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August 4th 2010
Published: July 28th 2017
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Well, woke up early despite last night's shenaigans. Someone thought it would be a good idea to drink "9 snake and a bird" wine. It's like Ronseal quick drying wood paint; it does exactly what it says on the tin. It is wine, in a bottle, with 9 snakes and a bird fermented inside it. You drink it in shots with a lime chaser (like tequila). It is not nice. At all. But hey, I had some!

Early start this morning to visit the tailors to get Stacey's suits (plural) she got 2! Very ncie they are too! I bought myself a long hippy-esque skirt to get into the laid-back Hoi An vibe and lots of necklaces (well, for 1 pound each you have to don't you?)

We had a lovely ride on the river, witha little old lady rowing us and singing to us for half an hour (felt a bit guilty as she did it, but it was very tranquil out on the lake). Then we wandered around the Japanese covered bridge, the Chinese Assembly Halls, the museums and the old Merchants' houses. We were told at dinner the other night that there is a speciality dish in Hoi An called a "white rose". It is only made by one family and they sell it to all of the restaurants. We wandered into one of the merchatnts' houses and weren't sure how far back we could go (it seemed to be still lived in). So we gingerly took a few steps forward and saw a woman fashioning minced prawns into white dumplings in white rose shapes, so we knew that this was the definitive white rose dealer! We asked if we could take photos, and she asked if we would like to try it. Do I refuse food? NOPE! Suddenly another memebr of the family pulled up a tiny Vietnamese sized table and chairs for us to sit at. poured us each a cup of Jasmine tea, and brought out the White Roses. We had 2 portions. They were exquisite! Then we wandered down to the riverfront and ate more White Roses at a restaurant there, as well as "wrap and roll" food, which is sheetes of rice paper, lumps of vegetable and meat, which you roll into mini spring rolls yourself. Very nice indeed!

The rest of the day was spent wandering around the intricate backstreets of Hoi An and generally socaking up the atmosphere. Dinner at the Secret Garden restaurant, which was nice-ish and then onto a riverfront bar with a 2nd floor terrace for drinks and now to bed.

Up early tomorrow for a flight at 12pm and then onot Ho Chi Minh City (HCMC or Saigon!)

A sad goodbye from beautiful Hoi An xxx


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