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November 14th 2010
Published: December 26th 2012
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14th - 17th Nov: I felt like I spent a long time in Hoi An, however it was only about three days. When I was leaving Hue it was pissing down, so I made a run for the bus station, which was about 5 minutes away. I got absolutely drenched in the process. With the beauty of hindsight, if I had left ten minutes later, I would of got wet at all as it stopped raining very quickly. The bus journey was pretty quick, about two hours and we were dropped off in front of the hotel they obviosly want you to stay at. Since it was pissing down again, I ended up staying at the hotel. No way was I going for a walk in the rain to try and find another place. The hotel was a bit more expensive that I would of liked at $15 a night. However my room was nice and had air-con, which I never normally get.

I had to unpack my backpack, as pretty much everything inside was soaking. Then I took a well deserved nap as it was still raining and I didn't see the point in going out. I also booked a tour to My Son for the next day. It was nice curling up in a lovely big double bed, with a proper thick duvet. Bliss! I had a couple of canny naps, whilst I stayed here.

I didn't do any of the tourists sites in Hoi An, I couldn't really be bothered after the couple of full days I had had in Hue. I was content to wander the streets, looking at the pretty building and dodging the rain. The town is gorgeous and a work of art itself, so I wasn't bothered abuot going in to museums and stuff.

The weather was quite a hinderance, while I was there. I got up early on my second day in Hoi An to head to My Son, which is th ruins of some Cham temples. I woke up still very drunk from the night before and headed to the other hotel, where the breakfast room was located. Had my breakfast and that didn't help to sober me up. On the bus I started to sober up a bit and boy I didn't feel too good. We were about halfway to My Son when the bus stopped and we got out for a fag break. It was at this point, that we found out the tour would not be going ahead and that we were turning around and heading back to Hoi An. The water levels were rising and although it would be fine to get there, getting back may of been a problem. Also people booked on the trip had afternoon flights to catch and they didn't want to chance it. Anyway I was relieved and got to go for a nap back at the hotel.

Hoi An is infamous for its tailors. There streets are lined with shops where you can get clothes and shoes knocked up at prices to suit any budget. Before heading on this trip I wasn't arsed about getting any clothes made. However when I was there, and everyone else was doing it, I gave in to the peer pressure. The others were going to the more upmarket tailors in town and getting threads made that were beyond my budget. I am very cheap when it comes to clothes. It was really funny because the Scandinavian couple were always looking for the cheapest option but spent several hundreds of dollars on having clothes made. Personally I would of prefered to spend more on the day to day stuff in my trip, i.e. beer and food.

I found a tailor, the lass working there was lovely and she had the gift of the gab of course, so I ended up ordering two pairs of black pants, three tops and a winter coat. The winter coat was totally impractical, since it was hot in Vietnam. however I justified that I would need it in Amsterdam, when changing planes and when I got home, too. All in all, I think I spent about $70, so not too bad. Although Iwas panicking at the last minute as the clothes couldn't get there for the tailor due to the floods,so I had to keep popping back to the shop to see if the boat had turned up yet.

Two things that I managed to do a lot of in Hoi An was eating and drinking. The first night was one of the funniest and it's only down to one thing. I meet up with Tom and Mandy, and the Scandinavian couple for dinner. We went to a really nice restaurant. During the meal Tom went to buy some cigarettes, bless him, it was pissing down outside at this point. He was gone ages and when he came back he had not only a packet of cigarteetes but a new pair of trainers. Tom is a complete shopoholic. I never laughed so much. Apparantly he could find a shop selling cigarettes and went into a random shoe shop and asked them if they knew anywhere close that sold smokes. Anyway one of the blokes from the shop went and got Tom his cigarettes and to show him his gratitude, Tom bought a pair of trainers off him. Love it!

We has some great food and drinks in Hoi An. The restaurants were all lovely that wew went to and we went to some great bars too. We went to a great bar across the river on our first night, but by our second night we were unable to get to it, as the river had flooded. Also another bar that we had really liked was flooded the next day, so we were unable to drink there again. It was mad watching all the people rowing their boats around the streets. On my last day I stepped out of the hotel to go across for breakfast and the water was coming up the steps. Not cool! I had to trudge through the water. God knows what was floating in it. I dread to think. By the time I went for the night bus the water was still there. I was so scared I was going to go arse over tit and get myself and all my belongings soaked and then have to spend ten hours dripping wet on the bus. However I managed to stay standing up.


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