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August 2nd 2012
Published: August 9th 2012EDIT THIS ENTRY

Today we left Hue rested and fed, 4 hours later on a bus wedged between Bugg and some chineese bloke fun!! the bus its self was a little better than the last one not as many bumps and in the day there was some spectaular views. once we arrived we found ourselves outside the exact hotel we had boooked which of course is a result. The hotel was nice, welcoming and cold. in the evening we helped ourslves to the free cocktails and had some very good food before headining out into the town.

The town itself has many lanternes and was light up abit like a chirstmas tree. Beautiful. we got persduaded however to go to an aussie bar whihc gave out free buckets (bad idea haha) (on a side note it turns out they wernt buckets but jam jars as one guy said "its not a bucket if you cant make a structarly sound sand castle out of it !)

We played some pool with the locals and then whilst i was chattin outside there was a wallet incident involving a wallet and a lil viatmaneese guy.

The night ended all well though as the guy took us to another bar on his scooter and we had some mmore to drink. managed to get back to our hotel were we found the gates locked but a big hole in the side of the building which we tookl full advantage of to sneak in and wake the gaurds up with a fright! retrevie our keys and then hit bed!


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