town, it also has one other important commodity ..... Oil..... and you can see the oil rigs quite clearly from the shore. The Aussies come over to work them, and those that don't go home on their time off, stay in the town. The place also the a pretty lousy reputation because this is the town that Gary Glitter was allowed ... read more
Crash Helmet Swimming
Bugs on the Beach!

Asia » Vietnam » Southeast » Ba Ria - Vung Tau » Vung Tau February 19th 2012

Leaving HCMC we take a short 90min ride by bullet ferry to Vung Tau terminal, we are met by Keivn (Vietnam Ulysses President) who directs us to our next hotel. After checking into our hotel for 2 night we quickly refresh ourselves and head off to get our bearings and try not to forget our way back. Our walk eventually takes us to the new "Tommy 3 Cafe" (Vietnam Ulysses Club) for refreshment and catch up with Glen (Vietnam Ulysses Vice President) the cafe ower for a chat and pickup up our motor scooters our transportation while here. Setting off, we, not only have to get used to smaller lighter bikes, but also remember to ride on the opposite side of the road and remember anything goes as far as road rules. This we find is ... read more
Kite Seller
Goldern Dragon
Jesus with outstretched welcome arms

Asia » Vietnam » Southeast » Ba Ria - Vung Tau » Vung Tau March 10th 2011

Vung Tau After a few days in Saigon it's good to escape to somewhere a little less frenetic. The two ferry companies operating to Vung Tau come to the rescue. Vung Tau is 125km from Saigon sitting on the South China Sea and although it's not an island, it has isolated island feel to it. The main town has a laid-back charm to it and has many attractive French colonial buildings. The market has a fish section which is one of the most impressive Monk has seen in Vietnam, probably as a result of the hundreds of small fishing boats moored offshore. There are beaches, including in the town, however, the main beach called the 'back beach' is on the other side of the peninsular - just a 5-minute taxi ride from town. It's a fairly ... read more
Busy on the Saigon River
Rural Saigon River
Fishing on Saigon River

Asia » Vietnam » Southeast » Ba Ria - Vung Tau » Vung Tau February 24th 2011

I always find it remarkable how in life how peoples paths cross as well as the timing of these events. My journey crossed paths last week with a remarkable lady which resulted in a chance of a life time opportunity for me. Her name is My Huong. My Huong co-managers three orphanages in Vung Tau, Vietnam & although her title is Project Manager she wears many hats. From Nurse to Teacher to Financer she is dedicated & completely hands on and with the help of a remarkable team, they provide a safe, healthy home for Orphan children. My Huong herself has an inspiring life story, so much so that she was chosen to share her story by an Australian TV Network covering the story of Children who were involved in Operation Baby Lift in 1975. For ... read more
A New Arrival
Nap Time
Another Day

Asia » Vietnam » Southeast » Ba Ria - Vung Tau » Vung Tau May 30th 2010

Once we arrived in Vung Tau we realised that on the weekends this place is pretty full and it would have helped us if we had booked accomodation ahead of schedule but that would have been too easy. We went to a bar called Belly's as this was reccomended to us by some friends. Belly is an Aussie and a lot of the patrons are oil rig workers from Oz working in Vietnam and also some old geezers who 'find' it easier for certain ladies to like them! Unfortunately Belly was away on a motor cycle holiday but his number one bar girl called Luen was still able to help us find great accomodation.We stayed at a place called Anh Binh 2 which had two bedrooms and was self catered. Its a bit more expensive than ... read more

Asia » Vietnam » Southeast » Ba Ria - Vung Tau » Vung Tau November 19th 2009

Vung Tau and the Con Dao Islands If you are tired of the hot and sweaty HCMC and yearn for the beach, Vung Tau is the least expensive option. If you want to spend a little more money, Con Dao is a possible option. Going to the beach, dealing with the sand, salt water, never gets me too excited. Getting out of HCMC does. So, Trang and family rented a car and off to Vung Tau we went. Vung Tau is described as crowed, oil polluted beach. Not true, in my experience. You can see the off shore oil platforms from the beach and helicopters going overhead ferrying crews back and forth. The water was crystal clear the day I was there, good temperature and a pleasant experience. The highlight for the Tran and Nguyen families ... read more
Sarah and Me
Its All About Hats
Vung Tau Beach Scene

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